" "First sex: how to enter the world of love

First sex: how to enter the world of love

first sex


  • When?
  • How to prepare for the first sex?
  • Where is it going to happen?
  • What should she?
  • For the first time - it hurts ...

For boys and girls who have not yet imagined,What is the first sex, it seems to be something fantastic and incredibly desirable. The feeling after the first sex should be remembered for a lifetime, so everyone decides for itself when this should occur. It often happens that the spontaneous intimacy no pleasure, and those who do it for the first time, just do not know what to do next. Therefore, after the first sex for a long time do not want a repeat.

The first intimacy - is not only a pleasant discovery. This is a serious test that you want to be well prepared. Proper sex - a guarantee that in the future intimacy become one of the most enjoyable aspects of life that can make a human being more bright and joyful. Therefore, for every girl first step toward intimacy with the man to be thought out.


Correct sex for the first time can only be atfull confidence in the fact that his desire is great enough and the time to enter into a relationship it is. Do not just give in to the entreaties of a friend or girlfriend, or do it just to satisfy your interest. In this case, the feeling after the first sex can be either overly blunt or even unpleasant that may adversely affect future sex life partners. The feeling after the first time should be stunning - a pledge of full future well-being depends on many components, in which sex plays a leading role. First sex - as it was, and what were the memories - must be perfect every girl with a guy.

first sex

How to prepare for the first sex?

To those who have already decided on this seriousstep, inevitably raises the question - how to prepare for this event? Rather help the boys and girls, plan to implement the first proximity, advice from experienced and considerate people. However, many young people hesitate to handle such matters to his parents, or adults, and peers, who already know what intimacy tips often give confused and sometimes harmful. It is unlikely this will help to avoid all errors associated with the first physical proximity, especially in those cases where it is and the guy first experience.

First of all, you need to be confident in theirpartner and trust him. Do not for the courage and emancipation to drink alcohol for the sake of someone's advice amateurish or out of fear that. "The first sex - it hurts" Alcohol blunt not only fear but also a pleasant sensation, which is extremely undesirable.

Where is it going to happen?

It is very important to find a place where no onecan you stop and you will be able to stay together long enough. Unfortunately, at that age, when people lose their virginity, most of them are not able to quietly retire. And it would be worth it! The car is not enough space to accommodate comfortably and choose the most comfortable position, but on the nature you are not safe from prying eyes, and the sanitary conditions are not suitable for the deprivation of innocence.

Ideally, of course, to the first sex occurreda comfortable bed with clean sheets. Warmth, comfort and enough space to help you relax better. And the bathroom is useful to you both before and after sex. Take a shower together! Get to know each other's bodies, begin a love game in the warm jets of water. Do not hurry. Sex - is not only a penetration of the body to another. The present, full sex starts a little earlier.

What should she?

You must understand that man can not know,what you like, if you do not tell him about it. Take the initiative, take it out and put it back to where you most want it to feel. Do not be afraid to ask him to change position or to change the rhythm of movement. Remember, if a guy that sex is also the first, it is undoubtedly nervous as you are, and his penis may even lose the erection. Necessary understanding, patience and tenderness, to bring him back to life. That is why we urge you not to rush.

Do not worry about how to simultaneously achieveorgasm. Some women do not immediately begin to experience this feeling, as long as they have not yet acquired experience. But even if both of you find yourself able to climax in the first time, the chances to "get" back together, you are small - it requires some experience. Just enjoy each other and rely on each other, telling the truth about what you enjoy and that you are satisfied - it will help to achieve harmony in sex.

first sex as

For the first time - it hurts ...

That's what many people think, young people before their first sexual contact, and most importantly, that they are interested in - whether it is possible to lose virginity painlessly? The answer: You can.
During the first administration of the male sexbody into the vagina, you can feel the pain and discomfort, but these feelings are not experiencing all the girls, just do not need to get hung up on what's going to hurt.

And if pain occurs, then it is usuallyIt is not strong and the short-term, like a needle prick. The pain is due to the rupture of the hymen, and stretching of the vaginal walls. But also the sensation of pain may be due to fear, discomfort, if a girl is squeezed, at this time there is a reduction of vaginal muscles that prevents the passage of the penis. Therefore, we recommend that you relax!

But if all the same it hurt, we recommend a few options:

  • Partner log in Woman sharply and quickly, so thatnot had time to get scared and stop it, preventing the vaginal muscles. This in no way prevent rough action; guy must act decisively, but remain gentle and considerate partner;
  • Or, on the contrary, to move smoothly and slowly. The partner in this must stop every time a woman asks him about it. Partner should be the maximum relax and not think about the possible occurrence of pain, it is better to focus on the enjoyable sensations.

Both of the options are good, the choice is yours. In both cases, we recommend you to use a special lubricant; it will reduce friction and ease the feeling of pressure, which can scare inexperienced partner.

Many women prefer to have sex inthe first time being in the position of the top guy. This allows them to control the depth of penetration of the penis and manage heavy traffic. Others like the classic pose, when the girl lying on his back - so much relax. Choose what is best suited for you and will help to minimize the discomfort.

Loss of virginity, as a rule, is accompanied by asmall blood loss, but in 10% of cases in women was observed. Should not be afraid, there is very little blood! The next time you can do Sachs 3-5 days, it is the time required for healing tears of the hymen.

If inexperienced partner, considerprevention. First Sex Man - is also a significant event, as well as the first time a girl, so it must also be well prepared. It is desirable to see a specialist and get the right advice. The first experience guy can lead to undesirable consequences, and the need to approach it very carefully. After all, for a man for the first time often it hurts.

After the first sex it is necessary to visit a gynecologist to make sure that health is in perfect order.

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