" "Medical pedicure: testimony

Medical pedicure: testimony

medical pedicure


  • Indications for medical pedicure
  • Technique of medical pedicure

It is believed that any business cardwoman - her hands and it really is true, so do all women manicure. But about his feet, unfortunately, the fair sex is very often overlooked. Or, at best, nails varnished - and ready, she believes that it's done. But is it really?

Our legs have to be pretty bad -Firstly, all the load falls on legs, secondly, narrow deformation conducive uncomfortable shoes of both the foot and the nail plates. As a result - often on foot without tears will not look - growths, calluses, nails unattractive. Yeah, nail polish this situation, alas, will not save - in fact, it only draws attention to the legs and emphasize the ugly picture.

correct medical pedicure

Indications for medical pedicure

And if it was only in the aesthetics - it would bebad. But often such a careless attitude towards their legs leads to the development of various health problems. And to cope with the problems of women will simply not do. Moreover - even a beautician in the salon unlikely to be able to bring your legs in order. So what to do? Desperate situations, as we know, does not happen.

And in this case, the best solution would bemedical pedicure. Immediately I would like to draw the attention of the fair sex in the important detail - a real medical pedicure can be done only by a doctor. Keep this in mind when choosing a specialist - alas, often beauty rooms offer a pedicure, which they issue for a medical. But the lack of professionalism in this case, can only worsen the situation.

These same offices and renamed pedicuresin medical hardware. Woe cosmetologists acquire a special apparatus and begins to apply it in the case and idle stop polishing the skin and nails, not having the slightest idea of ​​how to do it and when that procedure is generally required.

At first glance, everything seems just wonderful -ingrown toenails, corns and calluses disappear, as if by the wave of a magic wand. Of course, a woman comes out of the cabin absolutely happy - her legs are flawless! But this joy will not last long - the problem very quickly come back, and the situation is much more lamentable. Simply put, people who came to the salon with small problems out there sick.

In order to really went procedurewoman on the benefit, it must be performed by a physician-Podiatry. This person has a medical degree, deeply studied dermatology, surgery, traumatology. Such a specialist can really realistically assess the condition of your feet, hold the necessary manipulations and tell you how to proceed.

How to understand what you need is a pedicureand the usual is no longer enough? It is best to have visited a specialist, and he made the decision, whether a medical pedicure needs. But it is quite natural - to understand that you need a specialist, you must guess about the existence of the problem. To perform this procedure, there are a number of indications:

  • cracks

Cracks on the feet, - the problem is verycommon, especially in the summer when the shoes mostly open. Sometimes minor cracks, but if you do not take urgent measures, they become very deep. And it not only looks unattractive, but also causes serious physical discomfort when walking. In this case, a medical pedicure can be a real salvation.

  • Neoplasms of the soles

Corns, calluses - our legs workaholicoh how hard times have to! Yes, and we are aggravating the situation, following the fashion and buying a terribly beautiful and fashionable, but sometimes very, very uncomfortable shoes. And yet, and sometimes warts pohlesche nuisance than mosquitoes on a warm summer night in the swamp, because they cause severe pain when walking.

  • Ingrown nails

The same narrow shoes often provokesthe development of such troubles, as the ingrown nail. Independently get rid of ingrown nail is not possible, but the pedicure, made by a specialist, will help get rid of the problem in the short term.

Of course, it's not all indications forhardware pedicure - that diabetic foot, and excessive sweating and fungal diseases, and many other problems. The main thing - to find a good specialist, and not to go into the first manicure room.

Valuable medical pedicure

Technique of medical pedicure

If you go to a master for the first time,most likely, you want to know what awaits you. Well, firstly, immediately I would like to note that during this type of manicure is obligatory complete sterility - there is no risk of infection.

  • Footbath

Once you forms a doctor will makea special bath for the feet - it is necessary for disinfection and skin softening. The composition of the bath includes special drugs that are selected individually, depending on the specific problems with your feet. The duration of this bath is usually

  • Foot Treatment

After the bath the skin of feet and toes willcarefully treated with special medication - anti-fungal, antibacterial, softening, depending on what problem you have come to the doctor. Sometimes the course is only one some substance, and sometimes - several, if the problem is complex.

  • skin Treatment

Further, the course is a special device thatIt operates on the principle grinder - removes excess stratum corneum, corns, calluses. And pedicure allows even remove such a serious problem, as the stem of corn. In the process of polishing the skin doctor will treat her various drugs several times.

  • nail Treatment

After the feet skin is treated, the doctorGetting Started with the nail plate. With the help of various cutters doctor grind the nail plate, process the corners of ingrown nail. If the nail is very strongly rooted and running situation, the doctor may decide to remove the entire ingrown nail plate. As you know, do this procedure can only be a specialist with medical education. And the same procedure will not be able to do here - you have to come to the doctor several times. It should monitor the healing process of the nail.

  • Other manipulations

Besides the above described manipulations can physicianmake a number of additional - from therapeutic massage and finishing with paraffin. Only a doctor is able to assess the situation and, if necessary, assign a complex treatment, choose the best course of care for their feet.

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