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Attractions Pattaya

attractions Pattaya

On the east coast of the Gulf of Thailandlies a vast number of beaches and hotels. Here are the best seaside resorts, and one of them - Pattaya is probably the most famous area for relaxing in Thailand.

It is hard to imagine that twenty years ago aboutThis small fishing village not even heard in the world, except for the Thais themselves, but the Europeans who came here to work. Now it brings Pattaya Thailand resort glory. Sandy beaches, clear water and coconut palms attract millions of people.

Patttayya - it's not just the sun, sea and sand,as it might seem at first glance. Of course, a man going here for the first time and talks. But here is something to see, where to go, where to rest. And the best attractions of Pattaya will open its doors to you!

A place that simply can not fail to please

You should definitely visit the crocodile farm. And make no mistake because of the name - there are not only crocodiles. Coming here, you will never find yourself in an amazing place - a park millionletnih stones. If you are a fan of hiking in beautiful places - this is what you need! A variety of bizarre rocks, scenic hiking trails, flower-filled garden, a sparkling waterfall, which flows into the lake - is it possible to remain indifferent to such a landscape ?!

But that's not all. A small zoo in the park will introduce you with ostriches, zebras, exotic birds, and even white tigers. The lake fish are found incredible size, but quite friendly. They love to beg for food from tourists.

And, of course, crocodiles. Here you can find individuals of different sizes and ages. Looking for the first time in the cages, can give the impression that they did not live at all - lie on the beach, open-mouthed, and did not even move. However, so much fun as feeding, dispel all your doubts about the authenticity of the animals. This happens in the following way - you will be given a large bamboo pole with a piece of meat at the end, and go! Feed not your health! You can even tease a little bit - not scary, because you are a top, toothed bottom, and each tries to grab the first meal.

At certain times there heldcrocodile show - quite a fascinating insight in which several trainers will show you that toothy not so terrible and they can be worn on the hands, put in your mouth head, palm to feed - in short, courageous people, what can I say! Leaving crocodile farm you will the sea of ​​emotions and lots of great pictures.

Attractions Pattaya on the map

Place unification of the four elements

On the north coast resort is located moreAnother unique attraction - the Temple of Truth. Although the temple is not an ancient monument as its construction is still going on, do not visit this place, so do not see the main thing, do not feel the spirit of these wonderful places.

The temple is just huge and architectureinstantly attracts the eye, it can be viewed indefinitely. And the interior is not inferior to the outside. Here you will find elaborately carved scenes on wood depicting ancient mythology and religion in different countries: India, China, Thailand. By the way, the temple is completely wood - work on it the best craftsmen carving.

Here, like a fairy tale, there are four elements: water, fire, earth, air. Each element has its place - the bas-reliefs at the corners of the building, and one looks strictly in a certain direction, on opposite sides of the world.

This landmark solar Pattaya attracts people of all over the world, no wonder it is recognized artistic value of religious art.

Coral islands around Pattayaattract its clear water and white sandy beaches. Forty minutes by boat - and you get to heaven! There is entertainment for all beach lovers: jet ski, skydiving in emerald water, scuba diving. You can take a glass-bottom boat and sail, enjoying the sun, sea and underwater life.

After outdoor activities, go to one of the local restaurants and try the excellent seafood and fishing enthusiasts can enjoy dinner, caught with their hands.

buy souvenirs

Here is where paradise for shoppers! The vast expanse of water, which are located shops and restaurants, built on stilts. Walk on the market is carried out both on foot and by boat, here you can buy local handmade souvenirs, products made of the finest silk, and also try the national Thai dishes.

Be sure to see a variety of shows, which offers tourists a floating market. Thai boxing over the water and on the stage, traditional dancing, playing various musical instruments, and even glasses.

Very interesting place, and not a lot of tourists, no hustle and bustle. You can spend all day and watch the stunning sunset.

If you look at the sights of Pattayaon the map, you will find that they are not so much. But all of them are of great interest. Each place is unique, and in each you will find for yourself something special.

The locals are quite friendlytourists do not wonder that Thailand is called the "Land of Smiles". And if you speak English, then the communication will become and not stressful. The main positive attitude - then your vacation will be like a real fairy tale!

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