" "Sex and the relationship of lovers

Sex in a relationship of lovers

sex in a relationship

Here, finally, we found a man, a relationship withwhich not only bring extraordinary pleasure, but also developing rapidly. There comes a time when we want more. That is not just a meeting and tender kisses, but real intimacy. In principle, it is normal. Two people of different sex, in order to fully get to know each other, have sex. There is nothing immoral in that premarital intercourse is not. If so understand, marriage was invented by mankind to legally allow sex between loving people. But its original purpose as ourselves and not justified. It is impossible to make a man and a woman love each other because they have the stamp of the passport if they are sexually incompatible. Total bed of the spouses does not attract, and then they move away from each other, eventually becoming estranged.

In other words, sex in a relationship plays a verybig role. Previously, premarital sex was considered almost a moral crime, but now public opinion has changed significantly. People realized that many families are unhappy precisely because the couple is not able to come to an agreement in the intimate sphere. The reason for that can be anything - different physiology, unequal treatment to the proximity, different needs and so on. It turns out that a good sex and relationships that promise to be always strong, are inseparable. This means that it would be better intima place before traveling men and women to the registrar. The problem is, when it is better to avoid - in the early days of dating or some time thereafter. How to understand it?

sex and relationships

Why must carefully approach the vicinity of the first in a relationship?

Why do you need to really understand whencomes the most opportune time for the first sex? Well, no, of course, it is possible, not particularly bothered, go to bed after the initial meeting. And even get lots of pleasure. That's only when an acquaintance wants to consolidate and continue, it is not a good option. Because, in the first place, then it will be difficult to understand what actually pulls a man and a woman to each other - the desire to close the recurrence or something more. And yet, in the end, confused. Yes, sex and relationships are intertwined, but it would be necessary to weave it was smooth and harmonious.

At the same time, excessively long time to pull the firstintima too impractical. A person may like, and chat with him to cause serious concern. And now we are starting to build grandiose plans for later life. At the same time fully understand that relationships are impossible without sex, and finally decide to try. And then - bang, and it turns out that in this case the potential you have chosen a complete and definitive incompatibility. His requirements, for example, other or smell is not suitable if little ... Yes! The result - a plan for the future is rapidly crumbling. It becomes very sorry and wasted time and effort spent on the construction of the castle in the sand.

In addition, if over a fairlya long period of not trying to combine intimacy and relationships, one of two people can not stand and decide on the link on the side. As a rule, this applies to the representatives of the strong half of humanity, sexual instincts which require satisfaction, not particularly regard with the feelings. What man, if he is in love with a woman for sex which is not allowed for fear of losing it or by reason of the refusal by the beloved sex? Hate relationship without sex for as long as the turn will come for him? But not everyone is under the force! Here we give birth to the Lady Knights themselves for bed, to which often, besides physical attraction, do not feel anything at all. At first. And then anything can happen. There are many cases when a man tied to a bed his girlfriend and vomited because of her chaste intercourse with another woman.

So how can that be? How do you know when it is time to combine sex and relationships? Generally, intimacy for men and women - different things. And age here, if you do not take into account the trivial physiological need, almost does not matter. Men want sex out of a desire for new experiences, curiosity or the desire to bind the woman. Women are in the majority, wish it was with those who may subsequently become a partner in life.

It turns out that we all come to the firstsexual act differently. Representatives of the stronger sex perceive it mainly as the next experiment. A weaker sex - a proposal to strengthen the dialogue at the highest level. In other words, women tend to think that sex to something oblige guys - no. And how can we be? That young man did not like the first, the second, the third night of the profits, meeting with which continued for a long time. Well, she was inexperienced these matters! To leave now or what? After all, a loving relationship without sex is defective and is unlikely to have some good prospects. But if a young person is well aware and unconsciously or even consciously prepared for this turn of events, for the girl a break after sex is sure to become a very powerful blow!

In general, even though the two men have not yet foundconsensus in the field of intimacy, it can be fixed. It is likely that there was a sex too soon, and has partners may not feel easy in bed and liberated. Therefore, sex and relationships are still not intertwine harmoniously and without stress. And, therefore, proximity happened when more partners to it are not yet ready. For good sex must be mutual trust. And it is no. And inexperienced girl or boy would like to mutually explore the intimate sphere, but can not fully open to each other.

If so find out now the excitement we(Normal people) feel only when fully confident in your partner. And who would be there no matter how mind, this is the case. You can, of course, to have fun and to spontaneous sex. However, it does not cost anything, as briefly and barely remembered. However, the feeling after a premature or overly long anticipated affinity with those in whom we have already managed to fall in love during the meeting, sometimes there are much worse. How can you determine when it really needs to happen?

relationship without sex

How to determine whether people are willing to have sex?

When man and woman ready to intima? This is an important question, since harmonious sexual relations in the family, which may well be created later, it starts with the first proximity. If it happened at the wrong time - too early or rather late - the marriage may be doomed. Because intimate life significantly affects the feelings of the people and is capable of adjusting them just once destroy these feelings.

On the other hand, high-quality sex can savemarriage, even at extremely conflict situations. But in order to become so, sex and relationships it is necessary to try to combine smoothly and consistently. Therefore, the first to be held in the proximity of the right time for it. Sex too soon often then generates frustration and boredom. Too long waiting for him - shyness, stiffness in the actions, and, as a result, the inner emptiness. After all, I wanted something unusual, and everything came quickly and crumpled. Neither one nor the other does not contribute to progress in relations and the conversion of a conventional drive a real, long and indestructible love. Because, as we have said, the real loving relationship without sex between healthy and well prepared for the intima people of different sexes is difficult to maintain.

So when is it that time comes foroptimal sexual intercourse between a man and a woman? Then, when they can fully trust your partner and feel close to him in absolute safety. Only in this case, each of them can afford looseness actions. Her presence - a guarantee that sex with this person in the future will be the area that would like to learn constantly.

In addition, men and women have enoughbecome familiar with each other and be confident that the relationship after sex does not fall apart. They can afford to discuss sexual topics and, if anything for the first time will not, discuss this issue and find a way out. Partners should not only feel that it is time for sex, but also crazy to want it, wanting to make each other happy. In this case it's better to go to the first sexual intercourse is more or less judiciously. And yet, before it takes place, think about some of the issues:

  1. Whether steam sufficient time to occur,to determine the similarity of their common interests and goals? And whether there is a similarity? If yes, sex and relationships are natural. If not, the girls and boys have to be prepared for the fact that the sex will not be the key to successful continuation of their relationship in the future;
  2. Can a man and a woman at the momentcommunicate openly with each other, not playing at the same time a role? In order for the first time to have sex, you should feel quite relaxed. And this is possible only if the partners are not afraid to open up to each other entirely;
  3. Are the two paired want to close? Perhaps some one just inferior to pressure from the other? In this case hardly the first sex will be the key to a strong relationship in the future. And it is better to wait before there is a mutual desire;
  4. Are men and women to the fact that theliving together for some reason, they suddenly can not have sex? Marriage provides not only a common bed, but spouses and care about each other. There are many circumstances that make sex listless, rare or impossible. Partners who intend to build a lasting relationship should take this into account and understand that the road to each other, not only because of the pleasure in bed.

Well, that's about all. We can only add: before coming to the conclusion that it is time to combine sex and relationships, the pair is desirable to discuss this step in detail. Sexual intercourse can lead to unwanted pregnancy or disease. All this should be discussed with each other with ease. If a man and a woman can not afford to be very frank with each other, then they are still not ready to the intima. And the consequences of it, in fact, nobody is responsible.

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