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secrets of sex

Of course, most of us sooner or later,stale traditional sexual acts, and I want to try sex in different poses. No? Well, then, most likely, we are still amateurs intimate life, if we had even a large account of sex acts behind. And we believe that intimacy - just a nice addition to being capable to somehow brighten up the monotonous routine. Therefore no exotic kinds of sex we do not captivate and inspire.

And in vain. After sex, as we have said - is masterly skill, mastery of which is capable not only to remove the tension of existence, but also completely turn a person's life, making him happy. The secret of sex is not the number. So, if we are not afraid to experiment, let us will strive to make our intimate life diverse and introduce innovation into it!

Variety in sex in any case does not meanconstant change of partners. On the contrary, it involves intimacy with familiar partner with whom to learn new poses can safely that you will misunderstand. And then the pleasure of sex in different positions will be maximized.

Of course, not all of us will be decided on suchExperiments reveal all the secrets of sex - you need to have enough free and creative nature. But if it is the case, then, sooner or later, it will require something exquisite and unusual. And then we will be sorely missed just exotic sex. After all, it allows you to completely relax, forget about everything, losing all sense of reality, and soar to the heavens with a great feeling of free flight.

Well, we are ready to fly? Then let's go! For a start, not to shock is not very familiar to the skilled sexual pleasures psyche, to master quite sparing, but quite exotic secrets of perfect sex. The first of them is called "The prisoner of love." This method is based on the intimacy that a man in it plays the role of a conqueror, the same woman - submissive slave. This ancient, seemingly forgotten today, the men's attitude towards women, still very strong in our subconscious. And like so many couples.

sex in different poses

For unusual postures called "Caught in Love"we need a wide belt, scarf, belt and wide belt. No, no, nothing sadomasochistic! All of these items, the main need a way for the entourage. Oh, and more, in order to tie their hands or feet could feel the woman in the man's arms as the more vulnerable and weak as possible. But this is so impressed with her and to the man!

This non-standard position for sex isthat partner, symbolically capturing the Lady prisoner, joins her hands in front of the tape, a belt or scarf. This can be done even when the woman is standing, and when she lies on her back on the bed - in any case, such an act would look very sexy. He then ties the hands of the "captive" to the back of the bed, spreads her legs wide, enters into it slowly, with pleasure, and then just as slowly begins to move her hips, trying to penetrate the woman as deeply as possible.

One of the secrets of the perfect sex - skilfulactor play. In this position, it is also present. The woman - a slave, first it is not necessary to answer his master too vigorously, because it is a prisoner, and therefore, it is given internally! But it is very gentle caress will drive anyone crazy, and now a prisoner captured by gradually begins to respond to them, the first bending your knees, and then succumbing to meet the movements of his oppressor stronger and stronger. And - here it is, the long-awaited final! Bright, powerful orgasm ...

In the presence of fantasy can be found and otheroriginal idea for the stand in such a position - a woman sees, meanders, seemingly reluctantly given to the man tries to subdue her, and so on ... experiment, invent, create their own sex masterpieces - for this and there is sex! We attach a maximum effort to uncover the secrets of a perfect sex! Let it initially be a sham - it quickly turns into a kind of reality.

Men generally love sex in different positions, insuch original positions feel, usually on top of the world. Still would! After all, they - the strong and skilful conquerors, who managed not only to win his woman, but also give her an indescribable sexual pleasure! As for the "slave", this method of sex promises her an unforgettable orgasm. Well, who among us does not dream about it ?!

the secrets of the perfect sex

partner's hands in an attitude of "Caught in love" free andit can as much as necessary to caress their breasts, abdomen and other areas of the Lady of the body, try to keep this body, as if pacifying resisting woman. The woman is also an opportunity to strengthen the degree of self-excitation and the excitation partner by changing the position of the feet - they can bend, lift, lower, and so on. Experimenting, revealing more and more secrets of the perfect sex!

The greatest pleasure pose "Caught in Love"It delivers when during intercourse varies the rhythm of movement. If the partners alternated slow and shallow penetration with fast and deep, they will experience an incredible feeling.

There is quite an original idea for sexa position where the woman is tied to the headboard. Its essence lies in the fact that a man eight alternates slow and deep penetration and six shallow penetrations. When these movements in both its partners very quickly comes incredibly strong and bright orgasm.

Such exotic types of sex are particularly good atwhen a woman has a wide vagina or a man has a rather large penis. With a wide vagina the Lady can enhance stimulation of the genital organs, if it will pull the legs to the abdomen. And with a large penis in men and relatively small vagina of a woman she can stretch my legs, and penetration will not be as deep.
Pose "The prisoner of love" - ​​is just one optionposes for those who want variety in sex. And, if you liked it, you can try some other -So, even more exotic sex. What? This will be discussed further ...

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