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House-2 is closed?

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"Dom-2" is the longest running reality -show in the history of Russian television. A project was still in May of two thousand years, and the fourth well is still alive. Almost from the first month of its existence it had a runaway success with the audience. Many participants of the project are known throughout the country. Shaw demonstrated on TV three times a day. Before the eyes of millions of people took the real life of those who lived in. "Dom - 2" It would seem that the project is not in danger. He is such a crazy rating! And suddenly began to walk rumors among his admirers that "House - 2" closed. All wondered - why? After the transfer is so popular! And in fact, why?

Why Home-2 is closed?

At the meeting of the commission on the fight againstoffenses in the year two thousand and nine Russian Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev expressed his negative attitude to the problematic project "House 2". Many reputable experts have long been in favor of the abolition of the notorious TV show, claiming that the youth too it is exposed. However, opinions are divided here: someone argues that "Dom-2" - a criminal act, while others believe that the transfer has affected the area of ​​psychiatry. There is a proposal to either close it completely. Either enter so back-breaking penalties for the project for demonstrating inappropriate scenes that the creators would have lost all desire to continue the never-ending action.

In short, the main reason for the decision toclosing the show "Dom - 2" was the fact that some of its members were, to put it mildly, not very moral types. Yes, many of them thanks to the project have become known to the entire Russian personalities. However, among them there are those who show off on television, and then, after leaving the show, got into the ranks of marginal personalities. This, for example, Michael Podzorov, ograbastavshy sixteen-year prison term for selling drugs. Or Alex Adeev, stranded in prison for theft. Or Vyacheslav Popov, received six and a half years of strict regime again for drug trafficking. Or ... Well, all will not list. One thing is clear - the reason for this show of discontent among law enforcement agencies have.

So have viewers. "Dom - 2" has long demonstrated in broad daylight in the ether explicit scenes and obscene dialogues. At this time, the transmission watched by children and adolescents. Of course, the disturbance of their parents knew no bounds. There was plenty of opponents of the TV show, who argued that it just corrupts the younger generation, and demanded that it be closed. According to the Russian legislation does not display on TV any material with sexual content with four days until eleven at night. Broadcast is the reality - the show took place in the afternoon, in sight like to an unintended "children's time." Therefore, the project is not closed, but in two thousand and nine, the "House - 2" forbidden to show four days before eleven o'clock. The program began to appear only in the late evening and night. It lasted a year. And then it was re-allowed daily release.

The question of the closure of the controversial project againI got an edge when its presenter Olga Buzova in a daily transmission suddenly began to talk in detail about the intimate life of the participants. Apparently, she was forgotten, but it was enough to alarmed and the audience, and the deputies, and the stars of the Russian stage. It would seem that "House - 2" has exactly closed, but not here - it was. He survived again and again scored very high rating.

Speaking of rankings. It is believed that as soon as he starts to fall, immediately begin the noisy talk of closing the show. In principle, it is based. For example, in the fifth year of two thousand and transfer displeased Moscow City Duma deputies, who accused one of the leading project Ksenia Sobchak in pimping. In other words, "Home - 2" was voted the food there is not a brothel. The scandal raged for six months. And then the court found the show quite decent and legitimate. And the project, of course, not closed.

It must be said that the show's rating to this scandalHe left much to be desired. But after he began to climb rapidly. However, after three years, two thousand eight, the viewing audience why transmission - that significantly thinned. And then suddenly I became interested in the project Public Council of morality. The Council was set up very seriously, and decided to close the show. Even the date was announced the event - 31 December two thousand and eight. TV fans mourn. Opponents rejoiced. And for good reason. Because the project is not closed again. Again vzgrustnuvshy was rated "Houses - 2" cheered.

Generally speaking, this whole situation reallyIt looks like a professionally trained public relations. But it was true or not, it is impossible to say for sure. In this case, public relations, though involuntary, can be called and the conclusion of the project participants into custody, and the tragic death of some of them.

Whatever it was, "Dom - 2" See a lot. And to get there, too many are willing. I wonder why? For the sake of fame, money, prestige? Let's see what rumors about the salaries of the project participants.

How earn participants show "Dom - 2"

Actually know what amount is obtainedRussian participants of reality TV - the show is almost impossible. This information is carefully concealed, and outsiders do not have access to it. But if a stubborn person wants, he will always find a way around any obstacles. Apparently, in the case of the show "House 2" and so it happened. That is found a very stubborn man, who managed to find out how much the participants receive. I learned and was stunned. It turns out that they - one of the highest even in Russia and around the world, wages.

Actually, the fact that for a stay in the draftYoung people get the money for a long time no one is surprised. After all, it's work! And for it must pay. But the fact that it is estimated to be a tidy sum, and became fans of the project, and for his enemies large and not very pleasant discovery. It depends on the level of wages participant show "Dom - 2" and how much he has invested in the development of the project, and from the People's Choice Award. For example, a host of Olga Buzova receives as providing yourself and your family. The amount is not precisely known, but that it is more than a few tens of thousands of dollars a month, and so clear. But young people are not very sympathetic spectator, narrows somewhat less - only thirty-four thousand rubles a month. Well, what to do, only to Caesar what is Caesar's. With what money is paid? According to the "stubborn person", with the proceeds of the tour and some of the projects of the participants of the show.

So all - yet, close this scandalous, but still a very interesting project, or do not close?

"- House 2" Will closed

According to information provided by someknowledgeable source, we will soon "House - 2" still lose. It is not known how this source of authority and whether it is possible to believe him, but it seems to be already sold part of the territory on which the "Home", and built it prepared for demolition. The place will be placed another television project. They say also that the channel TNT has decided to close the transfer of the reasons for its non-profitability. Close the "Dom - 2" and more because one of its members had committed suicide by jumping from a window.

Why did he do it? The reason for this action specify it exactly difficult. One can argue - the project has many teeth on edge for their frank demonstration of human vices. Fighting, mate, animal sex, inability to empathize, anger and meanness - it's all there in our lives. But it is not only out of the mud. Yes, there will always be people willing to watch such a spectacle for days. But there are those to whom they seem disgusting.

Rumor has it that audiences TNT collect signatures in favor of the closure of the project.

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