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Florence Attractions

florence attractions

Florence and the Renaissance. These two names are closely related to each other - they are practically inseparable. Where every corner hides the secrets of the Renaissance, there still feel the spirit of victory - a victory over the Middle Ages! The city worked great men, those who led the world in new discoveries, who created the immortal works of art, who showed people the world of beauty!

In this city we live, build and die, and AlbertiMachiavelli, Michelangelo and Galileo. It is the birthplace of Dante Alighieri - the founder of the Italian language and poetry, and many places in Florence connected with this great man!

Now we are not surprised that the famousFrench writer Stendhal, on his arrival in Florence experienced "culture shock". And after many more tourists have experienced and are experiencing a shock, trying to know the magnificence of Florence - the city of the Renaissance.

Over the centuries, Florence did not lose its shape. The city is fascinating for its churches, palaces and medieval streets quiet.

Where to start - Uffizi Gallery

As paradoxical as it may sound - thismajestic city is not large in size. Take the Florence attractions worthy of the time and they do not remain in debt, revealing to you the secrets of the new birth of the world!

Uffizi Gallery - the brightest and most memorableattraction of Florence. Gallery combined the two buildings: Mint, where once minted gold coins, and church of San Piero Skeradzho, which at one time were Dante and Boccaccio. Here you can admire the originals of Leonardo da Vinci and Rubens, Caravaggio and Titian, Giotto and Peruzhdio. Only in the Uffizi Gallery you can see the work of Michelangelo - "The Holy Family", as well as famous works by Raphael, Fabiano, and Botticelli. This accumulation of the best works of art you will not find anywhere else!

Florence attractions

Early Renaissance

Palazzo Medici Riccardi - a palace builtfamous architect Michelozzo in the distant 1444. In his later years the model, were built many palaces in Italy, the structure of this form came to symbolize the early development of the Renaissance.

And the building, and the courtyard are correcttetrahedron, in the yard growing scented lemon trees. The first floor of the palace was conceived as a symbol of invincibility Medici - it revived with rough stone. On this floor there were rooms for servants and a kitchen. The two upper floors were used for royal families, its facade looks a little softer, it is made of smooth slabs.

Unfortunately, the palace is not completely open to tourists, at the moment it occupies a large part of the city government.

Another one of the magnificent palaces of Florence -Palazzo Pitti, has a long and interesting history. Its owners are not changed again, and the building itself was rebuilt several times. several museums operate on the territory of the palazzo. Palatine Gallery, which holds works by Titian and Raphael, Rubens and Velasquez; Gallery of Modern Art - paintings presented here later Italian artists; Silver Museum, the Costume Museum, and the carriage museum - these places will tell you about the life of different eras, vintage jewelry show, as well as coaches and carriages of the XIX century.

The spiritual world of Florence

The most notable building in the city isFlorence Cathedral. Its dome rises over the buildings and parks - we can not ignore this amazing sacred place! In the XIII century, the best artists have participated in the construction of the Cathedral and the octagonal dome is pumped spire, the cathedral has brought worldwide fame. The highest point of the cathedral located at an altitude of more than ninety meters, and even the great Michelangelo created a machine that lifted up the ball, crowning the dome.

The Cathedral is just a huge, its dimensions are strikingimagination! Today it is the fourth largest in the world. In addition to its size of the Duomo Santa Maria del Fiori, famous works of art are stored in it - "Lamentation" by Michelangelo and "Mary Magdalene" by Donatello.

You will definitely need to see these sights of Florence, and after watching the climb to the observation deck at the top of the Duomo - it offers a wonderful view of the whole city!

Continuing to walk on the spiritual places of Florencecan not be neglected by the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. Like all the sights of the city, made a church in the Gothic style, it keeps the secrets. Capella temple decorated with frescoes by Italian masters, attract tourists from all over the world, and they are not alone - there are great people are buried: Galileo, Dante, Michelangelo. Machiavelli, and other famous Florentine citizens.

One of the oldest places of Florence - Basilica of San Lorenzo, the church was consecrated as early as the year 393. Its present appearance of the temple building has received much later, and acquired some Romanesque features.

The church guards the peace of the grand dukes of Tuscany -representatives of the Medici family. The marble tomb is decorated in baroque style, and two sarcophagi are decorated with statues, embodied in the life of the famous Italian sculptor Tacca.

florence attractions Renaissance

Activities for children

If you are traveling with children, take them into"Fabialandiya" fairy-tale world of the country. Here, they can visit the castle magician, having strayed from a mysterious maze of Dreams and see Lake gold mine, and big, but good-natured caterpillar luck on their own after a fantastic ant cave frog to the sea.

The sea of ​​positive emotions your kids willprovided. In addition, here you can define a child for a day, and while he enjoys his tale, you will enjoy his, making a stroll through the most interesting cities in Italy.

Taking a walk around the city ...

Be sure to visit the Piazza della Signoria - hereare the most iconic sights of Florence. Palazzo Vecchio - the palace, so like a fortress, the Neptune fountain, built in the XVI century, copies of famous sculptures by Michelangelo and Giambologna, whose priceless scripts can be seen in the museums of the city - all this you will be remembered forever.

Walking around Florence - it's not just its inspectionattractions. Here everyone will find something special. Visiting all its palaces, churches, galleries you will feel like in the shower poured warm as the awareness of beauty penetrates you to the tips of fingers, because the people who lived and died in this city, have left their mark on all the streets and houses in all gardens and parks. And if you look good, you'll see - they are still here, they left an indelible mark on the entire Florence.

Great people - great city ... The city, which forall the time of its existence has seen much, the birth of a new culture and a change of religion, and the decline of the war, a change of government, and finally, the incredible rise in popularity, which will never fade away.

It is impossible to see all the sightsFlorence in a day, you need to come here for a long time, and to give every home, every corner of the city special attention. Only then can we know what Florence - Renaissance landmarks that will last forever!

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