" "Bridal Veil: how to choose the most spectacular veil

bride veil: how to choose the most spectacular veil

bride's veil

This accessory has a very ancient history,traditions which have not changed for centuries. In fact, it is the bride's veil is now the second most important attribute in a wedding dress. Only now it is becoming increasingly fashionable to use other types of hats as a substitute for this enhancement. Therefore, to again draw the attention of fashionistas, designers try to make extraordinary ideas in creating this part of the image. As preferred in the current fashion season? After correctly selected veil - is the key to irresistibility newlyweds. In the 2016 season, the main trends are the color and the length of its models.

Bright image

Color veil for the bride - a "golden mean"for those women who want to distinguish originality, but are afraid to go to drastic measures when you make your wedding dress to implement their ideas. How can you use this element wedding attire? In the current 2016 fashionable contrasting components tandems wedding suit, so you can not worry about the color of your dress. Just use a few things in the same color range. It is advisable to involve the formation of a single image of your second half and add to his suit your chosen paint. Color model will look great with a white dress and matched in one color gloves or ribbon at the waist.

Coloured Bridal Veil - this is a great option forthose couples who follow the latest fashion trends, and it does not need to spend money on expensive designers. One thing to take into consideration - you should not be a large number of colors and extra elements, such as pins or fancy intricate hairstyle, not to look like a parrot. Chase fashion or not - a private matter. The main thing that it was in the style of the newlyweds themselves and coincided with their tastes.

veil for the bride

Size matters

Another fashion trend of the season spring-summer 2016a long veil bride of silk organza or lace. It symbolizes the subordination of woman to her future husband. Closing the bride from head to toe, it protects the girl from all the troubles and misfortunes. That is why this length is popular with modern fashionistas.

Another model must be longer than in the casewhen the wedding is more formal. Therefore, for a lavish ceremony using just such a veil of the bride, often turning into an elegant plume waving in the wind. Together, these accessories create a grand regal image, emphasizing the great solemnity of the moment. Long models are indispensable attributes for any wedding in the church. Covering a full head brides, they promise obedience to their future husbands and symbolize the innocence of girls. According to ancient legend it is believed that the greater the length of the accessory, the more successful will be the life of this couple.

You must understand that the bride's veil should haveaccordance with the length of the dress. Strongly forget about short dresses. For options with a train do not forget also about the assistants, who will need to accompany you everywhere, lifting up your attire edge. In this role perfectly suit kids of your friends.

The longest model - a "cathedral" in size 3,5m. She put on a dress with a train. Length Wedding Veils and the loop should be the same. Smaller model "chapel" (2.5 meters), it is wonderful to slip on wedding together, forming a luxurious train. "Waltz" model comes without any loop. It will cover your look from head to toe, and is perfect for a long rather narrow dresses. Also very popular multi-tier veil the bride, composed of 2-3 parts of different lengths. This option should consider a woman wishing to make a high hairstyle.

Long veil is perfectly attached to the wreath offresh flowers or a tiara, and come to her hair down packed curls. It will be a good holiday attribute for women with oval, round, square type face or with a highly prominent cheekbones.

Briefly about the main

So what is fashionable veil bride2016? Designers have given two alternatives: they offer lovers of originality to wear color and conservative girls are advised to opt for a long veil. If you are in the middle - you can combine these two features of this accessory. Also do not forget about the lace. But the most important fact is not that true? ..

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