" "The lack of sex. There is no desire to have sex: how to deal with the consequences?

The lack of sex. There is no desire to have sex: how to deal with the consequences?

lack of sex

Intimate life of my own - this is what makesrelationship complete, colorful and happier. Sex brings incredible man and a woman, the most revealing them to each other on all sides. However, there are relationships in which the lack of sex is commonplace. The reason may be male impotence and female frigidity, and temperament of both low, and chronic fatigue, and more. What is the lack of desire to have sex, and whether it is harmful to health and family relationships?

When well without sex

I must say that in our time noquality of intimate relationships in the family is no longer surprised. The spouses may love each other, and in the absence of physical attraction. Well, they are cooled to each other sexually, so now divorced? But close spiritually. And this means a lot! In Japan, for example, only spiritual closeness in the family - even commonplace. And many couples are not shy to admit that the sex they have. And live well together at the same time.

In fact, in the absence of far-sex marriagesIt does not always break down, and relations between spouses can be quite warm and tender. The husband and wife just good together. Sex for them is the most important proof of the existence of love and the foundation for the family. Their marriage and without the harmonious and strong. And feelings are manifested in caring for a partner, for intimacy, affection, care. Such couples create, as a rule, those people for whom love and happiness does not necessarily mean the presence of sex. They receive no less profound pleasure when holding hands, walking through the park together engaged in some business, talk at the table and even a silent beside calm quiet evenings.

There is a lack of sex pairs in whichspouses extremely close emotionally. Often, they have children, but sexual attraction subsided over the years, and even completely disappeared. Husband and wife are no longer lovers, staying with friends and partners. Sometimes it happens that the couple, who for some reason sex is excluded, agree - sex with another person, if you really have such a desire, it is possible. And refer to this quite calmly.

In short, the relationship in the absence of sex canvery well exist, if a husband and wife at the same time comfortable. But this occurs rarely. Usually, when there is no desire to have sex both spouses or one of their family problems.

lack of desire to have sex

When no sex is bad. Problems and causes

Yes, some couples get along fine withoutsex. However, most marriages in the absence of the intimate life of a break up, or turn into the neighborhood similarity under one roof. And the neighborhood is not always peaceful. The main reasons for this situation are usually chronic fatigue, stress, constant quarreling spouses, health problems of one of them, the inertia in the relationship and banal laziness. It happens so that husband and wife are comfortable with the lack of sex until both go to work every day. And during the holidays, resting well, arrange some kind of a sex marathon.

One way or another, but not all men and womenmay suffer long-term abstinence without the psychological and physiological complications. Particularly affected by this are women for whom sex - an indicator of male love. "If he does not want me, then I do not like!" - They think, trying to find the cause of a man cooling. One of the women decides that he has a mistress, someone thinks that her erstwhile attraction disappeared, someone thinks that does not meet the loved one in bed. In any case, the lack of sex depresses the fairer sex even when they are asleep eroticism.

If a person is dissatisfied with something, he tries tothis somehow fight and begins to look for, often unconsciously, how to change the situation. If there is no desire to have sex in the family, they can be anything up to the destruction of the marriage. However, the women themselves to such drastic measures are rarely solved. Unrealized sexuality have often just pouring out at constant scandals with her husband. As a result, it is, in the end, does not maintain such a situation and leaves the family. And sometimes scandals contribute to the excitation, and the couple after they begin to have sex violently and relentlessly. Good in this little, because over time, sex will need to pre-scandal, as in doping. Regular burst of negative emotions can negatively affect the nature, undermine the mentality and significantly impair life.

In principle, there is another, quite simplemethod of compensating for the lack of sex in the family - the connection on the side. However, to the trips to the left tend to be more men than women. At the fairer sex and options have a lover less complex and in this regard, more and household chores, especially not allowing to relax enough. And society, graciously accepting revelers men, to women who have lovers, is hostile. Here and there, I think, sleep with other men or not!

However, long-term lack of sex in womenIt makes them frustrated and tense, as a rule, only the first time. Then they get used to it, accustoming himself to the idea that sex with her husband is neither evening nor morning, nor in a week. Get used to the lack of time to have sex and the body has only occasionally feed signals about their natural needs. However, unclaimed sexual energy is not going away! She needs a way out, otherwise it may explode, destroying the physical and mental health of the woman.

A good way out of this situation - activeactivity. The choice of classes - an individual matter. Someone begins to intensively develop your career, someone served in the charity, someone suddenly interested in sports or cross stitching. It does not matter which suddenly begins to devote himself to a woman in the absence of good sex. The main thing is that it is seriously attracted to it. Otherwise, unmotivated aggression outbreaks can not be avoided.

It should be noted that the enthusiasm for somebusiness can save only from nervous breakdowns. As for the female physiology, the situation is somewhat different. Lack of sexual activity can lead to irreversible consequences, expressed as intractable chronic diseases. Therefore passion passion, and with her husband still be on the theme of sex talk. And so the conversation can not be postponed. Of course, you need to start the conversation politely and friendly. Perhaps the man himself is not happy with the status quo. However, to change something can not, because it brings health. If so, it is advisable to contact the experts.

In fact, men try to avoid suchcalls, therefore, it is important to opt for a frank conversation right time and the correct intonation. Under no circumstances can not say with raised voice pious or something to blame him. In the end, the lack of sex in the family - a common problem and blame it occurs most often husband and wife. Irritation and anger in this case does not help. Solve a problem can only be sensitive, sincere dialogue.

It is possible that in the course of the dialogueit turns out that such a situation has developed more because of women than of men. It ceased to attach importance to their appearance, exhausted husband's eternal nagging and grumbling, he did not pay enough attention, I did not respect its interests and did not allow diversity in bed. And, therefore, it becomes sexually unappealing.

It is acceptable and the reverse situation - a woman andseductive and temperamental, but the man has a lot of sex is not required. He may well do one or two sexual contacts per month. This feature should be taken into account and try to make the rare moments of intimacy vivid and memorable. One way or another, but to find out what the cause of failure in intimate relationships is necessary. And to try to eliminate this cause. Well, if this is not possible ... then take everything with kindness and philosophically and start dancing and studying foreign languages. And the family is maintained, and the knowledge and skills increase.

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