" "Pimples on the chest: the means of deliverance

Acne on the chest: the means of deliverance

acne on the chest


  • Causes of Acne
  • How to fight acne

Acne can occur at any site completelythe body including the breast. Of course, the chest is not a person, but nevertheless, most women are not willing to give up the neckline. To get rid of acne on the chest is quite real and the sooner you start to deal with them, the faster the enemy will be defeated.

Of course, wise to go to thedermatologist, who will be able to ascertain the cause of acne and will select the best course of treatment. But in practice, the situation is quite different, and hardly any of the lovely ladies to find spots on the chest, go to the clinic. That prefer women to be treated yourself. Morality situation is unlikely to fix, so we'll try to help you understand at least how not to hurt yourself.

Causes of Acne

Acne on the chest does not just happen, soit is first necessary to understand the reason. Otherwise your fight against acne may be delayed indefinitely. The most common reasons are as follows:

  • Allergic reaction

If the cause of acne on the chest isallergy symptoms are quite specific. Firstly, acne on the chest occur suddenly, they are sufficiently numerous, the skin around the acne reddened and swollen. Second, skin rashes accompanied by itching. If you are faced with such a phenomenon, analyze - that unusual you ate in the last day? Most often it manifests itself as a food allergy.

  • Infectious diseases.

Another reason that you want to exclude -infectious diseases are different. Yes, do not smile, but measles, rubella or chickenpox often face even adults. In this situation, acne on the chest - is not the only symptom. Fever, fatigue - all these can not remain unnoticed.

  • problem skin

If you have a problem oily skin - acne andAcne - the breast is also unlikely to remain on the sidelines. We will not find out the causes of problem skin - a lot of them: genetic predisposition, hormonal state, and others.

acne treatment on the breast

How to fight acne

Trying to cope with pimples onbreast can be used only if infectious and allergic causes excluded. We offer you some improvised means, which in most cases are very effective:

  • Salicylic alcohol

Salicylic alcohol can be purchased at any pharmacy. Every evening, after taking a shower, wipe the entire problem area of ​​the skin with a cotton pad soaked in salicylic alcohol. If acne is very much the procedure can be repeated even in the morning. Total weeks of such treatment - and the skin condition improves significantly. Incidentally, these same salicylic alcohol can be cleaned and skin.

  • dandelion Tincture

If the problem takes a catastrophicscale, you can try to get rid of acne using an alcohol tincture of dandelion. Preparing it as follows: finely chop fresh dandelion leaves, put them in a glass bottle, fill it with vodka in a ratio of 1 to 3. Capacity tightly cover the pan and place in the refrigerator for a week.

Before use, be sure to strain the infusion,Add one third of the volume of clean boiled water. Get tincture, wipe the skin on the breast as often as possible - but at least three times a day. Treatment should continue for at least ten days. If necessary, it can be extended by making a five-day break.

  • Aloe with honey

If pimples are constantly inflamed, can betry a mixture of aloe and honey. But remember that honey often causes allergic reactions. Therefore you should be absolutely sure that your body does not respond to medical procedures allergies. The treatment itself is as follows: peel and izomnite to puree the status of aloe leaf, add a third of a teaspoon of honey, mix well and put the resulting mass in the problem areas. After 15 minutes, rinse the skin profusely with plenty of water.

  • Zinc ointment

Very good remedy is zinc ointment -especially if the skin is very oily. Every evening, apply on the skin's surface with a thin layer of zinc ointment, leave as long as it does not dry up. Then how should rinse the skin with ointment. Just one week of this treatment, the skin will become much cleaner. But if it does not, look for some other way of treatment - zinc ointment dries the skin badly enough.

Whatever method of treatment you choose, rememberthat should be the reference point - one month. If during this time you will not see improvement, you still need to consult a doctor, dermatologist. Or continue to hide the chest for the "deaf" outfits.

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