" "How to order products from the US and China on MangoMag.ru

How to order products from the US and China on MangoMag.ru

Goods from the United States and China on MangoMag.ru

Nowadays, great distances are no longeran insurmountable obstacle in the way of those wishing to buy goods from the United States, China and Europe: a kind of "bridge" between the product and the consumer became special online services. One of them will be discussed in this article.

ManGoMag.ru - is a site where Russian and CIS residents can find and order goods from Taobao, eBay, Amazon and AliExpress - four of the largest marketplaces in the world.

Why use it ManGoMag.ru?

The first advantage of the service - a convenient searchall areas. The procedure is as follows: enter the product name or a key word to it, then click on the tab of the platform on which we plan to order this or that thing.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the leftrepresented by a system of filters at different sites, it will be different. Consider the situation on eBay example. Here it is both new products and b / y, which means that filtering will consider options for the display of categories of goods present on the desired area. Simply put, if there is a division on eBay in the category, they are duplicated and ManGoMag.ru.

Anyone interested in a trend product straight road to the main page of the site: there is information about the "hot" and offers units with related products.

Another useful "trick" - it is "the ability» ManGoMag.ru identify copy-paste links to items taken from the seller's page. "Smart" services "know" link and arrange everything within its interface.

Another important advantage of the service - thoughtfulusability, intuitive interface. In addition, the advantage in ManGoMag.ru karma is built the Google translator, so that to learn Chinese just do not have.

How do I calculate shipping costs? The site has a special ManGoMag.ru calculator with detailed explanations of what was going on.

Goods from the United States and China on MangoMag.ru

Confusion with the size too should arise, since there is clear correspondence table shoes and clothing sizes.

Order procedure itself is very simple and understandableeven a novice. As for active buyers, they certainly appreciate the opportunity to make their delivery address in a special profile, in order to then insert them in the order form in one click. The international format of the address entered, the system converts automatically.

It warms the soul and the fact that information about the additional service is provided directly in the checkout process, to the same price and they appear immediately.

It should be said about the saving options and methodspayment. Total 13 ways, including, it is an alternative to the usual credit cards (Yandex, WebMoney, QIWI, etc.). With payment problems arise. It is important that ManGoMag.ru not oblige customers to use the services of their own warehouses. If the ability to deliver the goods directly to the buyer will be sure to inform the user about it.


Not without a spoon of tar in a barrel of honey. For several reasons, temporarily transported goods from Europe, and there is a limit of 30 kg per order mass. There is 3-5 days delay in receiving the tracking number after shipping.


We have our own group ManGoMag.ru VKontakte (vk.com/mangomag), you can share your impressions about the service. Welcomes the constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement of the service.


ManGoMag.ru - a useful service, greatly simplifying the process of buying goods over the Internet. It will appeal to both novices in overseas online shopping, and experienced shopaholics.

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