" "Pain during sex Lower abdominal

Pain during sex Lower abdominal

pain during sex

Sex should be fun, but notdiscomfort. But in practice, a woman is often faced with the phenomenon of pain during sex. It often embarrassed to admit to anyone that there is a problem. Like, maybe more, and stop, you can bear. But the result of this attitude can be quite deplorable. Women frequently experience pain during sex, she has produced a kind of unconditioned reflex. Sex - the expectation of pain - pain itself.

And even after the cause of painwill be identified and eliminated, the body at the moment of sexual intimacy derives from the "Archives" Memory familiar sensations and outputs them. The result is a vicious circle - the match seems to be nothing, but at the same time a woman feels very real pain. Therefore, in no case should not ignore the problem - try to solve it as soon as she first manifested itself.


And we start our conversation from the beginning of sexuala woman's life. The first time most women experience pain during defloration or, in simple terms, during the deprivation of virginity. And often the main cause of such pain becomes banal fear of women before sex. This fear leads to a strong spasm of muscles of the body, but primarily vaginal muscles.

Sometimes there are cases that the hymenIt is too thick, and with a large number of nerve endings. But more often membrane is very thin and flexible, so at first sexual intercourse, it is not torn, and gently stretched. And that is why in most cases, severe pain at a defloration should not be. How, by the way, and bleeding - his absence could be called the norm rather than the disease. As you can see, most often the cause of pain becomes a banal fear.


Vaginismus is also a very widelycommon problem. Usually, the cause of vaginismus is a sad sexual experience, in which the woman has experienced very unpleasant sensations. These negative associations are fixed in the subconscious and in the most crucial moment of being felt.

Actually, the pain does not arise because of the penetration ofpenis, but because of the strong contraction of the vaginal muscles. Incidentally, like the pain of a woman emerge and gynecological examination. vaginal muscles tighten so much that enter the mirror becomes almost impossible.

And in the first and in another situation, a mechanismof the pain is the same - a strong muscle spasm. And because of this, and having pain and not due to the fact that penetrates into the vagina foreign body. The only way to deal with the problem in this situation would be a psychologist and sexologist. In principle, the timely begun treatment issue is resolved fairly quickly.

lower abdominal pain during sex

Inflammatory processes

In the event that a woman during sexexperiencing discomfort in the vagina, such as burning, pain, itching, can be suspected in her presence of certain inflammatory processes. And the first thing to do in this situation - is to consult a gynecologist. The doctor prescribe the necessary examinations and appropriate treatment.

In the treatment of sexual life must berefuse, or, in extreme cases, use a condom. By the way - the treatment is absolutely necessary to carry out both partners, no matter what the results of analyzes of men. And pay attention! Do not immediately jumped on her husband, accusing him of all mortal sins - not any inflammatory process is evidence of treason.

In most all cases, the development ofthe inflammatory process is triggered by the natural microflora for any organism: Staphylococcus, E. coli, fungi. Being in their usual habitat, these organisms do not cause any problems. But falling in unusual places - for example, from the intestine into the vagina, they are beginning to multiply and lead to the development of inflammation. So do not look for the guilty, and you need as quickly as possible to begin treatment.

adhesive process

Also, many women are often concerned about pain in the lowerabdomen during sex. And it is very likely that the cause of the pain is the presence of adhesions. Adhesions in all cases are the result of previously transferred inflammatory bowel or appendages. If she noticed the pain during sexual intercourse, it is necessary to remember, but it was not there before her periodic abdominal pain.

Doctors say that spikes in small bodiespelvis are present in the vast majority of adult women. Often, they do not bother the women and have no harm to their health. But in some cases, the pain from adhesions makes itself felt it during sex - especially in certain poses. Incidentally, it is the right choice of posture help minimize discomfort during sex.

In addition, you must seek assistance from thegynecologist. He will hold the necessary examination and prescribe treatment. Most often the problem can be solved with the help of physical therapy. But in some cases, if the adhesions is particularly strong, the doctors have to resort to surgery. Incidentally, the same applies to a variety of injuries, fractures and joints, especially after a difficult birth.


Very often pain in the lower abdomen duringsex is a consequence of such diseases as endometriosis. Endometriosis is often manifested spotting, not related to the menstrual cycle, and painful sensations. Including pain during sex. Moreover, the pain of endometriosis are strongest in the middle of the menstrual cycle. And this pain is very strong - it often makes sexual intercourse practically impossible.

Venous congestion

In that case, if the sex life of womenirregular, or if during sexual intercourse the woman gets an orgasm, she could face a very unpleasant phenomenon. Blood is constantly poured into the pelvic organs, and its proper outflow will occur. At first, the woman will be a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen, dragging pain after intercourse. Over time, this state leads to swelling of the vaginal walls, which means - painful sensations already during the actual sex. And the pain can be very sharp.

Such a state is not just uncomfortable forwomen - it is a very negative effect on the general condition of the female reproductive system. It may trigger the development of diseases such as breast, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian dysfunction and other. Therefore, in any case, do not leave the problem unattended - promptly contact your gynecologist, and if necessary - and a sex therapist.

  • Neuralgia pelvic nerves

In that case, if a woman says a lot of painin the pelvic area, further enhances intercourse or gynecological examination, gave up, fair to assume that a woman's pelvic nerves neuralgia. About the phenomenon of a simple man in the street, little is known, but the fact remains - the neuralgia is not only an intercostal or face.

Leave neuralgia without treatment in any caseit is impossible. It is hardly possible, because the pain is very strong, even if the woman is in a state of complete rest. Treated neuralgia pelvic nerves as well as any other neuralgia - physiotherapy, warming ointment, capsicum plasters. But it is better not to engage in self - consult your gynecologist, who reliably diagnose disease and prescribe the best treatment.

  • Lack of lubrication

In that case, if a woman during sexualAct allocated too little lubrication during intercourse can also be very uncomfortable feelings, and sometimes pain. In situations like this is to see a doctor, who will determine the cause and find a solution. You can also take advantage of special lubricants that are sold in pharmacies.

abdominal pain during sex

From what can not be sick?

widespread among some womenmisconceptions that can cause abdominal pain during sex. In order to dispel these myths, below we will tell about the most common ones:

  • Cervical erosion

Often you can hear that the pain in the abdomenduring intercourse is due precisely cervical erosion. But the doctors say that the physiological characteristics of the female body are such that cervical erosion hurt simply can not. So, you need to be examined and to reveal the true cause of pain.

  • Anatomically incompatible partners

Very often, pain during intercourse femaleThey blamed it on the discrepancy of genitals partners sizes. In fact, such is extremely rare - no more than 1% of all cases. vaginal tissue is so flexible that by stretching the penis in a healthy woman's pain will arise. Therefore, in any case, to determine the cause of pain is necessary as soon as possible address to the gynecologist.


In any case, the pain signal is alwaysthe body that he has something wrong. As you can see for yourself, the pain can testify to physical and psychological problems. And in fact, in either case, this phenomenon is unacceptable to leave without attention, because any problem is easier to solve it in the early stages of its occurrence.

And the decision of such sensitive issues asshould generally be complex. Solution gynecological problems, stabilization of mental status, help and support of a loved one - all these measures very soon will give a positive result. And as a general survey of women will not be superfluous, since all the body is interconnected.

By the way, from the sexual partner is very dependentand a great deal. If she trusts your loved one, then the treatment will be faster. And if you receive such support you can not, think about it - maybe next to you is not the hero of your novel? In any case - do not worry, you will succeed. And may your life be beautiful in all its manifestations!

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