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Symptoms of menstruation and hygiene rules

Different signs of menstruation


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The human body is a complexsystem - especially for women. After all, the main function for the continuation of the human race rests on it. Female body is adapted to the conception, nurturing, birth of a child, feeding him milk. Recycle processes (ovulation, menstruation) in the body accompany a woman throughout her reproductive years zhizni.Priznaki monthly are known to all women, thanks to them, they will learn about the approach of menstruation.
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Some laws

Most girls first menstruation and,respectively, symptoms appear between the ages of 11-14 years. Due to the acceleration process (i.e. early puberty) marked the onset of menses and 9, 8 and even years. Now this version of the rules. Previously, our grandmothers and great-grandmothers month came in 14-16 years.

First periods may be irregular, thea cycle has just set, and then, with time, become a regular. Sometimes the menstrual cycle can be resolved after the first pregnancy and childbirth. The gap between periods may vary from 24 to 35 days, depending on the individual. Give or take a few days. Linger month are due to hypothermia, infection, stress, exercise, disease, abortion, and, of course, because of the pregnancy, during breast-feeding. The hormone prolactin, catching during breastfeeding, inhibits ovulation (egg maturation).

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first signs

Signs of the approaching first menstruation in girlsmay appear long before the first bleeding - menarche. These changes are taking place under the influence of female hormones. Grow breasts, there are hairs in the armpits and pubic hair, girls figure gradually takes female form, that is, narrow shoulders, wide hips.

The appearance of menstruation in girls showsthe possibility of pregnancy. But this does not mean that the body is ready to girls without harm to health to fully bear the pregnancy. And do not give cause to engage in early sexual relations.

Beginning menstruation in girls should signal that in life there are new rules that should be followed during menstruation all girls, women:

  1. Avoid overwork.
  2. Heavy exercise is unacceptable.
  3. Avoid hypothermia and overheating.
  4. Avoid intimate relationships.
  5. Observe the hygiene of genitals, in time to change the pads.
  6. Do not take the bathroom to polluted water will not penetrate into the vagina.

Good hygiene applied in the genitalsspecially adapted for this medium, they are now sold in a large assortment in pharmacies and specialized stores. For example, "Epigenes-sex", "Laktatsid-Femina", "Saforel" etc. Suitable and conventional baby soaps. Mom girl to prepare her for these inevitable events, teach the rules of personal hygiene, to explain what are the first signs of menstruation, what advice should not be neglected.

The body of each person is different, and the beginning of menstruation may indicate a variety of symptoms.

Common signs suggestive of approximationmenses are often nagging pain in the abdomen and lower back: they may be small in some strong and others. Also, a woman may experience muscle aches, headaches, swelling and breast tenderness. It may increase slightly the abdomen, swelling appear. To reduce swelling (edema occurs with a delay in the body fluids), the salt should be restricted in the food. If the diet does not help, your doctor will prescribe diuretics.

Very often, especially in adolescent girls,there are changes in the skin: the period before the beginning of menstruation pimples. This is due to the influence of hormones, the skin releases more secret, more easily contaminated, clogged pores, inflammation occurs. To alleviate the skin condition should keep to a diet, eat less sweet, fatty, salty, spicy. Use tools to care for the skin against acne.

Another sign may be insignificantfever to 0,5-1 ° C. The temperature rises after ovulation and through the work of female sex hormones: progesterone, estrogen. Progesterone affect thermoregulation system in the body.

Many women before menstruationexperiencing feelings of anxiety, irritation, tearfulness differ. During this period, you can apply a soothing teas, infusions based balm, willow-herb, peony, valerian.

If signs of approaching menstruation preventlead a normal life, should seek medical advice. The specialist will prescribe medications to help ease the condition. It may be money, reduce pain, hormonal, anti-stress drugs.

Some women tolerate premenstrual syndrome (PMS): without any particular pain and mood changes.

Signs of impending menstruation can occur a few days before the beginning of it, and can and for 1-2 weeks. They disappear with the beginning of menstruation, or 1-2 days after the onset of bleeding.

All of the features characteristic of the changes duringthe menstrual cycle, is entirely dependent on the work of the endocrine glands secrete hormones into the blood. A woman can affect the relief of symptoms through diet, subject to certain conditions, that this period was the most comfortable for her.

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