" "Wedding dress for the bride: a wedding dress pants for ladies

Wedding dress for the bride: a wedding dress pants for ladies

The most fashionable trend in wedding fashion lastseveral years - the wedding of the bride dress with a skirt or trousers, overalls and at the peak of popularity. This excellent alternative to traditional wedding dress has long won the fashion catwalks and women won the hearts of millions around the world. And now, back to the old traditions, most of the designers again include this dress for brides in their collections. As a rule, it is beautiful, elegant, and at the same time incredibly sexy models designed for the bold and self-confident women.

To find out what options are preparedmodern girls wedding fashion designer and well-known brands to the new fashion season propose to make a little trip into the world of wedding fashion. This will not only get acquainted with the most relevant models, but also in advance to choose the most appropriate style.

Modern wedding fashion offers honeymooners a choice of three kinds of wedding costumes.

The fitted jacket (top or jacket) in combination with a skirt

The lower part of the ensemble can be absolutelyany length and style: mini, midi or maxi, strict or flirtatious, direct or lush, narrowed or flared, the model of "balloon" or a pencil skirt, emphasizing the ideal female figure. The main thing that you have selected a style perfectly combined with the upper part of the ensemble.

It is also very important when choosing a dress given tospecial attention to the shape of the collar and neckline. The classic version - collar with rounded ends - is for all women without exception. Owners of a beautiful "swan" neck stylists are advised to give preference to models with a V-neck.

Hit of the summer season - the sleeves, duplicatedlace. In the old version of its place it on the sleeves and neck line. Lace slightly longer sleeves of the jacket will give a special glamor and zest together.

As for the headdress, with the wedding dress will be quite appropriate traditional accessories of the bride - veil and wreath.

trouser ensemble

Trouser suit for the groom - is not only a modelwhite. The designer collections for such a solemn occasion as marriage registration, provided a lot of interesting models made in pink and light beige. In addition to muted pastel tones, you can meet a lot of interesting models made of fabric with floral printed pattern.

If a color scheme for the wedding dressvery easy to determine, from the choice of style, things are much more complicated. The most important thing when choosing such a dress - choose the right style trousers. Do not be guided with only fashion trends, it should also take into account the peculiarities of the figure. The correct wedding pantsuit ensure maximum attention to the bride from the guests and help hide minor flaws figures.

The lucky owners of a slim figure andlong legs perfectly suited narrow, tailored on a figure model. Especially stylish look on the girl model looks classic straight trousers srebristoy, beige or white fabric.

The girls, whose shape is not quite perfect, it is possiblerecommend to opt for more free models. And the farther away from your figure modeling standard, the freer pants should be. For owners of magnificent forms the best choice may be a skirt-pants.

As for fabrics, for the summer season can be an ideal choice to become the model of light, flowing materials such as, for example, silk, crepe de Chine and fashionable in this season lace.

Trouser option equally well looks like with a hat and with a sprig of flowers. But the traditional headdress of the bride here is unlikely to fit.

And another great option - wedding suit

Any bride in the dress of the style looksvery elegant and sexy, with the exception of a full body and a small growth of girls. And it is first and foremost to consider when choosing a wedding dress.

For a summer wedding are most preferredlight flowing fabrics. Particularly attractive looks wedding suit made of fabrics such as silk, chiffon, crepe de Chine and lace, which this year more than ever relevant.

From accessories to such a good addition to the weddingfit short lace gloves, bag and umbrella, made of the same matter. Complete the image of the bride will tasteful hat decorated with ribbons or veils.

From a practical point of view, any weddingsuit, including pants, has a number of advantages over the traditional wedding dress. And it is unlikely that anyone will disagree. Firstly, it is much more appropriate for girls, not the first time going down the aisle, and for middle-aged brides. Secondly, it is more convenient and does not require such victims, as the tightening of the body into a tight corset and wearing unfamiliar, bulky petticoats. Third, any of the above options can be worn after the wedding, putting both parts of the costume, and all completely, which is not the wedding dress.

Whichever outfit for the most important events in histhe life you choose: overalls, suit pants or a skirt, in any of them you will look dazzling. Evidence of this will be admiring glances and compliments present at your wedding guests.

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