" "Sex after divorce with her husband - to weigh all

Sex after divorce with her husband - to weigh all

sex after divorce

Sex after divorce with ex-husband - a phenomenonquite often and quite controversial in their need. In fact the relationship between husband and wife after breaking fold normally several types. They quarrel and fight, or almost to the end of his days, or leave and forget completely about each other, or - more rarely - only keep friendly contacts. At the same time, there are many couples who after parting passion wakes up with renewed vigor. Because divorce is allowed them to realize the full value of his former halves.

Intimacy after divorce can be for those whoI divorced, but not separated. Because divorce is not always the actual termination family relations. There are people who use it as blackmail or reason for the burst of emotions that for dim or even disappear during their life together. Finally, after breaking the proximity is possible, and those who are at war. There is, as a rule, in the case where the former spouses are common at work or in the company of friends in common.

In other words, the probability of intimacy between the formerspouses is quite high. And often it is translated into reality. Sometimes because both still remember their former passion, sometimes - because the husband or wife is still nourish the hope that the relations. And sometimes the closeness happens due to prolonged lack of it in both or someone from the same pair. Still, going to bed with someone you already know well, it is much easier than with the new partners.

Should we allow this situation and what its pros and cons?

sex with her husband after the divorce

Intimacy after divorce. Features and Problems

In an intimate relationship with her ex-husband usuallyagree to the women who unconsciously still not parted with him. To call such a situation a normal can be a stretch. It often happens that in fact the couple broke up, but continue to meet only for sex. That is, the parting, they admitted their failure and inability family together to build a lasting relationship. And now bring them to the banal copulation, thereby reducing their chances to create another family. Yes, some time after the divorce closeness solves the problem of loneliness. But only at first. If the former husband and wife are going to look for other partners in life, sex should be discontinued. Otherwise, they would give rise to psychological instability and interfere with a new relationship.

In general, the proximity to her ex-husband after the divorce -a dangerous thing. Sometimes it is an attempt to both spouses hide from reality or to escape from despair. This is especially true of women, who are often sex toys for men, in the hope of their return. Men are much less likely to close after breaking up, as something serious. Sometimes they even go to another woman, but continue out of habit to sleep with his ex-wife. On what feelings she is experiencing at the same time, a man usually does not think. A poor thing, most likely, incredibly hard to realize that once ardently loving and beloved, almost native people now has another woman. And after sex will go to her.

If the situation develops in this way,women get better within a few weeks after the divorce did not meet with her ex-husband. Otherwise, relive stress will be very difficult. If the meeting can not be excluded because of the collaboration and regular contacts with common friends, then it is necessary to rule out the possibility to stay with the ex - spouse alone. This will minimize the possibility of intimacy and re-discuss the causes of separation.

Sometimes sex after divorce is due to the factthat husband and wife have to stay under the same roof or continue to actively engage in the education of the common children. In this case, perhaps, there is a good chance to restore the old relationship. There are chances for recovery even when the reason for the divorce was the decline in sexual interest of the spouses to each other. As we have said, a divorce can cause a sharp rise of interest. And sometimes it happens that the marriage seems to be broken up, and sexual desire remains. Here, too, there is an objective opportunity to start all over again. Because separation often leads spouses to reconsider their views on the relationship, realize their mistakes and understand how to live.

For example, split the family, which was originallycreated on the basis of mutual love. The sexual component held in the relationship of husband and wife is one of the first places. Over time, the life and routine of dull the senses. People slept in the same bed, doing chores, work, raise children. And it seems to have forgotten about his original love. And then I decided that she was gone completely, and that living together does not make sense further. The result of this decision was the divorce, suddenly turned to both spouses is very painful. In memory surfaced first happy days. And love, and with it the sexual desire, broke out with renewed vigor.

A similar situation occurs quiteoften. In fact, the couple continued to love each other, but the love of a passionate transformed into a more mature and calm. Not husband and wife know the features of family psychology took it calm as the extinction of the senses. The relationship appeared chill of alienation, to overcome which they failed. The result of this are mutual claims, insults, quarrels and absolute helplessness in the face of impending family tragedy. In the end, the couple divorced. But the love of a continued and continues to live! Because of this, they can not create a new family, because all his new friends are compared with ex-wife and her husband. And sex with former halves was just an obsession.

It is unlikely that such a pair can be somewhat reproach. Unfortunately, women and men do not learn to live in peace and harmony. If the assignment of its half capacity and understanding have not been vaccinated parents have to learn the science of marriage in the process of life experience. However, it is very difficult and long process, the foundations of which are not given to everyone. Hence - the ice in relations between loved ones, hence - the mass of the crippled destinies, hence - divorce, loneliness and growing up in single-parent families with children.

Drama? Yes. Is it possible to resume the relationship after the divorce if the husband and wife were simply ignorant family in the area? When they realized their mistake and continue to love still - yes, too. It is only necessary to note that the way the family is dependent on the relative position and the desire to protect his mate from the storms of life. And no desire to create these storms.

So, to what conclusion we come from? Sex with the ex-husband is possible, but only when both spouses are lonely and feel mutual attraction. If at least one of them feels that separation has made life happier, sex is better avoided. It can cause psychological ambivalence and uncertainty, which adversely affect the likelihood of another marriage. And the husband and wife in this case it will be better to move away as much as possible and resist the sexual attraction to the once-loved one. In what good it will not.

And now - some tips for women who can not decide whether to allow sex with her ex-husband after the divorce.

whether it is possible to resume the relationship after divorce

Tips divorced women

We have already said that the divorce is not alwaysIt is a necessity and is often mistaken. People differ, but the psychological and physiological desire remains. What woman do in this case?

  1. If preserved sexual attraction to the ex -spouse and it is one, not overwhelm it. It is possible that sex with her husband after the divorce will lead to a new round of relations with him, and the family will be happier and more robust than ever before. We only need to try to forgive each other all the insults and abuse, and not to repeat their past mistakes. Examples where the family recovered again and then existed for a long time, a great multitude;
  2. If the former spouse remains alone, but at the same timeintimate relationship, do not force him. And it is not in any case not to turn the children together in the object of speculation. Quite often there is this too: ex-wife offers her husband to come like the children, and then he will openly tries to seduce him. Sometimes even that it threatens to ban male meetings with children, if not to resume sexual activity. This is inefficient and rude way to return her husband. He may agree to sex, but at other times is good think before you visit the home of the couple. Men do not like them so clumsily and crudely manipulate;
  3. If the husband after the divorce continues to supportwarm relationships and often comes, but the closeness is not solved, open and friendly to talk to him. To relations were resumed, mutual consent is necessary. First, of course, should be to find out the true cause of divorce. It is very possible that this is sex, which used to be the main component of the marriage, and then turned into a routine. In this case, the woman should ask a man what he expects from her in bed. And if you find that it lacks the temperament and emancipation, work on yourself.

Then, when the divorce is over, but the pain still can notpasses, generally talk to a former spouse is necessary. What if he, too, is suffering, and regrets the fact that he had lost a family? In the end, a divorce - it is only a formality, does not oblige people to be separated for ever. Always remains a chance to change lives for the better.

it is necessary to prepare her husband and - to a meeting with the extry to look to strike his fancy. But it can not be brought before the former pious in aggressively - porn movies. Yes, he can seduce, but with the same success can then push a man. Still, from his own half he needs not only sex. Therefore, it will be better to give your appearance an easy unobtrusive eroticism and mystery, which attract much more explicit body offers.

Well, if after the divorce, it is clear thatreturn to the past will not be a woman's best to keep your distance from her ex-husband and to try to see him as little as possible. This will allow her to understand themselves and find new goals in life. Until this happens, it is not necessary to rush in search of the person with whom you can create a new relationship. It is unlikely that they will be successful, because women still kept a suitcase of problems from a previous marriage. It will certainly bring it with you to another family. As a result of the new marriage will be unhappy again.

To avoid this, immediately after divorceit is necessary to avoid any intimate contact and to try to calm down and understand themselves. Only after the internal chaos will become at least semblance of order, can seriously think about getting acquainted with other men. In this case, if the pass the time in bed with her ex-husband, chaos will reign in my heart for a long time. So why deprive themselves of the opportunity of a new happiness? It is better to be free from the past completely and boldly move forward to a joyful and prosperous future!

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