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In the care of the female body intimate hygiene -One of the most important components. It deserves special attention, because the care of the intimate area has a direct impact on the reproductive function of the woman's body.

Few people know that the barrier intimatethe region is subject to many stress factors. It may weaken: pregnancy and breast, menopause and menstruation, hormonal disorders, medications and contraceptives and even intimacy.

Even more protective function of the intimate areaIt weakened by improper hygiene, which can not be carried out using ordinary soap and shower gels. The fact is that the pH of the intimate areas of women is 4.6, and the pH of tap water and soap - 7 and 9, respectively. Violation pH balance from the use or improper's Skin funds leads to an increased risk of infection and reduce the protection barrier.

That's why choosing the means to care for intimate hygiene, it is important to choose foods containing a substance with a similar pH of the intimate zone, for example, lactic acid.

With these requirements in mind, experts have created NIVEA Gel SENSITIVE intimate hygiene with lactic acid and aloe vera, which soothe and moisturize sensitive skin.

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