" "How to relax at the weekend: ideas for active holidays

How to relax at the weekend: ideas for active holidays

how to relax on the weekend


  • The success of any vacation - planning
  • Discover your city and join the beautiful
  • Output from the body use
  • Fun and burdensome weekend for the whole family
  • Horse riding: horse or bicycle?
  • Winter opened snowy embrace

At the end of the working week, one wonders about thewhere and how to relax over the weekend. But more common, and most importantly, not too onerous and original ideas (curl up in your favorite chair, watch TV, do household chores, do some shopping or to talk with a friend on the phone) is not going down.

And next weekend are the days of discharge"nothing special". This holiday is not useful and knocks the rhythm. And do not calm yourself so that two days - this is too little for a full relaxation.

In your hands to change everything, it would wish. Just do not forget that the most important rule of good rest - forget about work. And on the home as well. Do not waste the already short weekend to the next spring cleaning or making exotic culinary masterpiece. Spend a weekend that will help you relax. Do you think that to really relax only during an extended vacation? Question colleagues about how last Sunday, leads you into some confusion, causing the points to play in the memory of the list of "cases" that you could or did not have time to finish? Then this article is for you.

The success of any vacation - planning

Take a piece of paper, close your eyes and justdream about where and how you can have a rest at the weekend. Undoubtedly, the choice will depend not only on your dreams, but also the time of year. Think and correctly identified with a view to the future of the weekend. What do you now want the most? It is not necessary immediately to build grandiose plans. Start small and make a kind of list that might look something like this:

  • go on an impromptu journey through the streets of his native city;
  • attend an event in the cultural, sports and entertainment venues (theater, cinema, concert hall, art gallery or a museum, a sports game);
  • arrange a SPA-weekend to visit the hairdresser and makeup artist;
  • relax in the aqua park or normal pool;
  • sing in front of an audience in a karaoke bar;
  • take a ride on rollers on the main square;
  • enroll in a horse riding club and make the outing on horseback.
  • go with friends or loved ones on a journeybiking to the nearest interesting from your point of view, the city or in the woods on the "quiet" hunting (variants are possible: a bike ride in the picturesque surroundings of his native city or the park may include a search of mushrooms or a picnic in a meadow in the shade of the trees).

The main part of the proposed methods of howit is best to rest at the weekend, it refers to the spring-summer period. Hot sun, clear day, a good mood - all indispensable companions warm time of the year. But I want to relax among the autumn or winter. Incidentally, it is a seasonal lack of UV adversely affects our body, causing depression and experience fatigue. To increase the vitality and cheer yourself up, do not neglect the relaxation and in the cold season. If the court of the winter, your list can be supplemented quite affordable and fun pastimes:

  • recall childhood and ride the hills on sleds or tubing;
  • learn skiing or snowboarding on the congealed lake or river ride a kite;
  • run through the woods or the park, cross-country skiing;
  • go to the rink with friends.

This list is very long. Number of items in it depends only on your desires and preferences. It should be noted that this holiday will not cause much damage to your wallet, well cope with the blues and bring to life new colors. Impressions received from any of the methods described above is interesting to spend a weekend, will stay with you for a long time and inspire great things throughout the week.

Discover your city and join the beautiful

How long have you deviate from the usual route -work home? How well do you know your hometown? Already can not remember when just like that, without any purpose wandered its shady streets, dreaming under a canopy of trees in the park, admiring the lights of the evening? So, it's time to recall the carefree youth and give yourself the opportunity to turn back the clock. Arrange small impromptu tour of the city in which you live, simply. Leave the car at home, wear a little old sneakers - and forward, towards the impressions!

And let your feet rest does not have to, butsoul fully enjoy the view for a long time and not very familiar people, soak up the spirit of the modern metropolis, not only at the time when it is filled with fussy events of everyday life. After all, you've probably already forgotten what it looks like a city in the quiet hours of the day, when there is no hustle and bustle, as usual in a kaleidoscope of human individuals are increasingly flashed friendly smiles. Here it is - a little sleepy Saturday morning, but - festive and elegant on Sunday evening, and now looks like a woman who is wearing a favorite coat, slowly leafing through a book, sip sipping coffee and enjoying the quiet hours of idleness. Well, it is tempting? Then what are you waiting for?

Remember the childhood when hiking in the neighboring yardIt seemed an adventure, an event full of incredible discoveries. Believe me, your city can give you a lot of surprises, open to the new, the unknown side. One need only travel a few stops, bypassing the usual routes, and will appear before you known a stranger, just waiting for the moment when he will be able to tell you about the mysteries and secrets. In this journey, you can come across an interesting little coffee shop or cozy restaurant.

If you decide to explore new routes toits second half, the time is right and organized a romantic dinner would be the perfect end to the weekend. By the way, this little trip you can improvise or pre-determined order, wherever you want to go, guided by a map of the city. Just listen to your inner voice, and go on a long and pleasant walk.

And when the last time you visited a theater orcinema? Already difficult to remember? So what are you waiting for, on Thursday wondering about where to go next Saturday? Look at the poster of the city. Why not take a couple of tickets to a new play, and not to go with a friend, girlfriend or child in the theater? Join the beautiful, because nothing is more inspiring than the chance to enjoy the real art of acting.

And in an art gallery, where there was a very handya new exhibition, you have already visited? If not, go without hesitation. After a rest, and at the same time get a good impression of a good performance, an interesting exhibition or a new movie - is not only a right, it is useful and informative, but also so cool! They may become bright memories that will tide you over for the next working week before the new output.

where to rest at the weekend

Output from the body use

Yet for women it is the bestvacation, which allows it to become even more beautiful. So why should once again lie on the couch, aimlessly wondering about where to go, if the answer is self-evident? Leave on the order then all boring household chores, worries and troubles. Believe me, no one will die of hunger, if the mother does not cook anything for dinner masterpiece, but simply put in a bowl yesterday and buckwheat cakes. And you can even ask for a spouse a romantic dinner. Just whisper to him of what reward awaits him at night, and the trick is done. Do not worry, my husband does not only feed the kids dinner, but will cover the table for your return, do not forget about champagne and flowers.

Allow yourself to relax in the experienced handsmasseur, experience the incomparable pleasure of SPA-procedures, change hairdo, a manicure, a pedicure, get in the middle of winter light tan summer and experiment with makeup. In order to feel rested and full of energy, subtly change the style and hear from a loved one, you are beautiful, and from friends to get well-deserved compliments and questions about where it is you went this weekend, it managed to acquire such a fresh new look, just -That and the need that a beauty salon.

You can create yourself and others the illusion thatyou actually visited the resort and comfortably spent time on the white beaches of some exotic island. Take a water park! Vacationing this way is good if you want to spend time with family, friends and children. All kinds of water attractions, whirlpool, sauna, slides and diving boards - everyone can find himself something to taste. This holiday can be called active. And that can give strength and vigor better than the excellent conduct of the Sabbath day, and if it is properly planned in advance!

Fun and burdensome weekend for the whole family

For those who like to sing, it is fairly easyanswer the question of where to rest at the weekend. Of course, in a karaoke bar! And it is not only the opportunity to sing the entire repertoire of favorite artist, but also a chance to relax with friends. Talk over coffee, laugh and have some fun. Recall that, as a child, standing in front of a mirror with a makeshift microphone, you were a star, which applauded the enthusiastic fans. Most of the company will help you feel more confident if you are uncomfortable speaking in public. They are your friends, so, be sure to support you.

By the way, this way of fun and easyrest is suitable for those who want to please your child. Why not go with him in the children's cafe, where there is karaoke? Together to sing "Song mammoth" or "Song of Leopold", and then be happy to see how your baby is having fun with other children. Such outputs will long remain in the memory, causing a smile to his lips at the memory of very funny moments. And if you remove it all on camera or camcorder, you will be able to relive wonderful moments.

In warm sunny weather, good conductSaturday or Sunday in a nearby park. Walk along the paths of cozy squares, enjoying the play of light and shade in the trees. Or remember his long-cherished dream and learn how to roller skate. However, this form of recreation would be more secure if you bring along someone from friends who confidently speaks in this way of transportation. Weekend - it's fine. But do not forget about the sense of self-preservation.

By the way, ask for help from your child. Perhaps that it will help you learn the rolls. You will see another point of common interests, and you can say with confidence that this weekend brought you not only enjoy the fun and pleasure, but have become another way to get closer to their child.

where to rest at the weekend

Horse riding: horse or bicycle?

If you like horseback riding or justI have long dreamed of learning to ride a horse, but the embodiment of their dreams postponed until later due to lack of time, then you most correct answer to the question as to rest on the weekend, will visit the Equestrian Club. This adventure can be a one-time action and may give rise to the development of serious riding. Of course, this type of holiday you require some investment - in the equipment and the entrance fee. But just imagine the pleasure you will get by learning how to interact with these noble, intelligent and beautiful animals. How to change your posture!

Riding allow remember that noweekdays can not make you weary shoulders drop. Only in this way, with head held high and bearing the royal person should go through life modern woman. Horse riding in the country will help you to relax, enjoy the scenery and get a positive charge, which is enough for the whole week. And for those who experience overwhelming fear of these proud animals (yes, everyone has their own phobias), come to the aid of the iron horse.

Probably one of the most popular waysto spend a weekend in the summer - is to leave the bustling metropolis and spend time in the open air with your family or friends. But why not make it harder? Rather, give it a touch of adventure, or to make such a trip is not only fun, but also useful. No, it is not a question of occupational therapy or coordinated weed control at their summer cottage. We agreed to forget about socially useful work. Your goal - just to relax, because the holiday invented just for this.

All you need - is to change the habitual waymovement in the car or in the car commuter train on the bike. Determine in advance the route and check the map to avoid getting lost and to calculate their own capabilities correctly. For those who are not so sure that will overcome a long bike ride, the journey can be divided into two stages: half way done by car, bus or train, and half - pedaling and substituting face to the wind and sun. This holiday is for those who love extreme sports. If the terrain allows, you can always arrange a small competition in riding over rough terrain.

Bicycle tour of the city - it's not just a way to relaxactively, but also a chance to get some fresh air and get a great tan. And if you come up with interesting games or try to surprise your friends and loved ones a new recipe for barbecue, then such a way to spend the weekend will be your favorite. And no matter what you do. Let them whether with children kite, build sand castles of the river, arrange a competition to see who will pereplyvet on the other side, a stroll through the woods, picking berries, or simply lying, enjoying the company of friends - you are truly relaxing.

If you choose to walk on the bikean unusual opportunity to spend your holiday, be sure to take care of the first aid kit and map. It is likely that they do not need you. But in any journey, even in such a short, one should be prepared for any eventuality, so that in case of trouble is not to rush, not knowing where to go for help.

Winter opened snowy embrace

Do not think that if the court of the winter, the snow fell andlight frost pinches the skin, then you need to sit at home and dream of a heat attack. Of course, sometimes she wants to spend the weekend, sitting comfortably in a chair and throwing a warm blanket over his shoulders, to indulge in his own thoughts and plans, read long ago bought a book or watch an old movie. But two weekends in a row, held in this way, can waft such unbearable sadness and melancholy, he wants to howl like a wolf. Therefore, the time of year - not an obstacle to the active relaxation in the fresh air. For those who still do not know how you can have fun for a vacation weekend in the winter, too, there are lots of great ways to relax and get away from thinking about work with friends or relatives.

For example, you can go for a couple of days inthe nearest resort, where you will find comfortable rooms and will be all sorts of treatments, entertainment and fresh air. But this will require some cost, and you have to take care of, to order tickets, buy tickets, and so on.

If you prefer comfortable restthe ability to realize their bold dreams and desires, it can turn into a real adventure for you in the winter holiday. You want to try something new and unknown? A walk on skis in the winter woods - a great chance to enjoy the snowy landscapes and pure frosty air. Fans will be able to take pictures to fill its portfolio a number of interesting shots. Yes, and this trip will be useful for health. Just do not go on a ski trip to one. The company will be much more fun and safer. You can make a short halt, and sit by the fire of the winter.

Many people pay a lot of money for thatrelax on the well-known ski resorts. Can you afford to go skiing with slopes of ravines, without spending almost anything. The sea of ​​vivid impressions of the striker in the face of the wind, flying by snow-covered trees allow you to get a charge of vivacity, good mood and a dose of pure adrenaline. By the way, and the light tan of the winter sun will be for you to face.

On a couple of evenings to forget that you are adultsserious people, and go back to your childhood you will sledging. Just for a moment imagine the breathtaking sensation of flight, when flying from the mountain sled. Nothing is not clouded the happiness that you felt as a child, will be back, turning ordinary weekend trip on a time machine. So why right next Saturday not call friends with a proposal to go out and ride with the breeze from the highest mountain?

By the way, progress has touched and winter activities. Walk on the snowmobile and snowmobile - a godsend for fans of extreme winter holidays. You can arrange a race or just a friendly competition. Do not worry if you do not have the necessary equipment. Many recreation areas offer the service of rental sleds and snowmobiles. So that problems with transport You will not have.

You can learn, and a fairly new type of winterrecreation - snowboarding. Of course, to understand the science of this one difficult. In addition to the special board and a sense of balance, you will need the advice of those who already know how to ride. This means that this method of output can be repeated as long as you do not feel confident on the slopes. When will learn to go around obstacles, you get real satisfaction from the fact that not only rested, but also to learn something new.

Do not forget about the usual winter fun -skating. Here you can choose as an indoor skating rink, and the frozen surface of the pond or the natural ice track in the open air in a city park. By the way, ask the children to go with you, they just will be glad to have this opportunity to relax together with their parents, and even in such an interesting way. You will see the eyes of a small son and little girl will shine with happiness and pride for what they have attached to such adult fun.

It should be noted that it is not necessary to have aown skates, skis, snowboard or sled to take a break on a winter day. Many items of sports equipment rental for a small fee will provide you with everything you need. You only need to choose the right clothes, and bring along a thermos of hot tea, to in between riding a sip or two and catch your breath.

Oh, and not to think about where to gomeal with the children, take sandwiches. Of course, solve the problem of power is possible and in the cafe, but it will have to interrupt the game, change the shoes and so on. Much nicer and easier almost on the fly a little snack and again fly forward, face to the winter wind. But what will surprise you child's appetite, which in the morning capriciously refused useful and nutritious breakfast!

The best way to deal with boredom and ordinariness -it is active. And it is not necessary to wait for holidays to relax and supply of energy for the body and soul. Often long wait treasured two weeks turns into the fact that they pass like a flash, and you do not have time to enjoy the full freedom in such a small period.

Agree, the feeling that the trip to the sea -it's just a dream, a beautiful, but such a short, often accompanied by the first working day after the return. And this is due to the fact that we do not know how to properly relax in your own town or village. Therefore fill every minute of their lives meaning, giving joy to yourself and your loved ones. Then, every weekend will turn into a celebration. And you will never get bored or start working week in a bad mood.

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