" "How to cook pasta in multivarka: cooking technology

How to cook pasta in multivarka: cooking technology

pasta in nautically multivarka


  • The process of cooking pasta
  • What is needed for cooking?
  • How can I diversify dish of pasta?

To learn how to cook pasta, it would seem,to know even a child. So it is a popular and easy meal. However, there is always time to stand at the stove, then, in this case, you can cook pasta in multivarka. Any hostess will appreciate this "miracle of modern technology." After all, it will help save time, eliminate the hassle and dirty dishes.
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The process of cooking pasta

Just download the necessary ingredients,set the mode and time on the timer and do other, more important things. At minimal cost pasta, noodles or spaghetti are obtained tasty and crumbly. So, you should consider in more detail the process of cooking pasta in multivarka.

spaghetti multivarka

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What is needed for cooking?

To begin, it is necessary to solve a number ofPeople calculated the dish and how much pasta to fall asleep. Typically, taken at 200 g for 4 portions. Better to take the pasta of any shape or higher and first grade of durum wheat. This is due to the fact that they are useful, they do not stick together and does not seethe, they are hard to get better and are easier to cook.

The next step is to pour water (betterhot, so that the cooking process will be much faster) in a pan Multivarki so that she hid a little pasta, about 1-2 cm, add salt to taste and a tablespoon of butter or olive oil, a little stir. Further, it should be set depending on the mode Multivarki model. This can be "steaming", "pilaf", "fast", "buckwheat", "spaghetti", with a timer for 20 minutes.

When the alarm sounds, you shouldpay attention to how much water is left in the pot. If it is, it is required to merge. If you wish to cooked noodles were crispy and crunchy, you should leave a bit to "display" mode, "baking" or "frying". After that, in the finished dish, you can add a bit of butter, cheese, sausage, and you can just cook the pasta with sausages or wieners.

pasta with greens in multivarka

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How can I diversify dish of pasta?

You can slightly complicate and diversify itdish by preparing pasta nautically. In multivarka this will do is not difficult. To begin, you should decide dinner will be calculated on how many servings in order to find the right proportions. In saucepan Multivarki should pour a little vegetable oil, chopped onion, carrot, bell pepper and a little put out by the "roasting", "baking" mode or "extinguishing", depending on the model Multivarki. Then, add beef or ground pork (if it is not, can come stew), salt, spices, herbs to taste and a little fry until, until the meat is rosy (about 10 minutes), while not forgetting his stir occasionally to multivarka.

When the beef is ready, you should fill up pastaand cook them in a manner as described earlier, to pour the water so that it is slightly covered all contents in multivarka, add a little butter or vegetable oil, and cooking to a state of readiness for 20 minutes under the same conditions which have been mentioned earlier, depending on the model Multivarki ( "steaming", "fast", "pilaf" "buckwheat", "spaghetti").

After the beep, canleave for 10-20 minutes in the heating mode multivarka, then they will be better roasted. It should be noted that even without the constant agitation, the pasta to be not seethe and not sticky. However, if the technology of preparation has been followed is wrong, and pasta, all the same, got a little overcooked, in this case, you should discard them in a colander and rinse with cold water.

After that you can cook casseroles, placingpasta in a saucepan and set the "baking" mode multivarka 40 minutes. The finished dish, depending on the imagination and taste preferences, you can add the tomato paste, tomato sauce or a loved one. However, the sauce should be careful. Perhaps, in this case, the pre-salt the pasta while it is not necessary. If you choose not to cook macaroni, spaghetti and should take into account the small caveat that they should get special tongs.

If you cook the pasta according to the above rules and recommendations, then they should get a tasty and crumbly. We can only enjoy the delicious and healthy dinner.

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