" "Anal sex after childbirth

Anal sex after childbirth

anal sex after childbirth


  • The period of recovery of the body
  • The dangers of anal sex
  • Talk with her husband

Birth of a child - is one of the most importantevents life of any person. To prepare for it, waiting for him. But after the birth of a child's life does not stop, and sooner or later comes into its mainstream, of course, radically different from what it was before the baby's born. It does not become an exception and intimate life of parents.

And here there are many questions. When can I have sex? Is it possible to anal sex after giving birth? By the way, anal sex, many young parents prefer to replace vaginal, not to wait for the allotted time. And whether it is always safe? Not whether it is harmful to the health of young mothers? This is what you now know.

The period of recovery of the body

In the event that delivery was normal, withoutany complications, the uterus returns to its normal state within 4 to 6 weeks - in this period is its purification and reduction. In addition, the normal state of the mucous membrane of the uterus, because immediately after birth it is one continuous wound.

That is why doctors and prohibit sexin the period, while continuing spotting - the first six to eight weeks after delivery. But after that, you must first visit a gynecologist. It was only after his permission, you can start having sex.

Especially if the delivery was not astoo rosy and a young mother were perineal tear or episiotomy was performed and, as a consequence, there are seams. In such cases, the abstinence period may be increased to a large extent - as long as the seams are not completely healed.

And these limitations did not arise out of nowhere. Doctors explain its ban follows:

  • The probability of infection

There is a very high probability of falling intothe vagina, on the cervix or in the uterus itself pathogenic microflora. And as a result may develop a strong infectious inflammatory process, fraught with serious complications.

  • The probability of resumption of bleeding

Because sexual attacks on the cervix may occur member thrombi break, which are formed in the injured vessels during childbirth. As a consequence, possibly renewed bleeding.

In addition, many women complainpain occurring during sexual intercourse after childbirth. In some women, these feelings disappear very quickly, while others are stored for a long time.

Anal sex after childbirth danger

The dangers of anal sex

Fortunately, most new parents know aboutdangers posed by the earlier resumption of sexual activity after childbirth. Often, however, these same prohibitions husband and wife are trying in every way to get around - for example, practicing oral and anal sex. And if oral sex is completely safe and women do not pose any threat to health, then anal sex is much more difficult.

Even if the woman before the birth Analsex liked, there is no guarantee that after delivery, this trend will continue. After birth, the perception of women is changing entirely, including the perception of sexual contact.

In addition, there are several physical factors that put anal sex under the strict prohibition:

  • Break the third degree perineal

All perineal tears, depending ontissue damage, are divided into three levels. And if a young mother was a third-degree tear - damage to the rectum and sphincter - anal sex is strictly contraindicated.

  • Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids - a phenomenon very unpleasant, makingAnal sex is almost impossible. First, the sense of a woman will be extremely painful - no anal sex, she really does not want to. Secondly, the high risk of injury to hemorrhoids, so that may also start bleeding, sometimes very strong. And finally, thirdly, possible development of inflammation of hemorrhoids. A significant inflammation of these nodes are often leads to the need for surgical intervention.

What have hemorrhoids, you ask? Most new mothers know the answer to this question. Unfortunately, about 70% of women experience hemorrhoids during pregnancy. A further 10% are introduced to this phenomenon immediately after birth. And in order to cure hemorrhoids, you will need more than one or two months.

  • Cracks rectum

Very often after childbirth appears not onlyhemorrhoids and anal fissures. Moreover, they may be in themselves, and together with hemorrhoids. And anal sex can only aggravate the situation. First, as in the case of hemorrhoids, avoid the pain you will not succeed. Secondly, cracks due Anal may at times be increased in size.

And thirdly, the probability is very highThese infections most anal fissures. As a result, developing a strong inflammatory process, characterized by severe pain, fever. And in severe cases may fester anal fissures, requiring surgical intervention. A inflammation - is usually a course of antibiotic therapy. So, there is a possibility of stopping breastfeeding. Think, is it worth it?

As you can see, the outlook is not very bright. But how to be if no complications after childbirth was not? But in this case, doctors do not recommend highly to practice anal sex for the first two months after birth.

Do you remember about the negative consequences in the form ofbleeding, which can lead to vaginal sex? But the rectum and uterus shared only a thin partition. And even during anal sex frictions with high probability can lead to uterine bleeding. That's why it's worth to be patient and not to engage in any kinds of sex for as long as the gynecologist did not give it his approval.

anal sex

Talk with her husband

Typically, in most cases, a few monthspostpartum woman is absolutely not to sex. And the main initiative comes exactly from the wife, which is not surprising - nature still requires its own. But if a woman simply refuses to have sex, the man feels unjustly offended, if not forgotten. Of course, the young mother has every right to be indignant - after it, and so have a hard time: feeding, washing, sleepless nights, chores around the house. But if one will be offended and rave, to no good it will not - constant scandals are not conducive to a favorable atmosphere in the family.

Therefore, the best way out of this situation,It will be a frank conversation with her husband. Tell him how you are now not easy to ask for help from a spouse. Just a few days of active help and your spouse will sleep sweet baby sleep at every opportunity. Moreover - sure to experience all the delights of parenthood on yourself, your husband will appreciate and cherish you.

In an extreme case, if the copea situation you can not, ask for help from family psychologist. Do not be shy - family well-being is much more expensive than any constraint and doubt. And in any case do not go on about the spouse - your health is much more expensive. Lose it very easy, but then the treatment will be long and difficult. Be healthy and let your joy of motherhood nothing darkens!

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