" "Wedding shoes for the bride: photo. How to combine beauty and convenience?

Wedding shoes for the bride: photo. How to combine beauty and convenience?

Wedding shoes for the bride
Every woman dreams of such a significant dayin her life, like a wedding. On this day, everything must be perfect, and in particular - vestments and the very health of the bride. Most of the hero of the occasion carries out activities on their feet. Therefore, the bride does not suffer at the end of festivities on the fatigue and pain in the legs and lower back, should pay special attention to the selection of wedding shoes. Let's look at what options are relevant at the moment. Wedding shoes for the bride, a photo which you can see in the fashion magazines, usually a court shoes or boots with heels.

Flying gait you came out of the registrar

If you are not easily scared, and you do not mind thethe fact that about twelve hours spend on the heels - safely choose the type of shoe. Heel perfectly emphasize the grace and elegance of your image, but it will make work hard for it. The higher the heel, the greater the length of the dress visually reduced.

Planning a rich program of dance anda wide variety of competitions? Or maybe you want to get out into nature or the shore of the reservoir, which is typical for the spring-summer season? If you decide to comfortably play a wedding, your choice - wedding shoes for the bride without heels or ballet flats, which will relieve you from thinking about fatigue and allow to fully enjoy all the delights of a holiday. If you are used to always wear shoes with heels and no negative impact on the state of the legs, the alternative to the previous two embodiments may be platform shoes. This is ideal in the event that you wonderfully understand how difficult it would be to spend all day in shoes with heels, but do not want to give up the opportunity to emphasize the grace of his gait.

If you choose for yourself short weddingdress, you should consider purchasing options shoe wedges. Low bride will look great in such shoes, the visual will become higher and slender - emphasize the lightness and the elegance of his figure. This spring and summer season of fashion extravagant combinations. Designers are advised to choose a white wedding dress shoes red tones. Tandem these colors always looks very impressive, especially since red symbolizes love, and white - purity of feelings.

Wedding shoes for the bride photo

How to choose?

  • The color of shoes should be combined with the color of the dressbride, but not in this case be darker wedding dress. To select the color attribute that you can take with a flap of material of which will be sewn dress, or pay attention to the tone of the dress finishes.
  • The texture of the dress and shoes the bride shouldbe in complete harmony with each other. For example, patent leather pumps can be combined with a satin dress. But along with crystals should choose shoes with shiny accents. Lace suited to the delicate slipper.
  • You can use your dress socks toemphasize the elegance of female legs. They are ideal for shoes and boots. But in any case, do not use them with sandals.

The choice between fashion and comfort will always standjust in front of you. Therefore, when making a decision, try to carefully weigh the pros and cons. Indeed, any pursuit of fashion trends should not interfere with your good mood in such a wonderful day.

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