" "Travelling by car in Russia

Travelling by car in Russia

traveling by car on Russia

For those who do not like organized calmrelaxing on the beach on a hot exotic sun and prefers sightseeing and nature of the country, traveling by car to Russia will open all the delights of outdoor activities.

Especially such a trip would be attractive toa woman who breaks all day between home and work, and the normal human interaction with the children and her husband is almost no time left. So for a whole year. In this case, a family vacation would be the very same outlet, which sometimes are lacking. The main thing is to determine the route by which you decide to drive behind the wheel of his car. And then it will not be just another outing in the surroundings of the city and an interesting and informative trip, the memories of which will stay in your memory for a long time.

On North…

Waiting for the next holiday, we alwaysWe aspire to the south. Bask in the sun, splash in the sea. But what to do if holiday fell at a time when the window is still cold and damp winter and does not want to leave? Why not go to the north! Traveled to Russia by car and visit Karelia, especially since the route well, very interesting - Tver, Pskov, St. Petersburg and Petrozavodsk. And each of these cities is famous in its own way.

Tver ancient architecture, its manytemples, churches, monasteries and museums - a real boon for travelers. If you eat with the children, it will be interesting to go to the "Museum of the goat" - one of the most unique museums in Russia. In his exposition of more than a thousand images of a wide variety of animals that are brought from forty countries. Attract their attention and a monument to Afanasy Nikitin, made the trip for the three sea in the fabulous India.

Next stop in Pskov. This city - a large open-air museum. It is impossible to pass him and not view every street, every corner. And if you're a fan of Russian architecture, then get ready for the fact that your car trip to Russia can significantly delayed. Especially since the Pskov neighborhood also full of surprises. You can visit the manor AS Pushkin, to get acquainted with the life of the great poet. Mikhailovsky and Petrovsky - Pushkin family ancestral homes, the most Lukomorye about which the poet wrote.

Next the city of St. Petersburg. The northern capital of Russia, its cultural heritage. There are a huge number of interesting monuments worthy of attention. And in order to inspect them all, you need a single day. So choose only the most interesting places. For example, arrange a short tour in the Schlisselburg fortress - the famous "nut".

What is the beauty of travel by carRussia - so that you are free to make a choice, and you can visit any city on the way. Be sure to stop in and visit Tikhvin Assumption Monastery. Ancient Monument and today is admired for its beauty, and its first buildings, which have survived to our time, are in the XVI century.

Here, finally, and Petrozavodsk - the capital of Karelia. Go to the "Doll's House" and the Maritime Museum "Polar Odyssey" museum. These places are equally interesting for both adults and children. Explore the architecture of Kizhi. Such beauty of wooden architecture can be seen and appreciated only here.

However, the main charm of this area is yet to come. Then your route lies on reserves, national parks, on Balaam. The only way you will see the real Karelia and realize that even the word "great" is hardly appropriate here. Words that describe the beauty of these places just do not have ...

Wonderful region with amazing natural surroundings. It is enough that in Karelia there are two of Europe's largest lakes - Ladoga and Onega. It also built the famous White Sea-Baltic Canal. The republic is a huge number of national parks, reserves and sanctuaries. The world-famous fit park "Valaam Archipelago", two nature reserves: "Kostomuksha" and "Kivach", about fifty nature reserves protected by the state. All these facts and beckon to take a trip by car to Russia, and there is in Karelia - the land of lakes and forests.

About Girvas village located two hundredkilometers from Petrozavodsk is to talk separately. The village has gained popularity thanks to two natural attractions - a waterfall on the Suna river of the same name and the ancient crater of an extinct volcano. On the age of the volcano is unknown. According to some sources it two billion years, according to others -. About three billion venerable age, to be sure, but still around the traces of ancient eruptions and lava flows.. Especially popular among tourists lava tongue rests on the river Suna. And when you tell your friends about your trip by car to Russia, the story is about this place is the most interesting.

Karelia - a country of mystery, a country of natural beauty and ancient mysteries. Going on a road trip you will never regret that it came to this corner of Russia!

Well, with the north direction clear. The trip exciting, informative and not too complicated. Quite capable of modern cars lady. And most importantly this trip by car to Russia, you will be proud of his whole life.

trip to Russia by car

To the East…

You can go east of the country, and on your waymeet no less amazing places. The route is as follows: Moscow - Vladimir - Nizhny Novgorod - Kazan - Ulyanovsk - Samara - Penza - Ryazan - Moscow. All these cities are interesting both from the point of view of architecture, and from the point of view of history.

Vladimir and Nizhny Novgorod - the oldest Russian settlement. Their unique architectural monuments, some of which have survived since the XIII century, surprising for its beauty and grandeur.

Ancient Kazan, the capital of the Kazan Khanate - aa completely different culture. Majestic minarets and mosques decorate the city, but they are organically coexist with the Christian shrines. There is even a temple of all religions. And there's a monument to the cats, who saved the city from rodents.

In Ulyanovsk necessarily listen to the windBody construction of large-tonnage of iron, and in Samara, a monument to vote a radiator. Penza will meet you with plenty of historic monuments. But do not look for the monument Hedgehog in the Fog. It has not yet been established, although it indicated in guidebooks.

Ryazan - another ancient Russian city. The first settlement in the area was completely destroyed during the Mongol invasion. New Town was built in sixty kilometers from the old ashes. But in place of the old city gates preserved temple of X century - the only news of those distant years. And in Russia's Ryazan Region have the leaning tower. The wooden bell tower, built in the XIX century, now resembles a tower in the famous Italian city.

As you can see, traveling by car on the greatRussia can bring no less impressive than a trip abroad. And to some extent even more. After all, in our country many unknown places, hidden from human eyes corners of unspoiled nature, and to learn all of them and not enough of a lifetime.

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