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Birth control pills: principle of operation

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  • Birth control pills
  • The principle of operation of modern contraceptives
  • Pros and cons of birth control pills
  • How to choose the contraceptive pill
  • Receiving oral contraceptives
  • Admission control pills after childbirth

Current problem that most worrieswomen - how to prevent unwanted pregnancy and it does not cause irreparable harm to the body. Nowadays Pharmacology provides us with extensive methods of contraception. A new generation of oral contraceptives can easily solve this problem. One such effective means of birth control pills are the correct reception of which, according to the researchers, it protects against pregnancy in 98 cases out of 100, which automatically detects them in the category of reliable methods of protection.

But before we deal with how to operatebirth control pills on the female body, which has advantages and disadvantages, how to choose and how to take them, it is necessary to find out what they are.
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Birth control pills

Birth control pills - is oralcontraceptives related to hormonal preparations, direct purpose of which is to prevent unwanted pregnancy. As part of the contraceptive pill contains a combination of female hormones, a lasting effect which alters the ovaries.

If we talk about the combined contraceptivetablets, it is understood that their structure includes several hormones. And there is. The basis of this type of oral contraceptive comprise two hormones estrogen and progestin. Progestin can be called a derivative ofprogesterone - the male hormone in the female body. Estrogen, on the contrary, - solely a female hormone produced by the body, or, more precisely, the ovaries from the moment of puberty and before menopause. In the female body ovulation is accompanied by the release of the maximum level of tarragon and contraceptive adjusts its level, thereby preventing ovulation.

There are two main types of hormonalcontraceptive choices each of which is primarily determined by the principle of action, taking into account the woman's age, the presence of birth or inclination to various hormonal disorders.

  • Combination birth control pills.Tablets which contain a synthetic analogue of the female hormones, called HEC (combined oral contraceptives). By the principle of action they are monophasic, ie do not change the level of hormonal substances throughout the reception, and three-phase, when a combination of hormone changes during the menstrual cycle. And those and others can be classified into several groups depending on the performance of the female body:
  1. Mikrodozirovannye - perfect for girlsbefore birth, who are just starting to use contraceptives. They are easily transferred to the female body and have minimal risk of side effects.
  2. Low-dose - contraceptives for girls who did not have birth and who for whatever reason did not fit mikrodozirovannye tablets, or nulliparous women.
  3. Vysokodozirovannye - used to treat a variety of hormonal disorders.
  • Birth control pills or progestogens"Mini-pill". This type includes a mini-pill does not contain estrogen hormone, they have only progestin. Suitable for women who for whatever reason can not take estrogen or for those who are breastfeeding.

contraceptive action principle

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The principle of operation of modern contraceptives

Typically, contraceptivesslows down ovulation, so that there is no fertilization. Furthermore, they have effects on the endometrium that is concentrated in the mother channel mucus and make it impossible for even penetration of sperm into the fallopian tube. In addition, lining of the uterus is thinned, because of which even if the sperm penetration embryo unable foothold on the uterus.
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Pros and cons of birth control pills

Fear of hormonal contraceptives andconcern for his own body is quite understandable and justified, but modern birth control pills have little or no side effects, but have a number of positive effects on the female body. In any case, before taking oral kontratsenptivy should undergo a gynecological examination and to consult with the attending gynecologist, who will tell you how to take birth control pills.

The obvious advantage of hormonalcontraception is to improve the condition of skin, hair and nails. Furthermore, as confirmed by recent studies, oral contraceptives reduces the risk of ovarian and cervical cancer. Widely use of such tablets to treat a variety of hormonal disorders and malfunction of the menstrual cycle. The positive effects when taking oral contraceptives in women during menstruation can be considered as a significant reduction in the number of lost blood and decrease pain.

The main advantages of hormone pills may beinclude the fact that their principle and contraceptive action does not violate the reproductive function of the female body, which is completely restored a few months after the deadline.

Speaking about the merits of the contraceptive pill,we should mention some of the side effects of the contraceptive method. Despite the fact that most of these drugs are prescribed gynecologist doctor individually, it is very difficult to assume tolerance of each individual organism of a particular drug. It is no secret that the additional dose of hormones can lead to undesirable consequences and changes in the body. For example, a common problem can be regarded as the occurrence of acne or gaining weight.

Many stereotype was formed that later onfattening hormone pills. Previously, these hormone pills, compared to today, contain much higher concentrations of hormones, which often leads to weight gain, but now the problem is reduced to a minimum. So do not panic as soon as you notice in yourself a couple of extra kilos, you may need a properly balanced diet for hormonal drugs or slightly change your usual way of life, because in the process of adaptation of the body behaves as if pregnancy. Changes in hormonal levels with insufficient physical exertion mogzhet lead to a significant increase in body weight, in such cases it is better to consult a doctor and adjust the drug or replace it with another.

Oral contraceptives at the initial stagecan have consequences such as frequent headaches, pressure fluctuations, nausea or vomiting. If these symptoms are evident, do not expect that with time things will change for the better, most likely, you have an individual intolerance of the drug, so you should contact your doctor and change the hormonal contraceptive.

By cons of hormonal contraceptives may beIt includes the fact that, compared with a condom, they do not provide protection against all kinds of infections. That is why oral contraceptives are ideal only for those women who are sexually active with only one partner in all other cases it is better to use the classic methods of protection against unplanned pregnancy.

Side effects of oral contraceptivesIt can occur in the form of discharge or bleeding. If during the reception of the contraceptive pill you notice the occurrence of discharge more than usual in the first place to determine if they bring you any inconvenience, if accompanied by an unpleasant itch or have a specific smell. The presence of these symptoms often indicative of the presence of fungal diseases, so you should consult a doctor. Birth control pills often create a favorable environment for the development of bacteria that can be attributed to another minus of such drugs.

In addition, should immediately see a doctorif you have because of birth control pills started bleeding. two types of bleeding is necessary to highlight: smearing and bleeding profusely. Smearing bleeding in the first few months of receiving contraceptives may simply be a consequence of the restructuring of the body, but in the case of excessive bleeding should stop taking the drug and seek immediate medical attention. Such bleeding may be caused by ectopic pregnancy or inflammatory diseases.

the selection of contraceptives on body

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How to choose the contraceptive pill

To choose the right hormonalcontraceptives among a wide variety of such, can not do without the professional advice of a doctor. This will be the most correct and reasonable solution of choice in this group of medicines. In this matter, we do not need to listen to the recommendations of friends, because what is perfect for one organism, may cause harm to another. Do not forget that the oral contraceptive - it is also a kind of medicine for his admission must take into account some features of the organism. Before you start taking properly, do all the necessary tests:

  1. Gynecological examination.
  2. Pelvic ultrasound, which will check the presence of fibroids and cysts.
  3. The analysis on hormones, which is done to prevent unwanted hormonal surges.
  4. Examination of the mammary glands.
  5. Blood and swab.
  6. Checking for the presence of cardiovascular diseases.
  7. Checking for the presence of renal failure.

Besides the general state of the organism when administering the drug the doctor is guided by the age category of women, weight and sugar levels.

If, after all the necessary examinations yourcondition is satisfactory, it is necessary to pay attention to some factors that can reduce the positive effects of such drugs. These factors include:

  1. Smoking while taking hormonal drugs. It is better to reduce the dose of nicotine, because it can give a complication of diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  2. Drinking alcohol is also undesirable in combination with oral contraceptives, because it can greatly decrease the effects of the drug.
  3. Antidepressants, antibiotics, tranquilizers and other drugs.

And remember that unauthorized selection of certain medications, especially when it comes to hormonal preparations, often can later lead to undesirable results or even irreparable.

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Receiving oral contraceptives

In order to obtain the desired result frombirth control pills, you need to follow some rules and guidelines. In addition to the question of how to properly take oral contraceptives, often raises questions: when to start drinking hormonal pills and how long you can continue to drink them without causing harm to the body.

So, how should begin to drinkbirth control pills? Hormonal contraceptives correctly implement strictly designated for the scheme, the violation of which is undesirable because it can lead to unintended pregnancy or disrupt your menstrual cycle. Admission control pills need to perform on a daily basis, and preferably at the same time. This is best done in the evening before going to sleep, then you will not easily forget the reception. Before taking should also make sure that you are not pregnant, so start drinking oral contraceptives for the first day of menstruation.

Acting Birth Control Pills begin immediately, so as to avoid an unplanned pregnancy in the first weeks of use additional methods of contraception.

Generally, hormonal contraceptivesaccepted for 21 days each menstrual cycle, followed by a break of 7 days, when the start of menses. If you forget to take a pill on time, do it as soon as possible, continue to drink the pills to the designated scheme. If birth control pills was interrupted for a time, constituting more than 12 hours, it would be reasonable to use additional contraception.

With regard to the duration of oralContraceptives, many women think that if they are taken for a long time, they can have a negative impact on both the reproductive function and development of the future fetus, and on lactation after childbirth. The abolition of birth control pills, of course, is different for everyone, but in general the period of restructuring of the body is from 6 to 12 months. However, it is not uncommon for women to become pregnant in the first months after the drug was discontinued. Like all medications, oral contraceptives are eliminated from the body for 36 hours, which is why it is not recommended to interrupt reception for longer than 12 hours.

Beginning to take birth control pills, women should first of all observe the main rule - at least once a year undergo a full gynecological examination.

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Admission control pills after childbirth

Reception of oral contraceptives afterGenera has some features that must be taken into account. If you have recently had childbirth, then in order to avoid the side effect, taking contraceptives should begin, waiting 3-4 weeks. It will be right. This need is primarily due to the fact that after the birth the first few weeks there is a high risk of blood clots, and the hormone estrogen contained in oral contraceptives can subsequently contribute to this.

When breastfeeding after childbirth to avoidSide effects of birth control pills, such as reducing lactation, prescribe only progestational drugs. Further, after the cessation of lactation, you can proceed to receive combined oral contraceptives. But if after giving birth you do not breastfeed, ovulation may occur, therefore it is better to be safe with other methods of contraception to avoid an undesirable effect. In any case, for some time after delivery, it is right to take microdosed medications with low levels of hormones, which will significantly reduce the risks of side effects.

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