" "How to excite a man? Exciting tricks

How to excite a man? Exciting tricks

how to excite a man


  • Our mistakes
  • What attracts men?
  • Guess his wishes ...

The question is how to excite a man, and at the same timedo it right sooner or later rises almost in front of each of the women. It would seem, in general, to cope with this case is not very difficult, but there is in this matter certain nuances that can not count without the knowledge that success.

Our mistakes

Modern girls (at least, if notall, many) know perfectly well how to excite a man as quietly, gradually inflame men's lust even in a conversation on the telephone, by correspondence in "ace" or to communicate on Skype, so to speak, virtually. Very nice shod beautiful half of humanity and all of the stuff in bed.

But, unfortunately, many of us can not or will notto understand that in correspondence, and virtual communication is not such an important contact, as a visual. You can indefinitely maintain intelligent conversations, right to build a dialogue, to respond quickly to cues interlocutor, thereby positioning it to yourself, but the communication would not be complete without personal contact. And here comes the moment of truth.

One can understand the frustration men when whenmeeting with the girl, who for all correspondence in the chat seemed to him not only clever, but also beauty, he saw a completely vulgar lady, dressed almost obscene, or the one who most want to be called "blue-stocking".

What a man does in such cases? That's right, he tries to keep contact to a minimum and leave quickly. Going on a date, he was excited, he was looking forward to a meeting with a beautiful stranger, probably thinking of bed, wondering how it would be more elegant to do. But the real look came into conflict with the imaginary, and now that the excitement was gone completely, he is trying to save face and not to be rude, but most of all dreams about that this first meeting is over quickly and became last.

Note that thus behavesintelligent person who has received a good education and, in spite of the disappointment, the aspirant did not hurt the girl. You can imagine, and a different picture if your counterpart is not too concerned about your feelings, and in general he was always adamant that does everything right. Such a meeting may result in severe stress-specifically for girls.

The failure in the first and in the second casedue to irregular supply of a favorite. In order to excite a man, or, in other words, chtobychelovek male showed their men the same instincts, we must stand before him in the right way. Visual perception has not been canceled. And that man loves his eyes, well-known even our great-grandmothers. And know how to use it correctly. But we do not always possess these secrets.

Tight clothing and provocative shortmini skirt - this is the most primitive response to the question of how to excite a man and, at the same time, the easiest way to bring his desire. However, it is not always justified. Much better if you start up your spell in the course is not on the forehead and gently, almost imperceptibly. A passing glance, a slight smile, seductive, but not vulgar clothes - and he was excited, his thoughts are of you, he dreams of a bed, a stunning sex only with you.

Paraded all his merits, girlIt is making a big mistake. No, we do not call for Puritanism, by no means, but any competent psychologist will explain that most excites a man is not something that persist in trying to get his attention, but only that vaguely guessed. A hint of mystery, which only have to solve excites so strong that men just lose your head.

Conclusion? Not to cross a certain line, do not try to numb, do not force events - quickly is not always good - and then you will succeed in the seduction.

a man excite

What attracts men?

Justify himself techniques that solve the problem of howexcite men at a distance, quite a lot. For example, shoes with high heels. It makes women walk very smooth and expressive, and her little defenseless itself. And this, of course, attracts the views of men and awakens in them a desire.

Erotic looseness woman showlittle peeps out from under a short skirt fishnet stockings edge that can lead a man in a state of sexual euphoria that could be called "sex at a distance." Such emotions can also cause naked belly or navel piercing.

Psychologists say that men actively reacton bright manicure. They see brightly painted fingernails as defined signal - the woman looks after himself, it is very well maintained, and therefore, it can be persuaded to intimacy, she is ready for it. A similar reaction occurs in men and a bright lipstick on her lips. They appear bright erotic associations and desire.

Meanwhile, many women are at a loss, notquite knowing how to initiate a Man in the distance, a visual image should be selected. Sometimes it seems that it is enough to openly demonstrate their seductive forms, however, we noted that it does not always work, but sometimes works the other way around.

And who today will surprise curvaceous? With the development of plastic surgery, and various tweaks seductive forms can be found at every step. And the fact that you see all the time, is no longer exciting. Well, if not expressed so categorically, it can and exciting, but not as much as it expects the girl.

Each test woman having an idea ofhow to influence the men in the distance, he knows that one of the most appropriate option is a transparent clothing. She wakes male fantasy that allows him dorisovyvat sexy scene in bed, thinking about sex and, accordingly, it is to want to put their desires into reality.

It is very exciting and men's clothing, stylewhich includes an open back and a high cut on the thigh. She lifts the veil in front of them erotic secrets, promising further incredible bliss.

how to quickly excite a man

Guess his wishes ...

Seeing their sexual partner and enjoy it- One of the main desires of men. For visual stimulation for men of all ages is much more important kind words and gentle touches. Do you want to present excited man experienced visual naslazhdenie- give him an erotic dance.

The second desire - to follow the basic instinct -It is a biological need of any healthy man, that does not just talk about sex, but sex itself is necessary as air. To lovemaking we brought you only pleasure, it is necessary to improve their sexual knowledge and skills, and then in bed you will not be equal. Forget about fast sex, what happens fast, never take this pleasure.

The third wish - to see his woman initiatedsexual contact. At the beginning of an intimate relationship impetus usually comes from men. Today, however, the representatives of a strong half of mankind often waiting and want to partner initiative shown. So do not ignore the desire of his men.

The fourth desire - to please his partner. After all, the man who wants to bring his beloved maximum pleasure, have a hard time if he does not know about your sexual fantasies and secret desires. Open up, and your sex life will sparkle with new bright colors.

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