" "How to return the love of her husband: the best tactic behavior loving woman

How to return the love of her husband: the best tactic behavior loving woman

how to return the love of husband


  • Overcome challenges together
  • Several topical tips: how to return the beloved
  • A few useful tips

I think it was just recently: You were so in love and happy together, making plans for the future, dreamed of a lavish wedding and a happy family life. That's funny wedding behind us, and with it a few years of happy marriage. It seemed that it always will be. However, nothing lasts forever in this world. Gradually gone love as if it never happened at all. Now, when it seems all is lost, you often think: how to bring love into a relationship, and most importantly, how to get the love of a husband?

Before you make plans, how to get a sense offavorite, first think carefully about whether to do it? And if you really need it? Maybe it is worth to start a new life, if the relationship is exhausted? Virtually every woman who decided to fight for her man, doubts: Is it possible to return the love? And maybe we should not knowingly suffer the most and torturing his friend, because the old feeling will not return?

You have a strong case: "We are children, so at least for them, I should try to bring back the love of a spouse." Psychologists believe that children, no matter how small they may be, are well aware what the relationship between their parents. Believe me, kids are much more comfortable to be in peaceful and quiet surroundings with one of the parents than in a family where there are constant scandals and where Mom and Dad are no longer love each other. All this is not the best way affects the child was not firmly psyche.

Overcome challenges together

You have some time and now live separatelyjust do not know how to return the love at a distance? If the result of much thought, you still come to a decision as to return the love of a man, then you have to analyze and answer itself, why it happened, you lost this love and respect. It may be two options: either a midlife crisis, or he had a mistress, for which he left you.

The most common version of the first, iecrisis in family relations. In this case, a lot easier to return the love of a man than when he created a new love on the side. Typically, the crisis in the family occurs when children grow up and depart from the parental nest. Or the husband retires, and he had nothing to do. He was bored, and what to do, he does not know. Do not let things take their course, help him find himself and begin to live a new life.

Take a vacation and go somewhererelax, where you can forget about that, how old are you really feel young again and in love. Overcome all difficulties together. Imagine that you again are young, beautiful, and life for you has just begun! Moving, repair, illness of a loved one or other difficulties, too, to help you pull together. The main thing - to be together. And if your spouse is required to notice and appreciate your efforts.

If he's got a mistress, then much more difficult. It only exists in fairy tale happy ending - "they lived happily ever after and died in one day." As practice shows, it does not happen in life. Your beloved is gone. Time bitter tears and disappointments behind us, it is time to act. Think over how to return her husband, without losing their dignity.

to return the love of her husband

Several topical tips: how to return the beloved

  1. Please think carefully whether you reallyYou want to get him back at any cost. What motivates you - desire in that at all costs to return the one who dared to reject you and take revenge on him, or just your blind love? Of course, every woman knows that revenge - it is small and nasty, but there is no getting around it, it is, unfortunately, characteristic of female nature. Therefore, it is not necessary for the sake of the desire to get even with a former lover to spend this precious time.
  2. Even if a man is willing to make a move towards reconciliation,do not expect that he immediately return to you. Therefore, do not be pushy and do not call him every half hour hoping to hear, but when he finally returns. By doing so, you can only call it hostility, but not the desire to be together again. Accept the fact that men need to be alone to think about all the good and the right decision to stay with you or not. Do not put pressure on him and to persuade the commission of an act in your best interest.
  3. As you know, the stronger sexIt attracts what is inaccessible to them. Therefore, be independent and in no case do not push their emotional man acts. It is unlikely that you will be able to make him respect, running behind him, begging his forgiveness. As you know, all men are by nature hunters, so be worthy prey. Be patient and try not to show how much waiting for his return. Take a better: treat yourself to your favorite massage, beauty salon, a new hairdo, trendy new clothes. </ P>

    Get out with friends in the country, go to the theateror a movie. Prepare to meet your favorite prettier and rejuvenated. Disheveled and in tears woman can cause a pity, but not love and respect. Seeing that you're not much of a yearning in his absence, he first experienced some disappointment that gradually grow into curiosity. Only by you and your tactic depends on whether you will be able to fan the flames of the resurgent sparks.

how to return love for her husband

A few useful tips

How to behave if the husband did return to you?

  • Try not to get hung up, no need to constantly go back to negative thoughts. Think of a pleasant, try to appreciate every moment spent together.
  • Do not avoid intimacy. The new family life will be full, because in the end my husband chose still you!
  • Strive to do everything together: and responsibilities, and classes share equally pleasant.
  • You do not need to see every woman competitor. Your girlfriend had nothing to betray your husband, so do not avoid contact with them.

Of course, after you did managereturn to her husband in the family, you will have to re-learn each other, to try to avoid mistakes and build new relationships. It is particularly important to seek to return the love of her husband and his respect for you. Try to improve your own self-esteem. Do not exalt the returning spouse. Personality is always appreciated more than blind adoration. A strong and confident woman more attractive, and the man would not want to look for a replacement.

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