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Helsinki Attractions

Helsinki attractions

The capital of Finland - a relatively young city,which it was founded in 1550. For almost four centuries of its existence, Helsinki was several times occupied by Russian. And in the early 19th century, after the Russian-Swedish war of this city, almost completely destroyed, it was built on the plan of the Russian architect. That is why the central part of Helsinki and some of its architectural monuments very much resemble St. Petersburg. If you want to go abroad, but the funds do not allow you to visit, such as Central Europe or South America, or you do not have time to do a visa, Finland, and in particular the capital of the republic - the perfect solution. Firstly, such a journey would not require very long flights, and secondly, you will be able to plunge into the magical atmosphere of the European feeling at the same time that you are not too far from home.

If you consider yourself a connoisseur of art,love sophisticated style and charm of northern legends, and feel free to go to Helsinki: the attractions of this city, especially its architecture, will be able to give aesthetic delight even the most demanding travelers.

Architectural monuments of the city

The main attraction of Helsinkiconsidered the Senate Square, is located in the city center, along the perimeter of which is one of the most magnificent architectural ensembles of the city in the Empire style. Here is the Assumption Cathedral - one of Europe's largest Orthodox churches. Another architectural masterpiece - the Cathedral, built on the model of the Kazan Cathedral. In addition, the Senate Square are located the main building of the University and the local library and the oldest building in the city - house merchant Sedergolma. Such a focus of various historical and architectural monuments in the city center will help you for a short time to explore several attractions, and free time to spend on other activities.

If the Senate Square will not satisfy your cravingsto inspect the interesting and unusual plants, you can go to the town hall, which together with the adjacent neighborhoods creates a rather unusual appearance.

Souvenirs and other small pleasures

Souvenirs for family and friends you canbuy on the Market Square, which is also a kind of landmark Helsinki. Here is the most famous and biggest market in the city, where you can buy absolutely anything. Not far from the Market Square on the waterfront is the old covered market, which is the meeting place for the entire Finnish palates. Besides small pastry and meat shops in the European style, where you can find specialty shops, which sell national Lappish delicacies. If you get tired of visiting the local beauty, you can relax over a cup of tea in one of the outdoor cafes, which are located here, or visit a Japanese restaurant.

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For art lovers

The capital of Finland includes more than three hundredislands, so over a third of all its area is occupied by parks, where you can always take a stroll, enjoying the fresh northern air. One of the most popular parks - Esplanade, located in the city center. In winter, it is a kind of natural attraction Helsinki pleases the eye of visitors unusual light effects, and in the summer the park on the concert site are the well-known and just starting his career artists.

In addition, in this city you will find more than 70various museums and art galleries, which will diversify the leisure of all art lovers. If you do not consider yourself to be such, it can also visit one or more of the museums and join the world culture, because here are collected the most interesting works of national and international authors.

One of the favorite tourist destinations of different countries- Church Temppeliaukio Square. The uniqueness of the architectural landmarks of Helsinki in a minimalist style that is carved into the rock. Inside this building is very good acoustics, so here is sometimes conducted concerts in addition to worship.

Holidays in Helsinki with children

If you go on holiday with your children, then youand your daze be without interest local family park Linnanmäki. In addition to the actual attractions, the list of which is replenished every year, since 1950, in the park you will be able to participate in carnivals and light show, a visit which is absolutely free. Younger travelers will also appreciate the zoo Korkeasaari, which gathered representatives of fauna from around the world. From the local inhabitants can be found here wolverine, hook-nosed seal and otter.

If, after visiting all the attractionsHelsinki, you will still have time and energy, you can go to the Suomenlinna fortress, which begins with the history of this city. Fort, which houses the fortress is under protection of UNESCO. On the territory of Suomenlinna are 7 museums, a variety of cafes and restaurants, souvenir shops and other amenities that will delight the soul of every tourist. To get to the castle can be on the river tram, which departs from the Market Square. During the warmer months of Suomenlinna you can go on a walking tour at any convenient day. In winter, these tours are organized only at the end of the week.

If you look at the sightsHelsinki on the map, you will see that they are all located on a fairly short distance from each other, so in this city you can afford, often unavailable in other cities - to explore all the interesting architectural monuments, parks and museums, while leaving the time for yourself, for example, to visit the local sauna, go to a nightclub or on a romantic trip.

Helsinki - wonderful northern city, and allow yourself to touch his charm can each, including you.

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