" "Secrets of sex: how to keep the passions subside

Secrets of sex: how to keep the passions subside

secrets of sex


  • Attractive appearance
  • Regular conversations about sex
  • Experiments
  • Periodic separation

For most women, sex is far lessimportant than for men, but this does not mean that they do not care about the intimate side of relations. And if in the first few months or years, a romantic occasion, men and women are no problems with sex, as a rule, does not arise, then over time most couples face difficulties of various kinds that prevent them from fully enjoying carnal relations component.

To avoid each other and satietyproblems intimate plan, you should know some of the secrets of sex, allowing lifelong enjoy a full intimacy with your partner. The only indispensable for the effectiveness of such secrets is to have real feelings, without which the intimate pleasures turn into some kind of physical exercise, healthy.

So, let's look a little more, what do you need to do to sexual relations have always been on top.

Attractive appearance

Women are often the appearance of a man is not soimportant to take it a desirable and sexy, but the reaction of men to his beloved in many respects depends on how it looks. In order to maintain sexual interest in their partner, just to look good it is often not enough.

If a woman has a slim figure, beautifulwell-groomed hair and skin, but at the same time it is working in the office, where adopted fairly strict dress code, and most of the time dressed in accordance with it, then after a while a man can simply stop taking it as a sexual object. However, at the other extreme, involves the creation of stressed sexual image in the absence of a well-groomed appearance, fall is also not worth it. The ideal option is a "golden mean", when you pay enough attention to their appearance, prefer feminine style in clothing and is not afraid to experiment with sometimes seductive outfits to "warm up" the interest of his life partner.

Separately should be said about the desire of the majoritywomen fit the model parameters shapes that are the norm not for all the beautiful ladies. To maintain the sexual interest of their stalls, you should focus primarily on what he likes, and try to emphasize their individual characteristics figures, exposing them in the most favorable light. If you learn to love and accept yourself for who you are, it will always be desirable and attractive for your loved one, so that about any saving secrets of sexual interest in you, perhaps, do not have to worry.

sex secrets

Regular conversations about sex

As a rule, most of the spouses or partnerslong-term romantic relationships hardly talk to each other about the intimate side of their union. This often leads to various problems in the sexual sphere, which, ignoring, quickly becoming more and more significant. Whatever secrets the sex with which becomes brighter and more varied, you use, if you can not talk to each other intimate side of relations, then sooner or later you will find the extinction of desire and even, quite possibly, the complete alienation. To avoid this, you should learn to frankly talk to your partner about what you like or do not like in sex, as well as to share their fantasies and secret desires.

To begin such conversations often enoughpsychologically difficult because most women simply are not used to talking about such things outright. However, at least once tried to share with your loved one your thoughts, you may have noticed how much more open and trusting your relationship become not only intimate, but also in all other spheres of life. Permeated so sincere candor, your partner over time will also start to share with you my thoughts and desires about sex.

The more you talk about certain thingsin your love life, the brighter and richer it will become. Those partners, who do not hesitate to discuss their thoughts and desires, even after a long period of living together continue to face in relation to each other is also a strong attraction, which was in the early days of their romance.


Once you learn to talk openly to eachother about their sexual desires, as soon as possible should try to realize them. If for this you will need to recreate any particular situation or to go somewhere together, then do it without hesitation, because it is such actions will allow you to constantly maintain a high enough degree of passion in a relationship. Variety - this is the secret of sex, which makes the most intimate relationship with bright and saturated, so that the neglect it in any case not worth it.

You should also pay enough attentionstudy of various new techniques of sex and sexual practices, both physical and psychological nature, not to give their sexual relations no chance to become a fresh and predictable. A careful study of the famous ancient treatise called "Kama Sutra" and the subsequent use of the obtained knowledge in practice still does not harm anyone. "Researchers" psychological and spiritual secrets of sex should pay attention to the Tantric and Taoist practices, which have, among other things, a pronounced healing effect on the body.

Of special note is visiting sex shops andcareful study of the range of such shops with subsequent application in practice. Of course, not all sex toys and other intimate accessories will be used in the bedroom of an average couples, but try to implement at least some of them in their intimate life is still worth it. If you hesitate to buy these little things in stores, you can use the online sex shops in services, where the virtual consultant can certainly help you make the right choice, and purchased goods delivered directly to your home in a dense opaque packaging.

sex secrets

Periodic separation

At a time when a man and a woman for a long timelive together, in most cases with the time of their sexual attraction to each other both naturally blunted as the object of desire is always available. In addition, the novelty is lost some relations that necessarily present in the so-called candy buketny period. However, special secrets, sex with a regular partner turns into a new action do exist. One of the easiest ways to freshen the intimate relationship - is the most common separation.

Many husbands do not leave each other onFor several years, and then with surprise and annoyance show that a loved one has lost its former sex appeal. Parting a week or even a few days is capable of great update intimate relationship, because after such separation, you are guaranteed to look at your partner in a new way.

If you also use the time apart fora fundamental change in their way, or at least some of reincarnation with a new hairstyle, clothes and make-up, your partner is likely to come in at the rapture, which will necessarily entail a strengthening of sexual desire. Such therapy separation should hold not less than once every few months, or even better - every month, then you are guaranteed to forget about any problems in sexual life.

Another option is risky timeseparation - is holding a holiday apart. If you are one hundred percent sure of your man, you can safely let him go on a so-called beach holiday. In the same case, if you mercilessly jealous of the elect, the best solution would be to his rest in a purely male company. You are at this time can be successfully "clean up the feathers," then to appear before the beloved in all its glory, or take time to relax in solitude, in order to fully restore their both physical and psychological strength.

After such a holiday you are alonebe surprised what new colors will play your intimate relationships. If you have children with her husband, it makes sense to at least sometimes neglected family holiday and arrange a romantic vacation, where you will enjoy only each other's company.

If in some moments you have absolutely nomood for a variety of carnal side relationship, think about the council frankly tell your partner about everything that you think, and take advantage of them, explaining its second half, why now you are a little out of sorts. When you're in a good mood, it is more than made up for lost time, and the delicate balance of the sexual side of the relationship is restored.

To maintain the required degree of passion insexual life between husband and wife should try to use a variety of the above secrets, sex of which begins to play with new colors. You should also always remember that a woman asks, "weather", not only in the home but also in intimate relationships, so that should give it enough amount of attention throughout their life together.

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