" "Sex during menstruation: say whether sex during menstruation?

Sex during menstruation: say whether sex during menstruation?

Sex during menstruation


  • Sex during menstruation: cons
  • Sex during menstruation: pros

Sex during menstruation - a special question andpretty slim. In general, sex during menstruation - a problem many couples in long-term sexual relationships. Firstly, many women are embarrassed or feel it, it's dangerous. Secondly, part of the men, in turn, is convinced that this occupation in the critical days really is unacceptable. They feel as if sexual intercourse during this period negigienichen or may cause a woman pain. At the same time, there are many men who are waiting for the onset of critical days in your second half looking. Such spouses believe that monthly exclude the possibility of pregnancy. Consequently, we can afford to relax. In addition, there are women who are at this time is particularly passionate. And it gets so their partners! So what to do and how to be? Can I have sex during menstruation? And if you can not, why, and how it can be dangerous? Well, we understand!

Sex during menstruation: cons

The main disadvantage of sex during menstruation isthe risk of infection of genitals, both women and men. Why? Because the bacteria for which the blood is a nutrient, it is actively developing. In women, they can easily penetrate through the open at this time inside the cervix and cause inflammation. As for men, they have a chance that these harmful microbes get into the urethra. The consequences in this case, too, will be very unpleasant. Condom in this case will only man. In women the disease risk still remains.

Another danger of sex during the menstrual cycle- Pregnancy. Yes, it is pregnancy, which many of us try to avoid and sigh with relief when advancing the critical days. That, they say, finally, now you can relax and let yourself go. Not a bit of it! No one hundred percent guarantee that the proximity of these days will not lead to conceive a child can be given. Conceive in this period is also possible. Why? Because we can not know for sure, one or two eggs out during ovulation. If two, then pregnancy is very likely.

And finally, the following constraintsex these days - a man who strongly priёmlyut sex at this time. No, they are even sometimes incredibly fond of his girlfriend! But it is certain that avoid sex on these days is by no means impossible. Why? The reasons are different. Someone eschews Lady of some religious beliefs or upbringing, someone is afraid to hurt her, someone finds a sexual act in the critical days unhygienic ... I must say that a man can never be considered. But his life partner it seems that her body in those days disgusting. And because you can not touch him!

In short, the reasons to shun sex betweenthere exists a lot of menstruation. And a large portion is already well acquainted with each other's partners and does. They steadfastly maintained for several days, often not even trying very much and closer to each other. In order not to succumb to the temptation. At the same time there are a lot of partners who not only are not afraid to stand in the critical days, and even seek to extract the maximum benefit from it. Why?

whether it is possible to have sex during menstruation

Can I have sex during menstruation?

Sex during menstruation: pros

No matter how indignant friend, exclaiming: "Do you have sex during menstruation? So you can not! ", If you really want, you should not pay attention to these disturbances. Because they have sex in the critical days has its advantages. What kind?

  1. Proximity during menstruation helpssignificant reduction of menstrual pain. Why? Because cramps, occurs during orgasm, the uterus is pushed out of the liquid. As a result, it reduces swelling and pain becomes much weaker;
  2. Sex during this time speeds up the process of rejection of endometrial cells. This leads to shortened menstruation;
  3. When menstruation a woman's vagina is well lubricatedwhile anti-inflammatory therapies. It becomes much narrower and more sensitive. All this facilitates the process of sexual intercourse and allows the emergence of especially bright orgasm.

There are girls who at the time of the menstrualcycle appears particularly strong sexual desire. Sometimes a lady, I am convinced that allow traditional sexual intercourse during this period of time can not be engaged in anal sex. Doing this should not be, because it increases the risk of vaginal infection. Because the anus is very close to him. It is better to let it be the most traditional intercourse. Doctors say that women in general, it is not dangerous to health.

And in general, whether to allow sex in the criticaldays, there can not be - especially individual case. Each couple must decide to address this issue itself. If it is a pleasure to both partners, it is quite acceptable. Well, if not, then why not take a break. In the end, some self-control is also useful.

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