" "Aphrodisiacs at home

Aphrodisiacs in the home

aphrodisiacs at home

The human essence, is known to be extremelyDepending on what people eat. Human sexuality - is no exception. Well, all of us, of course, want to be sexy, this was high. Raise it a variety of ways, one of which - the use of aphrodisiacs, substances that stimulate the sexual activity. What are aphrodisiacs at home? These are products that can saturate and human, and, at the same time, make it insatiable in bed.

Of these exotic aphrodisiac food in the Eastknown since time immemorial. The Arabs, for example, argued that all flavorful foods and spices are extremely raised ... Well, the tone, and are incredibly exciting. They can trust the Arabs, there are some hot. And what are we then? What we are worse, I wonder? Why, instead, firmly supper, to be filled up in the bed and instantly fall asleep, do not try too bad supper, use of bed at all for any other purpose? In addition, food aphrodisiacs - a good option wedding table, (just be careful with the guests), and a table for a romantic dinner. And more tempered each other spouse would not hurt often include in your diet these magic dishes.

Let's see what are these foods aphrodisiac, allowing us eager to have sex in the evening until the morning?

Aphrodisiacs in food

Aphrodisiacs in the food - this is certainly cool, butwe must remember that, too, should not overeat them. Despite the fact that most of them belong to a light meal, but sometimes they are so tasty that simply can not tear myself away. And this is not desirable, because no sex records us after we ate, for example, a couple of kilos of oysters, do not shine. Therefore, moderation, temperance, frugality and more time.

Action aphrodisiacs is not instantaneous,so you should not rely on the fact that by adding food, even the most powerful aphrodisiac, we immediately lost his head and attacked each other. Noooo! Passion flashes immediately, it starts to flare up slowly, increasing more and more. But then ... However, we are not talking about that.

Choose products for aphrodisiac meals needvery carefully, and add them to the food carefully. Some of them can both excite and relax. There is always a chance that even the best aphrodisiacs in immoderate doses, rather than plunge into the abyss of passion, easily plunge into a deep sleep. And all the dreams about the unusual sex lay a copper basin ... That is, a soft blanket.

So what natural aphrodisiacs we can see on our table?

products aphrodisiacs

Natural aphrodisiacs

One of the most powerful aphrodisiacs arespices: fennel, cumin, basil, black and red pepper, celery, cinnamon, cardamom, basil, anise, marjoram, anise, ginger, nutmeg, winter cress, fennel, garlic, onion, horseradish. Very exciting asparagus. "Nucleolus love" called Chinese pine nuts, which have strong aphrodisiac aroma.

Second place among the natural aphrodisiacsoccupy seafood. Crabs, oysters, mussels, shrimp - oh, how lovely! They are incredibly excited not only the appetite ... well to increase libido and all edible mushrooms, especially truffles and morels. Well, one can remain indifferent to the soul made mushroom dishes? The main thing - do not overeat ...

It is to have sex and are Crazyfruits like avocados, bananas, mangoes, dates, passion fruit, melon, well, and strawberries, of course. Generally, fruit - the safest aphrodisiac. Not obeshsya. Good for libido enhancement onion and garlic in moderation. These aphrodisiacs in food, of course, are best added as a seasoning or add to salads.

Oddly enough, but the sweet, warm aroma of vanillaIt can also be attributed to the aphrodisiac. Vanilla sends to the brain about the safety signals that so many features to the full emancipation and sex. It is, of course, is not one of the best aphrodisiacs, but in some cases, acts very exciting.

American Indians used to stimulatesexual desire and berries core palmetto. Well, for us it berries and core - something from the category of fiction. But nuts palmetto is quite possible to get and fry before use on a dry frying pan until brown. It is a delicious aphrodisiac.

Excellent aphrodisiac food, cooked witholive oil. Even the ancient Greeks in the morning drinking a sip of oil to maintain the toned his libido. Do not forget about them, and honey, which is a very powerful aphrodisiac. This raises the food of the gods perfectly sexy, filling a person of extraordinary energy. For good reason the first month after the wedding is called honey.

In general, almost all are excitingbee products. Especially effective bee pollen, which is used by athletes to increase endurance. And endurance passionate sex is absolutely necessary! Good for this sex is such an aphrodisiac, like almonds. For hundreds of years, it is used for the maintenance and long-term preservation of sexual potency in India and China. In the East, to excite sexual eat pistachios and honey.

It is an excellent aphrodisiac, and many favoritebitter dark chocolate. It is quite possible to be served with coffee, which is also remarkably enhances the attraction of love. Only in this coffee should add a pinch of cinnamon.

And finally, in a wonderful aphrodisiachome and will not only alcohol. One or two glasses of good wine helps to relax, liberated and allow yourself to realize their sexual fantasies to life. However, only one or two, no more! Otherwise, it will be even more so before sex.

All products are designed tomake a night of magic should only be fresh. Peremorozhennym afrizidiakam or stale food is not the case at all, and before having sex - even more so. If you twist the stomach, it becomes even more so to the sexual exploits. And if aphrodisiac products are purchased specially for the occasion, and even dishes are prepared with love ... Oh, is night and should we then be!

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