" "Wedding Dresses 2016 A-line - a fashion trend

Wedding Dresses 2016 A-line - a fashion trend

Wedding Fashion Spring-Summer 2016: Fashion Trend - dresses a-line

Every year fashion changes its rules, not only incasual wear, shoes, accessories. Just changing trends in wedding fashion. Men's wedding suits, wedding dresses, dresses for bridesmaids, too, have the right to change their silhouettes and styles with the arrival of the new season. When studying the subtlest fashion show of wedding dresses from famous designers collections shows that the fashion trend of the approaching wedding season spring-summer 2016 will be a wedding dress in the style of "Princess" or "A-Line".

It is easy to understand that the name of the silhouette wasbecause of the similarities with the letter "A": tight top and skirt, which diverges from the breast or from the waist down. Dress continuous line flows from the bust to the hem. Christian Dior in 1955 to describe the silhouette, used the name "A-line", that according to the Russian translation sounds as "Princess" or "A-Line".

This style wedding dresses arefigure in a favorable light, artfully concealing defects, and therefore fit almost every bride in any figure. A-Line, consisting of clean lines, can hide a lot of flaws figures, for example, excessive fullness at the waist or thinness on some specific areas of the body.

Wedding Dresses A-line long train and are perfectly suited to girls high. These figures emphasize the advantages of dress and give greatness.

For lush designers recommend brides dress a-line, with vertical lines cut and make a figure slimmer and sleeker.

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