" "The exciting smells. What vobuzhdaet men?

Exciting smells. What vobuzhdaet men?

exciting smells


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Not so long ago, scientists have made a sensational discovery- 90% of all the information a person receives through the sense of smell. Pleasant and not so repulsive and exciting - the smell accompany us from birth. And the memory of them - the most powerful. What have the flavors of our biggest power?

Probably each case stand still on the run,when suddenly overtake some, painfully familiar smell. And then mentally move at the time, to which it is connected - that's my grandmother bake pies, but the first time you go to the "Christmas tree", and this - recalled a trip to the sea or the first date ... but you never know such a seemingly long time forgotten, moments that return us to smell? They affect literally all spheres of life - health, capacity for work, love, sex, and even the desire to buy this or that thing. It happens on a subconscious level.

Recently, in a supermarket was AmericaWe carried out an unusual experiment. On the counter posted several packages exactly the same tights. Some of them are a little sbryznuli spirits. As a result, "flavored" version sold out in a few minutes, while the rest remained lying. In conducting the survey, women customers assured that those stockings, which they chose, pleasant color and better quality. None of them did not say about the smell - one simply did not understand that it was made to make a choice. Now you know why always smells so good in high-end stores?

In fact, the strong influence of aromas onpeople have been known for a long time. About 7,000 years ago, learned to distinguish odorous substances. Aromas produced and widely used in ancient Rome, Arabia, India, Mesopotamia, Greece and China. But especially famous for this ancient Egypt. With different flavors disinfect the air, prepared and flavored bath linen, fragrances were ground and used inside for the treatment of various ailments, they added to drinks and food, was used during religious ceremonies, people dive into a state of trance.

Incense has been an integral part of"Arsenal" Egyptian. It is known that the famous Cleopatra actively used scented oils and aromatic baths are taken daily. It is possible that this is why she was able to conquer such experienced men as Mark Antony and Julius Caesar. She just knew how to make and use flavors.

Use this knowledge today. For example, wise and rational Japanese specially sprayed on plants mint flavor - according to studies, it increases productivity. But in offices prefer lemon - it is believed that the smell helps to focus and reduces the number of different errors. The British use different flavors from the sea smell in the rooms for negotiations. This fragrance relieves irritation and tension, increase business activity and positively affects both men and women.

And, of course, greatly influenced by the flavorsprivacy of any person - in the selection of friends, business partners or sexual life, and even satellites. Agree, it is often enough that, like, all good people - and smart, and the gallant and handsome - and you from him simply "turn up". The other - on the contrary, unremarkable, and you are drawn to it like a magnet. What's the matter? Most likely - in its individual smell. What kind of smell can help us to excite and attract men?

smells excite men


The word "aphrodisiac" comes from the nameancient Greek goddess Aphrodite. Aphrodisiacs are substances of natural origin, which causes excitement and stimulate the libido. Incidentally, this is - not necessarily odors. Aphrodisiacs are certain foods, plants, chemical additives and even music.

Many animal and plant aphrodisiacshave apparent similarities with the sexual organs of men or women - such as pepper, shellfish, bananas, mushrooms, animal horns, asparagus, etc. Initially, because of the external "similarity", and their use as ingredients for any kind of a love potion. What is interesting, as it turned out, almost all of them, in fact, possess the necessary qualities and are exciting.

If we talk about the flavors, the most well-known aphrodisiacs are:

  • Musk

    Until recently removed from the fragrancemusk glands of male musk deer. These small deer live in Tibet, Korea, Sakhalin, East Siberia and the Himalayas. Unfortunately, it is possible to extract only killing the animal. Currently, musk learned to make artificial means. This smell affects almost all men. He's incredibly attractive, durable and sensual. Today, natural musk is used only in the insanely expensive, elite French perfume.

  • Ambergris

    Her seduction for males used moreancient Roman. The origin of amber is very "unappetizing" - it's just a gut selection of a sperm whale. Extracted it on the coasts of Australia and the Indian Ocean. But to produce amber - this is only half the battle. Before you get out of it an aphrodisiac, it takes a long time to soak in salt water. The more she will lie there, the thinner will be the smell, so - and the price will be higher.

    The most powerful aphrodisiac one thatsoaked over a hundred let.Srok too long. Therefore, amber, as well as musk, have been producing artificial. Spirits, which include only the amber just is not there. On the other hand, few expensive perfume dispense altogether without it. Delicate aroma with scents of amber compared resins, earth and smoke.

  • Ylang-ylang

    Ylang-ylang is obtained from the flowers of the treeKananga, which grows in the Philippines, Indonesia, and in the tropical regions of Asia. This seductive, intoxicating, sweet fragrance liberating sensuality, creates an erotic mood and enhances the sexual desire of women and men's potency.

  • sandal

    It is believed that this is - masculine fragrance. For oil use trees, which more than thirty years. As in nature they have very little, the cost of natural sandalwood oil is large enough. To date, mainly using its synthetic substitutes. Sensual, noble, deep flavor with a hint of woody-balsamic able to ignite the passion in even the coldest heart. On the skin, the smell of sandalwood becomes thinner and more delicate, but retained a surprisingly long time.

  • Jasmine

    This scent is also well known even with the mostancient times. The oil obtained from the flowers of jasmine, of which there are more than 300 species. This shrub grows mainly in tropical or warm climates. more than five million flowers needed to produce one kilogram of spirits. Now mainly used because the synthetic analogue. Delicate, heady, delicate scent instantly cheers up, odors, attracts men and makes you feel attractive and desirable. "Royal" No wonder called jasmine oil.

  • nutmeg

    This smell is appreciated by the ancientGreeks, Romans, Arabs and Indians. Nutmeg oil is obtained from the bone of nutmeg. Spicy, sweet-tart, with a slightly bitter flavor improves mood, helps liberated and able to awaken sexual desire and kindle the imagination of both men and women. Of course, this is not the entire list - experience accumulated by mankind in the art of seduction, it allows you to continue almost indefinitely. However, it seems it's time to move on to another concept, which is also inextricably linked with the exciting flavors. It - pheromones.

what smells excite men


Today, this word has become very popular. Spirits, which include pheromones, enjoy the same success. What is the pheromones and what their "magical" effects? This word is translated from the Greek as "supporting passion, exciting." Until now scientists have "cross swords", discussing the impact of these substances on humans. Skeptics believe that it is too exaggerated, and all the hype surrounding pheromones - nothing more than a publicity stunt invented perfume companies to increase the number of sales. Optimists and the fans believe in miracles - called pheromones love potion of the XXI century. Whom to believe? Let's investigate. First, about the optimists.

It all started back in the XIX century. Watching the butterflies, the French naturalist Jean-Henri Fabre discovered that one female can attract up to several tens of males in the room in which it is located. Based on his observations, he concluded that the whole thing in some chemicals, which it distributes. They are not trapped by man, but reliably operate in moths of the opposite sex. Unfortunately, the level of science at that time did not allow the Frenchman to check their assumptions and develop this theory.

Continue this research was made possibleOnly in the XX century. It was then that the name "pheromones". They came to mean substances that produce animals of one species in order to attract and evoke certain responses in other animals of the same species. But enough about butterflies and animals. All these details are interesting, rather, entomologists and biologists. Let's talk about people. Can I draw using pheromones men?

As you know, many of the laws of the animal world it isuseful to man. And who does not want to be sexually attractive and create the desire to have all members of the opposite sex, without exception? So, naturally, I began an active search and attempts to synthesize human pheromones. And, according to some reports, US scientists were able to find such substances. As it turned out, they affect not only the sexual sphere. For example, pheromones cause a stable sexual aversion to close blood relatives, thus avoiding incest, to help the baby find the breast of the mother. There are also pheromones that signal the danger.

However, the most popular and in demandpheromones are driving, affecting both men and women and make them react to each other in a certain way. They are allocated to the external environment and begin to affect the people of the opposite sex at a subconscious level. As has become clear, the person develops them. That's the way of nature. Which parts of our bodies secrete pheromones? Most of the "accumulated" in the underarms, and in nasolabial folds, of course, in the genital area. But if this is what is given to us originally, why do you need to spend money on the purchase of spirits or other perfumes containing these substances?

According to supporters of the pheromone, we put ourselvesself-harm by the fact that every day, taking a shower or bath, and using a variety of deodorant, wash off the substance and that "kill" their sexuality. Here and I want to remember Napoleon Bonaparte, who wrote to Josephine: "I'm going. Ceased to wash. " But perhaps it is, after all, no way out ... do without water treatment is simply impossible for the modern man. It was then, and come to the aid of pheromones. Additional "dose" will help smooth out the damage caused by civilization. Here's a logic. And now - about the skeptics. What are the arguments put forward are they?

It is quite good. Even if we assume that the effect of pheromones on the human body - it is a scientific fact, here is the effectiveness of these substances spirits - the question is very controversial. And that's why. Firstly, pheromones - are chemicals and they logically should disintegrate completely in alcohol. And he is known to be a part of any perfume. It turns out the discrepancy.

Secondly, as has been said, a person canact only "human" pheromones. But how do they get into such a huge, industrial-scale? Involuntarily comes to mind the notorious method of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille - the main character Suskind, "Perfume" the novel. Not a very good association ... And, of course, no one is going to use his "know-how" in practice. What are pheromones contained in a bottle of perfume? This is a question still remains open. Here such here different opinions.

To buy or not "magic bullet" - to solveOnly you. If you truly believe in their miraculous power - do not listen to anyone and buy. After all, the psychology of something no one has ever challenged and canceled! And if the use of these spirits will help you gain confidence, feel irresistible and desirable - be sure the men will themselves be flied to you as the very moths from the experiments of the French naturalist.

summing up

No one is trying to challenge the influence of aromas onour life. This is - a scientifically proven fact. And it will certainly be taken into account and used. The pleasant scent excites men. However, everything should be approached wisely. Do not forget that all people - different. The same smell of someone like, and someone causes negative associations and disgust. Colognes, scented candles and sticks, essential oils and perfumes - all this smells very attractive ... if, of course, know when to stop.

Therefore, they must be used very carefully. Too strong flavor not only help you attract the coveted "object", but it may scare away forever, and sometimes even much harm to you and the object of your passion. And believe me, a severe headache - this is only the most harmless side effect of excessive use of aromatics.

And another important point. Before you start experimenting with scents, do not forget to find out if there are any allergies in your "second half". And then, instead of the night of passionate love, you will have to flee in the night drugstore for antihistamines. And it's not included in your plans, right?

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