" "How to seduce a girl

How to seduce a girl

how to seduce a girl

How often do we find ourselves in a cleverly placed onlinemen and wallowing in them, not knowing how to get out! How often inferior to boys and then regret it, I did not understand why all of a sudden it's done! And well even if have time to come round and do not fall in love like a fool in addition, one purpose alone - seducing girls. Without the development of further relations with her. Well, someone from the young ladies, this situation is unfamiliar? Few such. Why is it becoming more frequent? Because it is very popular in our time it has become a male pick-up, the training of our men all receptions seducing women. No, Pickup Girls - men existed at all times (remember Casanova!), Only their methods of conquering ladies before they especially did not advertise. Now, learning the art of pickup delivered almost on stream. Each current Casanova uses it when he pleases.

What do the girls, most of which is carried outa hunt? Well, of course, do not settle for the role of pikapera easy prey - a man! Who needs it - to trust him, repent and then in his act, exhausted with anger, shame, and even pain? Nobody. So try, my dear girl, learn to identify immediately pick up artist, without letting them treat us like stupid puppets. Let's see what distinguishes the pick up artist from ordinary guys and how they are trying to seduce a girl.

How to recognize a pickup artist?

How to recognize pikapera appearance? In general, if a guy is too well-groomed appearance (he was always clean-shaven, neatly trimmed and dressed with special care), the girl has to be more cautious. Not every young person bude pay a lot of attention and time of their appearance. In normal men, typically different priorities. They have, in addition to girls, have any hobbies, classes that just do not make it possible to devote its appearance a few hours a day. But a successful pick up artist should always look perfect. After all, he realizes that the girl initially perceive guys "dress for success", and in the appearance of their seduction is paramount.

Meet the pickup artist - a man often can be justthose places where the atmosphere is more likely has to flirt. It bars, restaurants, night clubs, billiard and so on. However, on the way to meet the girl a representative of the stronger sex can and at work, and in the store, and in the park. Pickup Girls acquaintance outside the box and romantic, which is very like the weaker sex. They knew how to make compliments, have a good sense of humor, smart and resourceful. Dealing with the pick up artist is easy and very interesting.

Successful Pickup Girls tend to be well-versed insome issues of psychology and NLP, and know very well how to seduce the girl talk. For example, they can tell her about what it means to the body posture of a young person, her gestures, tilt of the head, gently bringing all the time the conversation to sex.

One of the main precepts of the male pickup - atseduction not spend money on a girl. Therefore Pickup Girls, sitting down beside the girl somewhere in the bar or restaurant, do not offer her treats, and try to lure conversation and light touch to the palm, hair, face girls.

Male pickup involves improvisation atDating and Pickup Girls sometimes behave so outside the box that does not pay attention to it is simply impossible. Suffice it to a girl to show the slightest interest seducer, he immediately takes active steps to strengthen its position. I must say that to withstand the onslaught of his hard, so it is charming and seems to be interesting in all respects a man. But as soon as she will show their interest, pikaper begins to force the issue, offering her to immediately leave the noisy place and somewhere to be alone with him.

Successful Pickup Girls - people thin, smart, owns an arsenal of techniques of seduction of women. Let's see, what are the basic techniques of pick up artist.

Pickup Girls men

receptions pikaperov

One of the leading methods pick up artist - shorteye contact with the girl. Before acquaintance with the young person they are trying to intercept her gaze and hold it just for a few seconds. It is a kind of test bait to which the victim must bite. production then start gently stick the bait, going up to her, and having got the conversation.

During a call, pick up artist closely observesthe behavior of the girls, collecting information on how to properly seduce a girl of this type. After all, the young ladies are different, and chat with each of them has its own nuances. The most basic thing in the men's pickup truck - to make a girl feel like the most exclusive, the most attractive in the world. Therefore, when meeting Pickup Girls try to express my admiration for the girl looks or some of its traits. They do it subtly, gently, trying not to scare their potential victims of gross flattery and outright vulgarity.

Skilled pikaper always looks simple,sincere. He possesses excellent acting skills and is able to warn the girl desires, thereby bringing her a lot of fun. I must say that sincerely love Pickup Girls female sex and a good understanding of girls. Therefore, they can be guided in the way of communication with a certain young lady and, thanks to the skills and knowledge of NLP techniques Erickson hypnosis, can deceive and even fall in love with a girl for a few hours.

Pickup Girls just exude self-confidence andtrying to lead the conversation so that as little as possible to talk about themselves, and as much as possible - about the girl. They are trying to find out something about her personal life, hobbies, personality traits, to know exactly how to seduce the girl in the future. Recognize pickup artist - a man can be, carefully watching how the guy behaves and what he says. It is better, in this case, to pay more attention not uttered phrases, and their true meaning. This will help determine the situation that constructs man and his true intentions.

The objective of skilful pikapera - maximumWoman interested in a short time. So he begins to familiarity with the onslaught, trying to shock her companion unexpected questions, which usually require an extraordinary response. After that, pick up artist somewhat lowers the head, giving the girl the initiative to communicate. And, suddenly, she has to make an effort to be interested in a guy and continue acquaintance.

Pickup Girls deceive many girls without muchlabor. Secrets of seduction, they grasp at various trainings that teach the techniques of NLP, hypnosis receptions and other tricks of seduction of the fairer sex. Not having much experience in dealing with men, naive girls usually quickly fall into the seducer network and then suffer greatly when parting with him. And parting with a pick up artist is inevitable, because it almost never is set to create a serious and lasting relationship. And he will not abandon the young lady himself, and will do so, so she left him. In the men's pickup it is usually referred to as "not to hurt the female sex."

Well, actually, if you need a pick up artist was a girl,as a partner for sex, the particular regret at parting with him, she will not suffer. But when she was counting on something more ... There could not do without heartache. So why blindly rush into the arms of pikapera if ahead - just disappointment and pain? Is not it better to avoid that, promptly slipped out of the trap skillfully prepared and how it can be done?

How to behave with a pick up artist?

So we learned how to recognize and pick up artistNow by all means we try not to fall into the network of the insidious seduction. How to behave with a pick up artist, to escape from it with minimal losses for themselves? Survive the onslaught of the male pickup techniques need only about ten minutes. It is time for the unofficial rules of these guys, given to them to win the sympathy of girls. If it did not work for ten minutes, they leave their venture and are sent to other prey searching.

Since behave with a top ten pick up artistminutes of the meeting? Firstly, eyeing the boy as if from afar, evaluating their behavior and ways of communicating. At the same time we are trying to recognize the provocative questions and suggestions and do not respond to them sincerely, categorically rejecting anything that would be offered to us either. If a guy starts to persist and transcends the boundaries of what is permitted, all express to him that we think about male pick-up and express their attitude to such a consumer approach to the female sex. Such awareness will temper the ardor pikapera.

No, if we love the thrill,guy-seducer and you can play along, propikapiv him back. So you can do and when we also need just sex. Here the main thing - do not lose vigilance and can not afford to get involved in such a charming and handsome young man.

Of course, to determine skilled pikapera not sojust. He is clever, inventive, witty and brilliantly courting their prey by injecting it into a light trance state. In this state, the girl becomes pliable and can not control the situation until the end. Nevertheless, we will try to pull myself together in order to think carefully about who is in front of us in reality. If a guy is ready to answer all questions incessantly he says nice gestures and trying every moment to shine wit - it is a clear seducer. Experiencing sincere sympathy of a young person usually feels somewhat awkward. He was visibly lost before something to say and often behaves quite trite and traditional. A guy can always be distinguished from the pick up artist.

If you look, Pickup Girls-men - itmainly boys, who used to feel very insecure when dealing with the opposite sex. Otherwise, why would they spend time training and carefully study all the intricacies of the male pickup? Self-sufficient young girls like without any additional artificial methods. A pick up artist - it's just a good actor, skillfully depicting Casanova. So is not it better to try to see through it right away, listening to the voice of reason and to the fact that broadcasts our intuition? Yes, Pickup Girls charm, yes, they are very popular. But, in addition to sex, the kind of guy a girl can not give anything. Therefore, if we need a deep, sincere attitude, let's pull together and not to succumb to provocations pikapera. And look for someone who is real!

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