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guys on call

Today, in our spare hard moraldogmas, time, sex under the order is no longer something too taboo and perverse. An increasing number of people, at last, begin to understand the true role of sex in their lives. And many of them are experiencing dissatisfaction in the intimate sphere, seek the help of those who provide sexual services. A few decades ago, we ordered such services are mainly men. And not because they need sex than women. Just the women were supposed to be modest. But emancipation has done its job, and we are not the same. And the guys on call, to provide sexual services, modern ladies did not confuse.

However, the guy on call - it does notnecessarily for sex partner. Italians call such a gigolo men, and the term refers to paid and partners to dance, and to those who bought for the bed, and to whom are invited to just chat. Today work is almost dancing gigolo does not mean, and everything else - please. What they are, gigolo services, and what are these guys on call?

gigolo Services

Sexual services - is something that is bought withtime immemorial and will be bought, perhaps a very long time. Earlier work priority in this area belonged mostly to women - priestesses of love. Now it is becoming more and more popular with men's work on call. I must say that it is universal, than the work of prostitutes. A woman can cause a man to the house and when she really wants sex, and because one has to be above its forces. And it is necessary that someone was close.

Oddly enough, but the men on call at timesthe only salvation for this family. Not wanting to lead to rupture of scandals with her husband, ladies prefer to receive the discharge from a professional gigolo. A skilled, charming guy - professional knows how physically and psychologically to meet his client. And she returned to the family peaceful and quiet.

Services gigolo and this is also not limited. He can accompany his client to travel, to visit with her social activities, clubs, restaurants ... In short, the work of men on call includes a lot. The professionalism of these custom lovers throughout should be on top.

At the same time, the attitude of the guys on call in a societyambiguously. Someone thinks that their services are needed, someone did not pay attention, but someone sure it's finished libertines. They say that women still confused here and there, and the men, it's ... Uuuuuu !!!!

Meanwhile, they did not "Oooo !!!". gigolo services have completely normal guys, practically does not differ from the total weight of the stronger sex. They have no, or a vicious look, no languid gestures or outrageous behavior. A guy like the guy. Well, maybe that looks very well maintained. How else? After all, his working tool - the body, and should take care and grooming.
So what is it, the work of men on call?

Jobs "Male Gigolo"

Men who use in their professionalactivities of their own appearance, charm, sexual ability and knowledge, today quite a lot. Why? Yes, because they are in demand. Services gigolo now enjoy not only the rich ladies, but also middle-class women who want at least once as closely as possible to communicate with these mysterious men - priests love. A particular demand they have bored, jaded to all persons, in the offended spouse married women have lovers of extreme and notorious sandwiched ladies. Well, in a certain orientation of the men, of course. But we're not talking about that ...

Cause home man and classicalsex, and for the realization of sexual fantasies, and for romantic evenings with sex, and even just to talk heart to heart. Sometimes a gigolo to get clients, receive an orgasm only when danger threatens. And here is the guys on call have to take risks. Well, what can you do, the costs of operation.

Why are they so in demand, these guys are on a call? Should women pay for joy, unlesshorny men is full and in bed they climb yourself free? Well, first of all, many of the fairer sex is not enough in the intima of complete frankness. And they do not hesitate gigolo can realize all your sexual fantasies. It often happens that a permanent partner or husband in bed is not very zabaluesh, - he does not understand this and believes perversion. But such self-indulgence the terms of the work men on call. Invite yourself this, pay, and do everything that pleases!

Secondly, there are many women who fearconsequences of sexual intimacy with different men. And suddenly some, apparently quite impressive, man would flagellant or will then chase the lady, giving her no rest day or night? And rumors that can dissolve casual sex partner? About sexually transmitted diseases, I think, and we are not talking. And who is the best option for sex in this case? Of course, a gigolo! It is safe, inspected regularly for sexually transmitted and other infectious diseases, hot and ready to fulfill every whim of the client. In addition, the work of the guys on call provides complete privacy. This means that a woman's pranks nobody will ever know.

Cause gigolo and young girls whojust curious to know what kind of fruit - the guy on call as it looks, and that is able to do in bed. Sometimes a company podzagulyavshaya women decided to break away from the full and to arrange group sex. Well, who is better suitable for this purpose? Of course, the guys on call. Do not invite the men!

Order services guys on call and familycouples who want to diversify their intimate life. It happens that the husband, lived with his wife for many years, suddenly begins to feel attracted to the same sex. It scares the man, and he does not want to become one hundred percent gay. But the willingness of some to get rid? It is in fact increasing, and as a result, could push on anything. This is where it comes in a gigolo, satisfying both spouses. Of course, if the wife agrees to it.

Service men on call are not cheap. However, if the client they like, they can not take her money, warning at the same time that this fact does not mean the continuation of the relationship. It is understandable. Gigolo - not dummies. They are all members of the stronger sex, are able to feel sympathy and fall in love. Here are just a long-term relationship they have a problem. Specificity of work involves the maintenance of a plurality of comers, and will carefully treat this as a close friend, is not known. Well, if you will kindly. But these ladies - one, two and obchelsya. The rest of the sole desire of power over their favorite. And this is a serious problem for the guys on call, so they try to avoid those who like it. However, this is not always goes ...

Sometimes experienced gigolo manages to get toclient money without joining her in an intimate relationship. Generally, the service orders in this area includes several stages consisting of sex and communication. It is not always the guys on call so I want to go to bed with her client. A performance of each order while strictly regulated. So they pulled him and talking heart to heart with some lady not fresh or not a sexy person. Women addicted and willing to pour attentive and understanding man soul, completely forgetting about the true purpose of his coming. As a result, paid allotted for sex, time goes by and the guy leaves the client. Women in this case are usually not resent. After all, if they are oblivious, began to strip the soul, not the body, then the opportunity to talk to them was more important than sex.

Do not think that the work of the men on the call is notIt is a no-brainer. The clients are different. It may also happen that the poor guy gets into the hands of some nymphomaniac and escape from them does not succeed without significant losses. Sometimes Gigolo cause is not quite adequate to the woman from whom you can expect anything. In general, unpleasant situations sometimes arise. But who is safe from them?

Boys on call. What are they?

In general, all gigolo can be divided into three categories.

Category One. Handsome. These are the guys who focus a lot of attention to their appearance. They always stick out in gyms and beauty salons have personal hairdressers, makeup artists, stylists, massage therapists. Of course, the look of these narcissistic narcissus stunning. Women from them just chumeyut and pay-per-call stunning handsome crazy money. In-general, not in vain, because "handsome" usually in sex virtuosity and tireless. And they spoiled, capricious and extremely picky. "Pretty Boy" may refuse to service women unsympathetic to him, no matter how much money she did not offer. Because certain - with such as he deserves to sleep not every representative of the fairer sex, whether she ever billionaire.

Category Two. Psychologists. This is a man on a call, the appearance of which may initially disappoint the client. However, the "psychologists" bet on their appearance and do not. They are well versed in what it takes for women to know how to treat them courteously and understand the first word. This type of men, possessing excellent pickup and technicians who know perfectly how to look at a woman like her to touch and carry on a conversation about anything. They are erudite, intelligent and can maintain a conversation on any subject, being, at the same time, excellent lovers. Free client often dream to marry "psychologists" to himself. I must say, sometimes they do.

Category Three. Adventurers. These Gigolo - prototypes of the famous Ostap Bender. "Adventurers" conscious clients fall in love and make them dependent. Lady in love easily gives in to blackmail on the part of a gigolo and is willing to pay it if only for the fact that he was there. If the "adventurer" is constant sponsorshu, he usually throws men work on call. In general, the "adventurers" - Alfonso potential, seeking to stumble upon a woman, due to which it will be possible to live. They - good actors and can play a role is exactly that man, which dreams of their chosen lady. And get to the core of these rogues is not easy. However, lovers, cats, the fairer sex and do not try to crack them.

Such are they, these guys are on a call. If one of the women to expect that, by ordering, in half an hour will see on the threshold of his apartment high, awesome handsome man, it is not necessary so to hope. Appear maybe a man of medium height with a discreet appearance. But do not rush disappointed: Sex is not important to build muscle, tall and pretty face. The intima need endurance, skill and commitment to deliver partner's pleasure. Besides, the guys on call shall take into account not only the body had ordered it, but also its soul. And it is so important!

No, of course, not every one of us need them, thesegigolo. Many ladies entirely do without having to pay someone for sex, even if they were of the highest quality. A soul can pour out her friends, her neighbor, her mother finally ... But life is sometimes so turns, twists so that you do not know where to go! Well, why not having recourse to a gigolo? Yes, his passion, his sympathetic attention and seems to be a sincere understanding will most likely not more than a hoax, skilful game. However, there are times when we are "happy to be deceived." We want at least a couple of hours to feel desirable, interesting, attractive, and not alone. And a dog with them, with the money, physiological and interior comfort is more expensive! So let they exist, these guys are on a call. You look, and will need them.

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