" "French manicure on nails of extension: the perfect handles without the hassle

French manicure on nails of extension: the perfect handles without the hassle

French manicure on nails naroshchennyh

You know what the most important misconception many women? The fact that they evaluate their beauty for hair, make-up and a beautiful dress, forget about your hands. And in fact, they can make a well-groomed woman in the eyes of others and spoil all impression. We're not just talking about the smoothness of the skin (which is, of course, also important), but also about the manicure. Just do not say that you have no time in the morning to make up nails. Remember how much time you spend in the shower, add to this half-hour make-up and think about how these two procedures to reduce to stay a minute or two on the French manicure.

If time really is not, you will savenails. After all, the gel (as in acrylic) coating lacquer is held like a glove for two weeks. You build up your nails? You can sleep in the morning for 15 minutes longer. And it is in today's world such a luxury! Especially effective on naroshchennyh nails looks very fashionable now a French manicure. And the longer holding this type of manicure to display, the greater the species occurs. What is not only experimenting manicure! And with the color and shape, and different coating selected. Therefore, we can safely say that the French manicure - this is not only one kind of figure on the nails, but also a new way of expression. We are sure that many readers are now frozen in anticipation of what we tell them about the French manicure on nails of extension in detail. So be it!

beautiful french manicure on nails naroshchennyh

French manicure: color, form and content

All of you remember the famous "smile line"which is an integral part of the French manicure. In the classic version is covered with clear nail (or nail color), lacquer and edged very isolated part white, echoing the natural shape of the nail. Today, this line can take place not only on the bottom edge of the trim, but also figuratively. Manicurist on request painted with the usual semicircle sharp corner or just a long line obliquely, separating the edging of the nail. In short, you can draw on your nails is not an ordinary French manicure, and all that draws you to fantasy. Naturally, the key points are the contrast of colors and the separation of the nail cutting.

Speaking of color. It is believed that the French manicure - it is white nail edge. Today, the color of the nail cutting can be anything. Red, pink or even black. As for the main part of the nail, it is also possible to freely experiment. Therefore, aside clearcoat aside and give free rein to their imagination. Maybe your mood fit the nails red with golden edge? Or black with silver border? For those who have not decided on a bold experiment, we can offer less than the cardinal french manicure. Cover the nail plate familiar with varnish and smile line does not draw a white and pale pink or just cover the edge of the nail glitter.

If you do not have enough imagination or professionalism (anddraw "smile line" is rather difficult), seek professional help. As today in the salons of a new service - the French manicure, which is not erased. In this case, the manicurist paints not enjoy, and color gels, which are also subject to drying in the UV lamp. On the one hand, a French manicure is very convenient because you will not need to touch up every morning nails. On the other hand, the nail plate color change, you can not (unless colored gel coat top lacquer).

What to choose - a regular manicure, paintedvarnish, or almost perpetual option made color gel, you decide. In any case, you have to remember that any manicure (even on the nails of extension) should be refreshed, so do not forget the way to a beauty salon and appreciate your manicurist. And then your pens always look perfect!

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