" "Wedding dresses for pregnant brides 2016: photos of new products

Wedding dresses for pregnant brides 2016: photos of new products

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Interesting position - not a hindrance for beautybride, today will agree with everything. But to emphasize the high style and perfection of their image, Queen celebrations need to double to carefully choose outfits. Today, therefore, the focus of our attention to your wedding dresses for pregnant women 2016: photos, trends, collections of famous design houses - let's look at them. Review of current trends, will allow you, dear readers, unmistakably, on what today is to stay fashionable brides.

Shapes and styles of wedding dresses 2016

Of course, the bride in the position of fitting optionsIt is no longer suitable, but on this occasion unlikely to be upset. Today, designers offer to pregnant women dresses in the style of Italian classics, Empire, Renaissance. And each of these options, deserves close attention, fashionistas brides.

  1. The main emphasis is made on Italian classicslightness of lace and fabric softness. It's really a win-win, because in a dress the bride in the position looks the most feminine. Design House is well aware, so the Italian classics mandatory part of their collection of spring-summer. A great example of this - dresses from Britney Rose.
  2. Combining elegance and simplicity in the Empire, tootrend. In 2016, the dress made in this style, you should choose the girls who appreciate natural beauty, especially since today is fashionable is not ashamed of his rounded tummy. Plus simple and straight high-waisted Empire can always supplement the embroidery or the same accessories. This combination looks more than stylish - this can be seen by looking at the collection Pepe Botella.
  3. Sophisticated elegance wedding dressespregnant women, made in the Renaissance style, is also a current trend. This is an option for brides who want to hide the tummy, to divert attention from it and to focus on the splendor of the bottom of the dress. In 2016 this style recommended by many design houses: as an example, the same collection of Jim Hjelm - in which everything is subordinated to harmony.

Wedding Dresses 2012 Maternity photos

Wedding Dresses 2016: the length and color

All the prejudices, that the Unionguided by our mothers and grandmothers have long rejected. Today, therefore, the bride in the position can safely choose and white short dress. Moreover, in the coming spring-summer season, this variant is a fashionable trend, represented in almost all collections, and the already mentioned contact Pepe Botella, Brittney Rose, Jim Hjelm, too, did not pass it to their attention.

Design houses prove that not onlymagnificent renaissance may be of interest to brides in the state. Designers boldly insist that she can not hesitate to emphasize the beauty of the belly and slender legs, while remaining feminine. The bride in the position necessary to listen to the opinion of the world of fashion gurus and choose white short dress.

Naturally, this is not the only trendoption - no less popular model will be shades of beige, gray, champagne. There may be more daring dresses, such as blue, pink or maroon - in this respect in 2016 continues the tradition of the previous years. With too long there is no problem: you can choose to have a little bit to cover up or stay at the knees to the ankles model. The coming spring-summer season dictates comfortable freedom of lengths and colors, which can not but rejoice.

As a pregnant bride to choose a dress for a wedding?

There are a few tips in which the brideposition should listen, regardless of the season trends and accents. Remember, in 2016 will be subject to the same laws of practicality, that a few years ago, so:

  1. For serious pregnancy refusedresses on the straps, as well as did fashion designer known design houses. Otherwise, the fabric will always slide down the big belly, and the straps will not be able to hold it in one place. As a result, the dress will have to constantly correct, and this, as you know, is very inconvenient.
  2. If you still hesitate and want a tummyhide it, choose the free model with a wide lace bottom. In addition, you can stay on the dress with embroidery on chest contrasting patterns distract attention to yourself - it is said designers agree themselves fashionista.
  3. Remember, for the bride in the position in the first placeimportant still is not beauty, namely comfort. It is necessary that in a dress you feel comfortable, so if it is custom made to order, do not hesitate to often go for a fitting. If you buy a ready-made model, please purchase as close to the wedding, when the figures will not be even the slightest change.

Trends in the come spring-summer seasonfree enough, some strict rules does not, then consider these tips 3 can be easily. Therefore, focusing on the latest collections, no problem to choose wedding dresses 2016: photos for pregnant brides-fashionistas presents all design houses - only need to review them and make a decision.

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