" "The fear of sex: that men and women are afraid of?

Fear of sex: that men and women are afraid of?

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Here we are all firmly "Sex - it's great, it's fine to its perfection must strive" and so on. It seems to us that this truth has come upon all mature people. So, let's not. It turns out, many of them in one way or another, there is a fear of sex, not only gives completely relax, but sometimes even not allowing to have sexual relations. No, some awe and even fear of the first intimate contact with a new partner experienced almost everything. This is normal. There is another, more severe form of such fears, that makes people either completely give up sexual relations or to join them, but with a lot of stress. And it occurs quite often. What is it and can it be overcome?

female sex Fear

Perhaps the female attempts to avoid sex with my husbandIt has become a byword. The reason they are considered true, and that, they are connected with laziness, frigidity, fatigue and so on. Meanwhile, it turns out, more than a third of young ladies from the category of refugees from the intimacy really are afraid of sexual intercourse. Experts call this kind of erotophobia fears.

At the heart of erotophobia often liepsychological problems of man. In most cases, these are some sex-related psychological trauma. But there is a fear of sex for women and for other reasons. For example, just the cognitive sphere of sex she can side of the first sexual contact because she was still very inexperienced in these matters. This is normal and can hardly be called erotophobia because with age, it most certainly will be able to overcome every girl.

But if the fear of sexual intercourse is present inthirty years, sometimes even women with children - it is not normal. Because it shows that in her mind there is a setting of the "sex - is bad, nasty, painful, humiliating." This chain form different circumstances. The most common of them - too painful loss of virginity. Strong pain provoked and secured the conviction that sex - it is very painful. A conviction gave rise to the fear that now it is very difficult to overcome.

Another reason for the appearance of the female aversion tosex - rape. This is understandable - such terrible events always involve humiliation and a very strong stress. Such psychological trauma if they have not worked with a good psychologist can not do without consequences. And these consequences are sometimes simply fatal. Should a man to touch a woman in her mind instantly pop up details of rape, forcing to relive the horror of those events.

Next cause of the fear of sex for women -education. Often, parents are told their daughters that sex - it is bad, because they want to protect them from early sex. Sometimes, it makes the mother or grandmother, who have never experienced from sex no fun. And it happens that fathers, too jealous of their daughters to other men. One way or another, but the girl almost from the very early age cultivated on the basis of sex for it is a threat. And avoid sexual intercourse with a man can only be in the presence of a stamp in the passport, and even then, if he very much insists on it. And even better - only a few times in my life for procreation.

Finally, sometimes the cause of fearsexual relations are being rude or insulting words men. For example, he threw in a fit of anger: "Yes, you're in bed does not stand! With you and sleep something unpleasant! "- That's all. The woman felt worthless, unable to bring anyone pleasure. And we ate it also begins to look at the shortcomings - excess weight, cellulite, not very attractive figure - the end. Done. Fear of sex is provided, to overcome itself it can not.

Well, something like this erotophobia present in a fairly large part of the young and not so ladies. Now let's see what fears have sex with our esteemed men.

sex fears

Fear of sex with men

In our society, it is considered to be like menOnly the floor and dreaming about how to quickly put to bed or that nice young lady. They say that all men are obsessed with sex, and only about him thought him strive, become acquainted with any young lady. In fact it is not so. Often some boyfriend is afraid of sex as much as his passion. And even more. And to overcome their fears to him no better.

The most common types of male erotophobia are:

  1. Fear that nothing a man will not work. This fear lives in the subconscious of almost all men, but especially acute it becomes after a similar already happened;
  2. The fear that after sex relationships deteriorate and debase. Yes, and the stronger sex craves romance. And it is not always in the representation of men associated with sex;
  3. The fear of being worse than the previous loverswomen. This type of fear usually occurs when a young lady colorfully painted the sexual dignity of any Andrew, Serge, Petit. Or she, or someone to it;
  4. Fear of innocent girls. Exactly! Contrary to popular belief that men love virgins. In fact, almost half of them innocent is very scary. And due to the fact that it is possible to lose freedom, and due to the fact that the girl is going to hurt. Overcome their fear to hurt someone who is weaker, it is very difficult;
  5. Fear showcase their imperfectionfigures. Men complexes because of their appearance, no less women. They fear that the beloved saw a round tummy and not too muscular body, disappointed in his friend;
  6. Fear of too rapid orgasm. Fast orgasm is sometimes all. And if he repeated a couple of times, then men who doubt that they will have time to meet the Lady appears before intercourse a stupor;
  7. Fear of a small penis. It is an unreasonable fear, but grafted all kinds of porn movies where the heroes of giant phalluses, it is rather a part of the place to be;
  8. The fear of becoming a victim or aferistki intriguer. Well, such a fear to talk a lot do not have to. Stories about how the network got bachelors dishonorable ladies is through sex, a dime a dozen;
  9. Fear of responsibility for their actions. Usually it is the fear of anger on the part of the girl's parents and the fear that she was pregnant;
  10. Fear that a woman decides if her cavalier only sex. Yes, it happens. Both men are afraid of being branded finished libertine;
  11. The fear of alienating a woman some sexual preferences. It is quite understandable fear of men who are led to believe that the most correct sex - "sandwich". Everything else - perversion;
  12. Fear of sex with beautiful women. He is among those who are convinced - the beauty demands of luxury. And the money that a man has, this luxury is simply not enough;
  13. Fear volitional smart ladies. In this case, it arises from the struggle for leadership and because of the fear that after the sexual relations leader status will be lost;
  14. Fear of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. No comments.

As we can see, in many aspects for mensexual fears reminiscent of fears women. This indicates that all of them - one or almost one origin. That is the fear of intimacy, with rare exceptions, the psychological factor. In most cases, it can be overcome without the aid of experts. The main thing - to believe that sex - is not something disgusting or too complicated. And to deal with it is the natural and the known action. And no appearance flaws or little experience in the sexual sphere, no danger of the consequences (pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases) should not create fear in front of him.

Physical person which reaches the heart,always the most perfect. Whatever it was not. Little experience - not less. He often draws even. It's so nice to open to the entire spectrum of intimate partner caresses, setting the stage for him and themselves at the same time. Well, to be afraid of pregnancy and venzabolevany nowadays generally unwise. There are many means of protection. In general, in order to eliminate their fears, often need to be addressed in the experiments. Very well, if they are carried out with an attentive and sensitive person. And then over time, the fear of sexual relations disappear, freeing up space for the bright and free enjoyment. And it will be possible to have sex without fear.

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