" "Virtual sex - dating

Virtual sex - dating

Today, the Internet is firmly entrenched in our lives. We already can not imagine how one can exist without the web. We are working in it, communicate, and get to know ... have sex. Virtual sex nowadays becoming more and more common. Tom promote erotic and pornographic sites, all kinds of dating services, webcams, and other related and unrelated to the sex thing.

Well, it would seem that for such a whim - sex beforemonitor? Little did the partners have in real life! Meanwhile, people looking for virtual sex love becomes more and more. And it's not just single people, but also family members of both sexes, preferring disembodied virtual sexual feelings tangible sensations, a physiological. Why?

Let's look at what virtual sex is good or bad.

What is virtual sex?

Sex over the Internet - is, in fact, with masturbationa large selection of sex toys. There's the video chat, and pornographic videos and erotic films to suit all tastes, and much more. In a word, choose - I do not want! Here, everyone can find what in reality can only dream of. The network performed any erotic desire, any whims and fantasies that translate into everyday life the people, for some reason can not.

What is virtual sex in general? Some people believe that it is a way of self-satisfaction for single people and teenagers. Ah, if only it were that simple! In the virtual hang Lovelace, respectable fathers of families, experienced in sexual matters lady and married women. They recklessly masturbating, enjoying frivolous, and often openly depraved spectacles. Fortunately, they are on the network enough.

However, this is not surprising. After all, in reality, what is virtual sex? This is an opportunity to fully relax and enjoy themselves to deliver the maximum. In the intima in the virtual you can choose a partner unattainable in real life, and have sex with him, forgetting about some complexes.

What happens to us if we accidentallyWe find ourselves in bed with someone you consider ideal? We internally shrink and tighten, and all the time thinking how to please him. It seems to us that we look bad, and act clumsily, and in general do everything wrong. What kind of fullness orgasm then can we talk? And on the internet it's different. Sex in the network - is not only a free choice of partner sex and fashion. It is also a possibility of complete relaxation, because nobody sees you, so you can imagine anyone and behave as you want. All we have lacked this freedom!

So what goes, sex in the virtual rather than real sex? Let's try to figure it out.

Sex in the network. Advantages and disadvantages

Sex in the network, at first glance, it seems a goodway to get rid of the problems inherent in the reality of sex. The Internet is not a sexually transmitted disease will pick up, do not get pregnant, but only with the consent can rape you. In addition, engaging in intima in the network, do not need to get hung up on how we look, what we say and how are conducting themselves. Sex and the Internet to remain anonymous, free and almost always available.

Communicating with different virtual partnersIt gives such an interest in sex novelty. And this interest can make a special piquancy to have sex with a real partner. But ... Many fans of virtual sex is too addicted to them. As a result, real sex is no longer interested in them. As a result - the problem with sexuality. Man is already able to be excited, just sitting in front of the monitor and interacting with virtual partners. And that could lead to the collapse of relations between a man and a woman in real life.

Yes, initially sex on the Internet seems to be somethingvery attractive. This can be understood. But if after some time, interest in it has not passed, but on the contrary, the effort is worth considering! It's not such a harmless fact, as it seems. And it shows the presence of a person is not only sexy, but also psychological problems. A reliance on sex online is evidence that such problems exist. In fact, regular sex on the Internet - is a human sex with yourself. That is, sex alone, separated from the world, the fear of others.

At the same time, for sex via the Internet can beessential assistant for people with non-traditional sexual proclivities experiencing because of these tendencies shame or guilt. They can easily find in a network of other people with similar preferences, and cease to feel no such like everyone else. And this is - a very important factor.

Difficult to say good or badvirtual sex. To some it helps to get rid of complexes and get a full, bright orgasm. And someone becomes dependent on this sex and destroys his relationship with the real representatives of the opposite sex. To be or not to be a virtual sex - everyone decides for himself. It is only necessary to remember that they should not get carried away. Otherwise, you can lose all sense of reality and deprive yourself of many existing in the real world of pleasures.

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