" "Sex on the first date: Towards passion

Sex on a first date: Towards passion

sex on the first date


  • The attitude toward sex on the first date these days
  • Both men belong to sex on the first date
  • How do women relate to sex on the first date
  • When you can avoid sex on the first date

So, we met an interesting man, andhe asked on a date. Preparation for it - a serious matter. We need to do hair style, manicure update, apply makeup and choose the appropriate occasion attire. Such that it was stylish, not very private, but not too sexy. We're not going to put to bed with a knight of the first night! It will be just a romantic walk or dinner in the restaurant. Here to know each other better, then ... Now, while it is necessary to make depilation and choose a cool clothes. So, just in case. Anything can happen. And what will happen and the sex on the first date? Well, no, what's this, then? We do not live in the Middle Ages. Or is it not necessary to prevent such?

The attitude toward sex on the first date these days

A couple of decades ago, the first sexdate was something out of the ordinary. He condemned both sexes, although, frankly, men are mostly evil. Because hardly anyone of them was against intimacy on the first meeting with the lady. The women did their best to prevent this is not so much on moral grounds, but because of the fear that the gentleman to give the desired, then throw.

Today, we are already well aware that throwman can and if there was sex on a first date, and when he was not there and the tenth. And even after it was in bed with a lady fifty times. However, now the female did not reliable. Nowadays, everything turned upside down. Often happens is that the young lady at the first meeting with the young man, very unceremoniously, given to him with all the passion of his nature. And then disappear without even leaving your phone number card. Blindsided gentleman remains only puzzled reflect on what he did not hit his partner.

In other words, now the question of sex in the firstmeeting seems to be not so relevant. However, he did not become commonplace, similar daily dinners. Both men and women perceive the closeness in the early hours of love as something special. Even if someone is convinced that it is in order. That's how people are. Sex for the majority of them - more than just physiological intercourse. Therefore, the approach to it from each person. However, with respect to affinity for the first date males and females can be divided into several categories.


Both men belong to sex on the first date

In general, men, going to the first meetingwith a young lady, can be divided into three types. The first type includes those who goes on a date just for sex. These young people are all the forces trying to pull a pretty lady in bed, and then say goodbye to it without regret or remorse. No, when the girl is very attractive, it is possible to meet a few more times. But no more. Such men are not configured for long courtship. And if after three or four visits are not getting what they want, switch to the other, more accessible facility female.

Usually this kind of guys do not hide from the girltheir intentions. They do not consider it necessary to promise her all the blessings of the earth and the stars from the sky. Lady is for one or two nights - this is all that is required. It is desirable to have a view, which goes to the meeting. It's easier. Everything takes place by mutual consent, and no one owes nothing to. We give each other pleasure, period. Perhaps once more will cross.

For the second type of male sex on the first dateis acceptable, but they prefer to meet with those who are interested. So do not set out to immediately get the girl all you can. But do not mind "everything possible" to take. If possible. However, the fact that sex took place immediately, the further development of relations is not significantly affected. If a young lady like chat with her does not stop and even sometimes develops into something more.

Men of this type, as a rule, try to learna woman as much as possible immediately after meeting with her. They are quite frankly talk about myself, because I really intend to hold a new friend, not one night. So, both need to have at least some idea about each other. I must say that sex during the first meeting of these men are very favorably.

After all, it seems to be to learn whether the ladyattractive in bed. However, for women, plans to continue to keep a partner, too hasty intimacy with him can be a real challenge. The lack of good habits and emotional contact often allows her to relax completely. As a result of a night of love disappoints a man, and he loses interest in the lady. Perhaps things might have been different, happen for sex later.

The third type concerns the part of the stronger sex,for which sex on the first date is not acceptable at all. Yes, there are those individuals who consider such behavior is blasphemous. And if suddenly the sexual instinct has eclipsed reason, after a joint bed or they immediately dragged the young lady to the registrar, or run away from it headlong. Moreover, to predict exactly how much will go a chaste young man is impossible. Therefore, with this type of men is better to avoid too fast sex in general. Because if we want to get married, and he will wash off after a bed, it becomes stressful. If you do not wish to acquire a spouse can cling like a limpet to the confidence that has every right to do.

Well, with men increasingly less clear. Now let's see how to apply to have sex on the first date the weakest part of the human race.

How do women relate to sex on the first date

Lady's half of humanity perceivesthe possibility of sex on the first date is also different. The first category of women admit it and prepared for the fact that after the introduction of bed ends. The second category of women is also not against this outcome of the meeting. But those who belong to it, earnestly hoping that sex will ensure long-term relationship in the future. Well, and the third category includes girls with life position "first stamp in the passport."

Young and not very person of the first categoryThey understand what solved, and accept the rules of the game. Moreover, they sometimes only such rules and recognize! However, in sex for sex are mostly already mature women with already decent experience intimate life. Among these women careless seductress much less. If you have not been married ladies and agree to go to bed in the first meeting, they still little, but it would be desirable, that it was not the last.

The women of the second category, though not veryresist when a man insists on intima on the first date, yet not so wish. And not because of moral reasons, but simply because of the proximity to the unfamiliar person does not give him much pleasure. In addition, the ladies admit that gentleman then maybe even the name of his partner's random not remember. And seek first good look at him, so that after no regret over his availability. Aim is trying, but not always it turns out. The young ladies of this kind fall into bed on the first night due to various reasons. Someone could not resist a cute boyfriend and helpful, someone missed the affection and someone just had too much champagne.

The third category of women strongly opposedsex on the first date. And on the second, third, tenth, too. And if all the same it happens, then the partner will have to either marry or cut bait so that not a trace. Otherwise, he will have all the time to get out, explaining why pulling the wedding.

These girls never think that it cannot take place. Oddly enough, but it is extremely capable of loyal love pigeons in family life carries less than women of other categories. He often gets selfish husbands tyrants, who are considered a little with his half. However, this is understandable. After getting married, they are often on their own, but because so wanted a girlfriend. And if she wanted, then be patient and now no matter what do not complain.

As we can see, views of men and women in the sexfirst meeting in something different, but in some ways and similar. And those and others are without any compunctions then leave with a casual partner, can look forward to the continuation of the relationship, and may be puzzled with the aim to conclude a marriage. So how do you still need to treat sex on the first date, and whether it can be allowed at all?

passionate sex on the first date

When you can avoid sex on the first date

In general, the first time going on a date with someMan, woman, should take into account the fact that the gentleman tries to persuade her to intima. And decide what to do in such a case. It should be remembered that many men do not think that sex to something oblige. No, of course not all of them after evaporate, without asking even a phone number. But it is better to be prepared for such a development of events than to blame themselves for levity.

Yes, today the third millennium, men beganmuch less conservative and do not believe chastity biggest advantage of women. Yes, now a wife not only take virgins. Yet the young lady, readily agreed to go to bed on the first night, much less respect for that which it opposed. Of course, when both partners meet only for sex and do not hide it, the issue of respect does not arise. Mutual consent, based on physiological needs, does not imply the development of any relationship other than sex. Therefore, partners respect each other and do not respect - does not matter. The main thing - they bring each other pleasure.

On the other hand, there are many examples wheretwo found themselves in bed a few hours after they met, and then create a good family. Conversely, approached only after the wedding, and after a couple of months divorced. In the first case, a good sex has become an impetus to mutual attraction and provoked a desire to continue to learn each other. In a second too long waiting for it resulted, after the expected has been received, loss of interest in further joint coexistence.

So avoid sex in the first meeting, if there is, it is impossible to say definitely. In principle, it can be dealt with when:

  1. The guy and the girl want it. If there is a common desire, why not? Let all the prejudices remain in the past. Once again enjoy not hurt.
  2. I want as soon as possible to learn more man. Whatever it was, but sex makes a swift process of acquaintance with the man. And then, you can spend a lot of time getting to know each other, and then, finally deciding to have sex, to understand that there is no harmony in the bed and is unlikely to be. So is not it better to just check it out?
  3. I would like to experience something new. Now, when emotions are still fresh, sex can be more impressive than later, when they have a little calm down.
  4. The young lady is not particularly worried about that young man, and then he thought he would.
  5. She believes that in this way as soon as possibleMan get affection. But in this case it is necessary to try to make the sex was fantastic. Otherwise, you can lose quite the gentleman.

Do not avoid intimacy when they first met, when:

  1. A man like that, but we all know that for himthe main thing - another victory over a woman. Having everything in one night, he was bored and lose interest in his partner. This bit better to hold at a distance. Let there inflamed passion.
  2. The young lady is afraid to make a bad companionimpression, because she wants to create a lasting relationship with him. Then it will be better to postpone the intima and give the guy to understand what is available is not for everyone.
  3. Just do not want sex. If the gentleman does not cause physical attraction, do not force yourself. It happens that the first date unwind prevent tightness and stiffness. We need to wait a bit to get used to the man. Going to bed with him without desire can not. Surely partner will feel it and will remain unhappy. Why should immediately spoil that has just begun?

In general, the output of all, what we're talked,You can do this. When the young people like to be in bed with him in the first meeting allowed. But under the condition that she understands how much risk she goes. It is likely that only this guy should be. And he does not dream of spending a fleeting acquaintance rest of his life. If the young lady just like proximity - no questions. In this case, it will not then look forward to the call of the young man, and in their absence to feel resentment and bitterness. And would not torment yourself regret frivolous act.

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