" "After the first sex: the beginning of adult life

After the first sex: the beginning of adult life

after the first sex

  • Rules of hygiene after sex
  • Will the blood after the first sex
  • Can I get pregnant after the first sex
  • What should I do to the man did not want to leave after the first sex

In your life there comes an important, responsiblemoment - you have finally decided to say goodbye to his virginity, and join the ranks of women receiving pleasure in bed. In addition to worries about how to pass your first sexual experience, you torture and other important question: how to behave after the first sex? Should we rush headlong bathroom, change the linens? And what to do after having sex with his chosen one, how to behave so as not to be among the girls left partner after the first night of love?

In addition, girls are always concerned aboutown health, because the coming pain, rupture of the hymen and blood frighten anyone. Quite difficult to mentally prepare for these tests, but because without them, and do not become a real woman. So just for you, we offer simple instructions to conduct the first in the life of sex.

Rules of hygiene after sex

It is clear that you will want to take a shower and wash offthemselves are unfamiliar with the signs of the love of his body. However, it is not necessary to rush to the bathroom that is urine, to instill a sense of insecurity in their partner. They may be regarded as disgust and the desire to immediately erase any evidence of their stay with them in the common bed. The same applies to the bedding - not in a hurry, you have time to change it. It is better to roll about in the arms of your man, soak up, let them know that you were okay with it. Denying female virginity - a great responsibility for every man, and he is so worried that he could do something wrong. So do not run off of him in the bathroom, just stay a little bit close.

When the time comes to water treatment,try to take a contrasting shower. Spraying body alternately cool, then hot water, you remove the tension from the muscles and get rid of the pain, if they will. If it is not possible to take a shower, just podmoytes warm water or wipe with a special cloth. For several days after the first sex you have to follow very closely the intimate hygiene, since the rupture of the hymen may entail a very long healing and even inflammation. So often tempted to avoid complications.

Do not douche after sex, as thisIt may disturb vaginal flora. She had changed so much during sex, so do not aggravate the situation. Soap and gel use is not worth it, unless it is a special means for intimate hygiene. When podmyvanii not direct the water jet into the vagina, and along the labia, gently cleansing intimate place by hand.

what to do after sex

Will the blood after the first sex

Many girls are firmly convinced that afterfirst sex have to be blood. We are all brought up on movies and literature which say that the main evidence of innocence girls - it's blood after defloration. In some villages and towns is still the custom to hang out for everyone to see the sheet suite after the first night of love. There is blood - the girl is honest and innocent, is not - and it's a shame, and all her family.

In fact, after the appearance of blood deprivationvirginity - not necessarily. Here everything is very individual and depends on the characteristics of the female organism. Indeed, often after breaking the hymen from the vagina appear drops of blood, and they can appear as early as four or five days after the first sexual experience. But some girls or no blood at all, or it appears in the second sexual intercourse with a man.

Did you know that in some culturesAfrica is such a thing as "hymen" non-existent? There's the girls from early childhood tempted so deeply that to adulthood erase fragile barrier in the vagina completely. The same can happen with any other girl, whose parents are already very sensitive to the issue of personal hygiene. In addition, there is always the individual characteristics that may or may not conform to generally accepted standards.

Can I get pregnant after the first sex

Often the woman who chooses to have sex inthe first time shy to ask her partner to use a condom. This is good if your man is responsible and will help you avoid such troubles as an unplanned pregnancy. If there is the slightest suspicion of his care, then drop the false shame and ask for a man to use protection during sex. It is no secret that most men prefer to have sex without special protection - because of their feeling noticeably sharper and more enjoyable. However, your peace of mind and confidence in the future is much more important than the desire to have fun to the maximum.

Even if a man interrupts intercourse andthe semen does not get to you in the vagina during orgasm, the chance of getting pregnant is still there. The fact is, during intercourse the male member allocates grease containing active sperm. Their amount is enough to become a mother too soon. According to statistics, the probability of getting pregnant during unprotected sexual intercourse is interrupted - from 36 to 45%! So decide for yourself whether you need to be protected from pregnancy during first sex.

what to do after the first sex

What should I do to the man did not want to leave after the first sex

You still really have no experience in dealingman-woman, it is not surprising that you are afraid of the reaction of the guy on the fact that you have entrusted to him body and soul. Suddenly your behavior after sex scare him? After all, your choice of men - not by chance, you are sure to want to continue the relationship with him for a long, long time. But numerous stories of your friends that the first man in their life - a short-lived phenomenon, truly scares you, you probably want to avoid the typical mistakes of inexperienced women and stay with her boyfriend if not forever, then at least for a long time - that's for sure.

Be confident in yourself

The first thought that comes to mind girlwho decided to engage in sex with a man for the first time - and that if he leaves me? You have long been friends, and really experiencing that intimate relationships can ruin your former intimacy. "What if I do not like him, then he will be disappointed in me, and cease to love?" - Such thoughts often come to mind those girls who decided on the first sex with a partner.

First of all, stop torturing yourself with theseissues. You chose this person a reason as its first man - hence, is more trust both to him and myself. All your positive qualities for which you fell in love with a young man, are not going anywhere - they only multiply after you join exciting sexual relationship. If his attitude toward you really reverent - that he will not get anywhere, will be with you and after sex, as pretty.

That's just not worth it to make a major mistake manygirls who lost their virginity - to require the male assurance that he'll never leave. Every minute questions about whether he really likes you, admissions requirements of eternal fidelity and loyalty - this is molestation, which is able to scare off even the most persistent man. Why repeat the same thing, because it is often the words do not mean anything, more important than his actions and behavior towards you. But if you do pull out a his obsession, he can easily get away from you far away, even if you have previously planned a serious relationship.

Loosen the grip

Some of the girls after the first same sex is considereda man almost her husband, obliged to fulfill any of its desires and whims. Loosen the grip, otherwise frighten guy to death. Of course, what happened between you - is very important, and the guy does carry some responsibility for you. But, believe me, no man can claim to tolerate their independence after the first night of love. Even if he loves you, your excessive demands are unlikely to like it.

And if you start to his total control,jealous and arrange a tantrum, your tale could end well, very fast! First sex - is not a reason to consider a man of his property, instead you need to make efforts in order to remain interesting and exciting for him. To do this, do not forget to monitor their appearance, be interested in his hobbies. At one sexual attraction does not go far, required much more for a serious relationship. Well, the main thing - to be myself. If after the start of sexual life, you suddenly turn into a socialite, or, on the contrary, in a capricious child, the man can not just take your metamorphosis and move away from you at a certain distance.

The first experience in sexual relations - is,perhaps the most important and exciting event in the life of every woman. In order not to be disappointed in the delights of adult life, do not forget about the rules of conduct after an important event come to pass. And, in addition, be sure to observe the rules of personal hygiene. And then your sex life and the relationship with your partner will give you a lot of joy and happiness. Good luck!

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