" "Wen Body: ways to combat

Wen Body: ways to combat

talc Body


  • What is wen and how to diagnose
  • Why does the body appear talc?
  • Fighting Wen traditional methods
  • Surgical methods for the treatment of lipomas

We all wish to have a clean, healthy skin onwhich would not have a single pimple, blackhead or blemish. Unfortunately, each of the fair sex with this lucky. Many ladies of a problem such as the presence on his back under the skin of a small seal, know firsthand. And to deal with Wen is not so simple. It is enough to allow the slightest error in treating as these formations cover fully all shoulders.

The main trouble, which deliver talc- It is their appearance. The bulge on the skin does not look very aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, if they are located in open areas of the body, they are difficult to conceal under clothing. And if in the winter you can cover the shoulders of a jacket or scarf, the situation is much more difficult in the summer. Will not you be on the beach in a swimsuit under your neck closed or walk around the city in a turtleneck.

What is wen and how to diagnose

So wen - folksy name of the tumor. In medicine, as it is called lipoma. Talc are small-sized tumors growing in the subcutaneous connective tissue layer. Most often, lipoma fairly soft to the touch, and the pressure-sensitive contents easily shifted sideways. Initially, its dimensions do not exceed a pea, but over time it can increase in volume. Often, sex ladies confuse them with acne.

Many women, hear the word tumor, think aboutmalignancies. Do not worry ahead of time, as it has nothing in common lipoma on the body with cancer. Wen - a benign pathology. In addition, it can be quickly and easily removed in the clinic.

How to diagnose the disease in time? This can only be done during the inspection. In appearance similar to a lipoma inflamed or enlarged lymph node. It is the same rounded and slightly convex shape. The resemblance ends there. Wen, in contrast to the inflamed lymph nodes are painless formations. Their presence does not cause temperature.

In the first stage body talc may beimperceptible. Over time, the skin begins to thicken and swell. They appear anywhere on the body where fat tissue is present. Even the belly is no exception. And it gives a lot of inconvenience to girls.

Nor should it be confused subcutaneous lipomas and pimples,which usually appear on the face (chin, nasolabial cavities, the forehead, the cheeks). Pimples occur when there is an infringement removal of subcutaneous fat, which goes through the sebaceous ducts. As a result, pores become clogged, inflammation begins, and then a slight compression of the skin. The inflamed nodule acne pus accumulates. Please note: any entity, whether wen or a pimple, you can not squeeze, picks open the needle.

talc body causes

Why does the body appear talc?

Often the causes of lipomas are covered inimproper metabolism and poor nutrition. We're too carried away food that contains little natural ingredients and a lot of fat. As a result of impaired operation of all systems of the body responsible for its cleaning. So try to eat fresh, steamed dishes. Less solite, pepper, do not throw a whole handful of exotic spices.

It promotes the appearance of Wen and sedentarylifestyle, irregular and unbalanced diet. These reasons lead to the disruption of motility of the digestive tract, which does not manage to rid the body of accumulated decay products. All these "toxins" have a negative impact on health. That is why the body in humans appear talc, acne begins with skin problems, hair, nails, etc.

Fighting Wen traditional methods

The small size of talc can tryremove traditional methods that are safe and can be used at home. All funds are as follows: they increase blood circulation in the place of formation of a benign tumor - a lipoma.

  • Lotion

It makes lotions with scented kalissii. Note: some of us are more familiar this plant called Golden dig. Freshly picked leaf kalissii should be attached to the tumor and tight bandage. On average, the procedure takes 10-12 hours, but not a minute longer. In order to enhance the efficacy of the used conventional polyethylene film. She wrapped her back.

  • Mask

Garlic chop as finely as possible toobtain a homogeneous dough. It is added to vegetable oil (just a few drops). Gruel of garlic rubbed daily in the place where the tumor formed. Also, from time to time, you can apply a film of raw eggs.

If you did everything right, after atime at the site overlay compress formed swelling and redness. This indicates that you have achieved the desired effect, ie, the flow of blood to education increased. After that you need to remove the compress, to give the skin some time to recover. When shoulders redness disappears, the procedure can be repeated. But be careful not to get burned!

  • Juice of celandine

In wen apply a few drops of juice, afterwhich you can remove the contents of the holes, using compresses with ointment Vishnevsky. To disinfect recommend taking a baked onion, aloe juice or plantain. They should grind to a mushy state. It is better to apply the juice of celandine in those areas of the skin where there is no hair growth. Before applying to the shoulders and neck, gather hair into a bun. It should be recalled that this plant belongs to the poisonous, so it should be treated properly. After its use on the skin may form a small sore or hole that passes quickly.

  • Cinnamon

To strengthen the body's resistance to helpcinnamon, which has almost magical properties. It should be consumed on a daily basis, but only in moderation. Ie from 0.5 to 1.5 Art. spoons. Add cinnamon powder can be in coffee, milk, soups, cereals, baked goods.

talc body treatment

Surgical methods for the treatment of lipomas

In case talc reached on your bodylarge size to cope with them folk remedies do not work. Before you remove lipomas doctor should examine the education and make a puncture. This will help determine the nature of the tumor. Sometimes you need an ultrasound or CT scan. And after that you can start treatment.

Option one - injection into the tumorspecial composition, which promotes the resorption Wen content. The advantage of this method is that the skin does not remain scars or scars. However, it is used in the case where the size does not exceed a few centimeters.

Second option - surgery. Resort to it when lipoma grew more than 3 centimeters. This small operation is performed under anesthesia. Unfortunately, you as a memento of her scars on the body. Plus, the first time you will have to avoid many usual cases.

Laser surgery - a new modern wayWen removal. Conducting an operation under local anesthesia. The advantage is that after the skin is left rough tracks. Healing occurs very quickly. But unfortunately, this method is not suitable for all women.

It is important to not only remove the lipoma itself, but alsocapsule that surrounds the tumor. Otherwise, possible relapse. If the operation has been performed poorly, with the time to start re-growth of the oil lamp on the body. Note: the contents sent for histological examination. This is necessary for the detection of malignant tumors.

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