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Bridal wear 2016 fashion styles dresses

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New wedding dresses this season pickalready-established trend of previous seasons, but do not think that they do not have their own peculiarities. Bride in this year will be extremely feminine, fascinating and easy.

Wedding dresses are romantic,feminine, soft and gentle. Gradually begin to disappear all gross and severe: over-saturation and excessive decoration, large crystals and dense tissue are replaced by light and soft fabrics, soft and flavorful Swarovski crystals and airy chiffon.

The main trend in fashion wedding dress -a return to vintage and retro styles. In 2016, very beautiful wedding dress will look like in 60's style, but optional, you can choose the dress of another era.

Not the first season designers create dresses withoutstraps that highlight the chest and expose the neck, arms and shoulders. Silhouette of such dress suit girls with any growth, the type of shape and other parameters. In addition, this style of top wedding dress perfectly combined with various types of skirts, skirts with light from an elongated loop, to lush shortened front skirt. Strapless dresses are the most fashionable in 2016.

Another trend is an expression of styleretro. Front waist dress decorated with a bow from the corresponding fabric dress. Bow can be virtually invisible, singling out the transition from the top to the skirt, and can be chic accent, with patterns and long ribbons. Designers also recommend to place the bow and on the fitting with a high waist.

Most of the girls who dream of a weddingdress, first present themselves in the form of a princess from a fairy tale. Styles fashionable wedding dresses are ideal for the implementation of such a dream. Complicated and heavy styles of wedding dresses are already out of fashion, but in the form of dress princesses are in fashion, if only he had the skirt is made of light material or in a dress has beautiful, flowing, light folds.

Brides who do not want to merge with othergirls dressed in traditional white dress, can choose a more unusual, original and brilliant version. You can keep an eye on not only the dress, made of colored fabric, and white dresses decorated with different color trim.

Wedding Dresses new collections often withbeautiful lush skirts. Such splendor they give no heavy layers of different material, and easy multi-layered tulle. The fluffy skirt portion can be not only at the waist but also depending on the style at mid-thigh and shin even.

In 2016, more and more into fashion romanticimage of the bride, and it is achieved through the almost invisible, light asymmetry in her dress. Experts and designers are dresses with spaghetti straps and a complex brim. In such dresses often have a light, flowing, long train and a beautiful, sophisticated draping.

Design imagination knows no bounds. Basically, they can cater to finicky public, but sometimes they would not succeed. Trends in fashion in 2016 are worthy of careful consideration before buying a wedding dress. Every woman and girl should choose, what style will suit her more, what will be the finish, cut and color of the dress.

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