" "Women fall in love with pickup

Women fall in love with pickup

women fall in love with pickup

Lessons pickup girls ... Why do they need? Let's start with the fact that men in this world easier. In order to get acquainted with some pretty extreme, they just need something to make a little effort on yourself and make some one step to explore. We women make is much more complicated. After all, every girl from childhood told that she, they say, is to "guard the girl's pride", and therefore the most suited to the guy - no, no! That young person grows up with the installation: "The acquaintance all the cards in the hands of the guys." Yeah. And if a guy that like, do not understand these maps? What to do? Wait until it becomes a consummate gambler? You can grow old in that time, fighting off other, more adventurous, connoisseurs of female psychology. Or get married for the first comer. It is necessary to us? That's it, that there is! A woman's pickup fall in love with it that makes someone want to. And not just fall in love, but also take the initiative to make acquaintance. Therefore pickup lessons for girls is even needed. Otherwise, how do we grab the tail of happiness?

pickup Art for girls is characterized in thatit is focused on women's activities and takes into account all the nuances of their current education. Now we will try to find out what kind of nuances, and what the gaps in our upbringing they need to fill.

pickup Art for girls. Meet at the bar, restaurant, disco

So, we have realized that the female pick-upIt differs significantly from the male pickup. And its main difference is that the object of the girls in this case is not an enterprise in getting acquainted with the guy, and the ability to push it to the emergence of initiatives in this regard. It begins with the fact that young lady by itself suitable for dating guy starts to send him a such non-verbal flirting signals. It is not difficult. Any pick-up courses for girls teach their trainees virtuoso mastery of such signals, and the nature of almost all women, one way or another, have their own set of such signals. Only sometimes do not realize its so powerful arsenal intended for sshibaniya down the poor men ... would not that strong half of mankind had tight.

Let us return to our sheep. In short, in order to attract the attention of a guy and interested in it, you need to at least get into the field of view of a young man, and then start to make subtle movements of a certain kind. It is excessive for prudes. Over the same unfettered Pickup Girls - girls reported the young man, they are not averse to get to know him better, recklessly flirting and showing off her sex appeal. But there is some danger to go too far - many men admit that they are more attracted by an easy smile alluring ladies than compulsive sexuality. When trying to figure out what a pickup for girls to study books, they can find the most suitable option of seduction Man. The process of seduction, if it is so difficult to decide with him the most, prompt and training for pickup.

After the first level signal issent, according to the pick-up lessons for girls, young ladies need to proceed to the second, more active. For this we need some way to be in the area of ​​personal Man. Personal area considered space located about half a meter away from the body. How to get there, every girl should come up with their own. It would be better if the guy will approach itself, but because men are sometimes slow-witted and half-hearted! And, if he is, as if sinking into the ground, it is necessary to move forward itself. How? Well, here, for example, we needed a napkin or assistance required for men ... But you never know! There is a lack of imagination, - study in detail the nuances of a pickup truck for the girls in books. Something, but will pick up.

It is desirable to make Manshow the greatest activity in the acquaintance, a girl to pick up some, conspicuous, thing. Such a thing could well be the reason for a young man to, to start a conversation. Well, if he continues to keep a profound silence, then start the conversation themselves with innocent questions from the series: "Where?", "How?", "What?", "Why?", "How much?" Or something something like that. It is a good trick is usually recommended at the pick-up courses for girls - get the guy have a little help, something spilling or dropping in front of him. Well, what kind of self-respecting man will leave a woman's blunders unattended? It's a great chance to demonstrate their generosity, coupled with the superiority of the fairer sex!

Crumble - they dropped? I rushed to help and talking? Excellent. Everything goes according to the rules of art to pickup girls. The main thing in a conversation with a guy, - keep quite naturally, no gesture, no word without betraying his sympathy for the young man. Worrying? That's nothing, that's fine. That's just the guy should not notice our excitement, or else he realized that "our meeting is not accidental", may lose interest in the conversation.

Man can be closed and if webegin to answer his questions in monosyllables. Women pick - phrases for dating a man should be capacious, and answer questions - quite complete. If we do something Burkan himself, a man decides that he does not attract us, and therefore prospects for our acquaintance absolutely no. Go then prove that it is not so! Therefore, if, for example, asks that we read, we do not simply call the name of the author and title of the work, and with enthusiasm begin to retell the story of the book. But not all! Not that young people get bored and switch to the other lady. Everywhere and in everything you need to know when to stop.

At the same time the girls have to remember - pronunciationany pickup - phrases for love must be accompanied by a look directed straight at the guy. Consider the surrounding interior will be then. Now our attention must be directed only to the object of a pickup, otherwise it is an object, easily carried away by someone else. And we will create problems for yourself. But that view is not running on the sides (difficult to face unfamiliar person), to inspire myself that this young man, we have a pretty good sign. Nonverbal contact of this kind is like a thunderbolt - he instantly destroys all the walls between a man and a woman, who scarcely know each other. And further their communication becomes easy and relaxed.

All of these lessons are designed pickup for girlsmainly for dating guys in discos, bars, clubs, restaurants and other entertainment establishments. You can thus get acquainted with the nice man at work or at a party. But how to attract the attention of a guy on the street where people - by the thousand, and all fast fly forward, not noticing anything around? In principle, the methods of dating on the street are similar to those which we have just spoken. With some adjustment for the situation. What? Let's discuss.

Lessons pickup girls

pickup Art for girls. Meet on the street

We have already said that it is desirable that the initiativewhen meeting a girl and a guy came from a representative of the stronger sex. In this part of the girls just fed up of this activity - young people and precipitated them in bars, at work and on the street. Part of it turns aside: in bars trying to meet guys with their girlfriends, work colleagues look empty eyes, and on the street, young people pass by without even looking closely. Why is this happening and whether it is possible with the help of women's pickup fall in love with someone who like this here, unclaimed male gender, young lady?

There is so either by the fact that it has nota very attractive appearance and sends repulsive men nonverbal cues, either because the girl seems to be male too unapproachable. There are girls from whom downright blows caution, distrust, bitterness, arrogance. Men's good sense and bypass these ladies side. Therefore, to rectify the situation, the lady should be, above all, work on yourself. Men are attracted to girls friendly, open, sociable. Why would they sullen mymra from which a kind word will not wait?

Oh, and as for the appearance ... Well, I didthe nature of all of us the goddess of beauty, not done! But it's not the main thing. Nonsense is that male gender Give only 90h60h90. Well-groomed and charm - that is what is considered the main beauty of our men. It is unlikely that any of them would agree to get acquainted with sloppy dressed, angular, somehow combed woman with manners grenadier. And no pickup - phrases for dating a guy here is not correct. Therefore we give an order in any available means, pay more attention to their clothing, hairstyle, manicure and manners, and then proceed to attract male attention with the help of women's pickup. Otherwise, none of his tricks will not help us.

For the first time to meet with a guy outside willpretty hard. In order to become a more unfettered in this matter, you can start with questions to strangers about how to find somewhere to the road, which is now an hour, which is an object, and so on. This will help get rid of the fear of communicating with strangers and will even cheer up. And it is, according to all the lessons of the pickup for the girls, the most important thing to love a man. Men are very well feel our mood.

Before going out on the hunt, girl - pikaperI should try to feel, well, if not queen, then, at least, a court lady. Such sensations completely change the character of non-verbal signals, transforming them into positive and the guys immediately change their attitude to the girl. We should not succumb to stereotypes and pretend to be a kind of a vamp and a sex bomb, considering that this type of girls really like the guys. If we do not like it, then there is nothing to strain. Men are like any woman: cute and fluffy, independent and wild, sexy and flirty ... Select an image and phrase - pick-up for the girls, the most comfortable for themselves. So we will look a lot more attractive, more natural and will be able to instill a quiet confidence in her irresistible.

Thus, the image and phrase chosen, confidence gained,We came outside. What's next? Then we choose the object of our hunting and trying to push him to get acquainted with us. You can use the provocative phrase - pick-up for the girls, intending to make contact with a man in the street, such as: "Could you show me the way," "Help, please, go slippery", "Do not tell me where stop minibuses and how to get to the store, "and the rest of the sort. Approaching the young man should be so that he turned his attention to us. After running past the young man simply can not hear our request, so you need to be in his line of sight.

As a Man interested in the first place? It is necessary to catch his eye, a couple of seconds to look in his eyes, and then take your side. All of this should look at ease, not willfully. At the same time, if a guy somewhere very hurry or too focused on their thoughts, it is better not to touch - it is clearly not up to us. When it is configured to communicate, the girl need to ensure that the distance between them was comfortable for a young man. In that case, if it is removed, it is not necessary to approach it.

In general, the art of the pickup for girls suggestsimprovisation when meeting with a man. Questions you can ask any, the ones that come to mind, as long as they served as an impetus to further the conversation. The behavior of the girl should be completely natural, focused on the fact that the guy was interested and took the initiative in their hands. Mistress in any case can not be an obsession - it will scare away the young man, and he instantly retreats home.

In principle, the same way to attract the attention of a Mana lot of, you only need to remember that it is first of all a man, and therefore likes to feel their superiority over women. Here are some of the feature you can use to great advantage for himself before the young man folded the leg, drop your bag, pretend to get lost ... But you never know? Well, what kind of man refuses to help a pretty girl?

Well, if you still refuse, do not worry. Maybe a person urgent matters may, rushing to his girlfriend. Or maybe he did and is not interested in dealing with the weaker sex. When the man easily goes to the contact will try to steer the conversation in the right direction to us, and, as a result, agree on next meeting. Just do it gently, not too insisting. Let him ask for a phone number or offer to sit in a coffee bar. If the guy in the process of communicating with it are interested in, give your phone and agreed to a cup of coffee. If not ... then take his phone number and promised to call a polite goodbye. All.

It would seem ingenuous a science - Women's pickup. However, we often neglect its rules, waiting for activity on the part of men! Waiting, waiting, waiting, afraid to take the initiative to think about us not bad tomimsya, miss, yearn alone. What for?! In most cases, men are flattered when they were seeks to meet a pretty girl. So why not use the women's pickup techniques, to spend time in the community with a pleasant in all respects a young man? And what will happen, we'll see. After all, we - the girls -pikapershi, and the situation is under our control. Never mind that we do not have movie star looks. There are no ugly women, there are stupid men who can reason with using female pickup.

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