" "Wedding Dresses for obese women: photo fashionable styles

Wedding Dresses for obese women: photo fashionable styles

Wedding Dresses for obese women

In his most important day look gorgeousI want to not only miniature and fragile bride, but also the possessor of magnificent forms. Realizing this, we have made this survey, which closely examined Wedding Dresses for obese women: photo models, solution designers, trends - all of this you get to know right now.

Just say: our focus will be only the "chips" of 2012, that is, current trends today. And in their diversity there is no doubt, because the design houses of Europe rightly made a huge emphasis on solutions for brides with a curvy shape.

Color Wedding Dresses for obese

The richness of the palette colors - these are the keyfeature 2012. If you have a curvy shape, you can safely give preference to creamy tenderness, light pink or blue. Also, do not be afraid of the white classics - a long time to dispel the myth that it is full. Remember, tastefully chosen dress will only emphasize advantages, such as gorgeous breasts.

The most daring bride can go ahead and givepreference for red color - it is always gorgeous, and in 2012 will be also relevant. In addition, you can do more interesting and choose a white dress with a bright detail on the waist, for example, black or pink flower bow. This method will make the figure more slender and visually emphasize the beauty of the hips and chest.

Wedding Dresses for obese: style and fashion

A variety of options is impressive - the model caneasy to choose according to their taste and personal preference. There is only one "but" - it is necessary to abandon the dresses with straight narrow and lush layered skirts, because they will be the only full figure. So let's forget about them and move on to the style, suitable for brides with luxurious forms:

  • Trapeze - dress, expanding downward. A great option for brides who want to focus on the chest. It is this version is found in all the collections of designers - for example, our attention it offers to Carolina Herrera, fashion house, who knows how to create trends.
  • Fish (mermaid) - a style for brides with lushbreast and proportionate to her hips. This dress looks very impressive, so it is represented in almost all wedding collections of famous couturier. Especially good theme disclosed in Vera Vang collections. This season, girls on the right to consider their curvy shapes dignity can safely give preference to "fish".
  • A-Line - overestimated waist style that willa real boon plump brides. Again, these dresses perfectly emphasize chest. In 2012, these options constitute a "trapeze" a good pair - girls with bulky hips enough to choose from.
  • When the breast is not necessary to emphasize,great fit dresses made in the Greek style. This style is captivating with its tenderness, romance, sophistication and parallel helps to hide figure flaws - it is very convenient and practical.
  • Those who are only interested stressedelegant wedding dresses for obese women, should pay attention to models with a train, and only light and airy - this trend in 2012. In the coming season, the style will win a lot of women's hearts - sure of Christian Dior, Alberta Ferretti and many other design houses.
  • Another interesting solution - dressesBomber bottom. In this case, it will focus on the beauty of the skirt, not a few wide hips bride. Plus, this option is very feminine - Blumarine collection perfectly reveal this point.

Wedding dresses for girls full photo

Short or long wedding dress?

This question asks himself every bride withcurvaceous. Respond to it easily enough: if you magnificent chest, and at the same time not too slim and slender legs are not afraid of a short dress - wearing it, you can only benefit. In other cases it is necessary to give preference to one of the long options.

However, the wedding dress to have plumpanother "weapon" - a bodice. Fashion designer agree on the fact that the bride with luxurious forms must first take care of it on the neck, that is, choose a model that subtly accentuates the beauty of the breast. Of course, with the bodice should subtly blend Skirt: understanding it, design houses offer us options average only elegant splendor.

In short, given the diversity of styles, colors,styles of today is not a problem to buy the perfect wedding dresses for full women: photo collection of fashion designer are the best proof of that. Bride curvaceous can not experience - to the altar they would go in style.

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