" "Postures for pregnant sex: pleasure without any harm to the baby

Postures for pregnant sex: pleasure without any harm to the baby

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During pregnancy, any woman blooms,because in addition to physical changes in your body, it feels real spiritual delight at the thought that at the heart of her child. And absolutely all the action all the thoughts of women in the state are intended to grow in his stomach healthy, beautiful baby, so in any case not to hurt him. That is why many pregnant women refuse on principle to sex with a man for fear of harm to the child.

What if your pregnancy is acomplications, or if you have any aversion to intimacy, your reluctance to have sex can be understood. But if you and your baby are in good health, you should not torture yourself and a loved man so long abstinence, because there are safe posture of sex, it is recommended for pregnant women!

Should I have sex during pregnancy

So, let's say that you have no pathologiesduring pregnancy, you are perfectly healthy, and remember with longing the days when indulged unrestrained sex with a partner. Is it worth the risk and enter into an intimate relationship with her husband, or better to be safe and be patient a year for baby's health? If it is the case, as described above, there are no obstacles to having sex with her husband is not. After selecting the desired sex positions during pregnancy, you can finally satisfy your hunger for sex without causing any harm to the child completely. So let's talk about the advantages of sex during pregnancy.

The emotional state of moms

Well-known fact that emotionalthe condition of pregnant women affects the child's condition. In other words, if you are experiencing stress and depression, and the baby is very uncomfortable in the stomach. If you feel joy and emotional lift, then your child will be happy within yourself. But often during pregnancy, especially during the second trimester, sexual desires overcome future mom, she wants more than the usual gentle caresses and intimacy. The more you deny yourself the pleasure, the more negative emotions accumulate. As a result, you will feel unhappy, both - both you and your child.

Sexual relations contribute to the developmentspecial joy hormones that help pregnant women deal with many emotional experiences. In addition, a sufficient amount of these hormones is capable to protect it not only from nervous breakdowns and experiences before birth, but from postpartum depression. Is this not a serious reason to spit on prejudice and allow yourself a bit of fun and joy?

Intimacy with spouse

It's no secret that long-term abstinencesexually can slightly disrupt your ideal relationship with her husband. Proximity to family man - emotional and physical - that is what is lacking in your man while all your thoughts switched solely on your child. In addition, he must understand that in the first months after delivery to you, too, will not stand up - it may be a medical condition, and daily fatigue.

It is also important to strengthen your baby's birthrelationship as to meet future challenges together, hand in hand. And intimate, gentle caress will certainly help you in this. The husband needs to feel that you have not deleted it from its list of priorities, he also love and desire for you as in the beginning of the relationship. And you personally, such proximity does not hurt, what could be better than the gentle, affectionate sexual relationships in a completely safe postures?

Facilitating childbirth

The hormones of joy - not the only factor,a positive effect on the course of pregnancy and following childbirth. The fact is that during orgasm, the uterine muscles contract - a kind of training that will facilitate the coming generations. In addition, men's enzymes and hormones that get into the body of a woman during sex, a beneficial effect on the state of the uterus - making it more elastic wall. That is what will help them at the decisive moment to open properly and to facilitate the birth of a child.

Some obstetricians recommendjust before birth to have sex every day - it will speed up the approach of the fights. And do not worry about that kid in such moments can feel discomfort: the mother-nature are all very well thought out, the child is securely locked behind the amniotic fluid, uterine wall and mucous plug. Moreover, during sex, blood flow to the genitals increases, which improves the flow of nutrients to your baby. Quickening the fight, you can avoid the prolonged pregnancy, and thus pass the complications during childbirth. In addition, prolonged pregnancy can adversely affect both you as well as for the child themselves, and with a regular sex partner in the right days, you will avoid many problems.

sex positions for pregnant women

Postures for pregnant sex

Choosing posture sex during pregnancy, youWe should be guided by the main factor: do not put pressure on the tummy. That is, you have to stay so that you feel as comfortable as possible and do not fear for the state of the baby in the womb. So, we present you the most comfortable posture sex for pregnant women:

  1. Pose on the side. This position is convenient because there is not any pressure on the stomach. We partner hands are free and open access to your nipples and clitoris, it can stimulate your erogenous zones, bringing you at the time of penetration of extra fun.
  2. The pose angle. You are conveniently located, lying on his back, his knees buckled. Your partner lies at an angle to your intimate space was as close to him. This pose is perfect even for the ladies who are in the last stages of pregnancy, since in this situation there is no pressure on the abdomen and chest.
  3. Pose behind. You get up on all fours, the man is behind. If the gestational age is very small, then under the belly can put some soft pillows - so you'll feel more comfortable. Generally this position sex you can use throughout the duration of pregnancy, as there is no pressure on the abdomen.
  4. "Rider" Pose. This posture is very useful during the first and second trimester, when the stomach is not very large. Your partner lies on his back, you sit down at him, face to face. And you, and the man free hands to stimulate the erogenous zones of each other. Besides, you can see perfectly well what emotions experienced partner during sex, which gives even more visual sensations during sex.
  5. Pose sitting face to face. You both sit down face to face, your legs wrap around the hips partner. In this position, as in the past, there is no pressure on the stomach, which means that you can enjoy without fear of harm to the kid. You can kiss partner, stroking his hands - in short, to do whatever will help you get maximum satisfaction from intimacy.
  6. Pose sitting on a chair. A man sits on a chair you sit on, back to his face. This position will require you some effort, because for the most part have to move you. Of course, the partner can and should help you, lifting your hands, but it is better to resort to this position in the early stages of pregnancy. But in this situation you will be able to diversify your sex, and this is important!
  7. Reclining pose. You lie on a bed so that his legs were hanging from the edges. Your partner gets to his knees on the floor between your feet. In this position, you can completely relax - man does everything for you. Your tummy in complete safety, you just get endless pleasure from intimate caresses partner.
  8. A variation of the classic posture of sex. You lie on your back, and the man is not completely up to you, and based on the knees so as not to hurt the stomach. This passive posture is absolutely safe, it can even be used on the big stage of pregnancy.

Do not forget that not allwomen can have sex during pregnancy. There are such states when any sex position for pregnant women, even the most secure, can cause serious harm to health and the expectant mother and the baby. If you have had miscarriages, bleeding or pregnancy began prolific, the sex is better to wait.

If you do not have any contraindications forsex during pregnancy, you can safely enjoy intimacy with your partner without fear of harm to the child. This will not only increase your emotional background, but also strengthen the relationship with the man you love. Suffice it to use safe sex poses to pregnant women, and there is nothing to prevent you extend the joy of intimate caresses in this important period of your life.

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