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Colored Contact Lenses

colored contact lenses

In pursuit of the beauty of the women do not stopnot before than. For many years proverb "Beauty requires sacrifice" is extremely relevant. But sometimes these same sacrifices in the pursuit of beauty is forced to bear a woman's health. High heels, light clothing, sun deck. And in recent years has become increasingly popular colored contact lenses. Women in search of diversity and the ideal image began to experiment not only with the hair color, and eye color.

Not long ago, contact lenses were the onlycorrecting vision. Recently, however, available for sale were colored contact lenses for people with perfect eyesight. They are intended to change the color of the iris, while not compromising quality.

Short-term wearing properly selectedcolored lenses will not, in general, much harm to your vision. But in any case we must not forget that any misuse of contact lenses - corrective and and color, able to provide a very negative impact on eyesight women.

Common myths about contact lenses

There is a huge number of various errors related to contact lens wear. As a result, suffers from human sight. So:

  • Term use of contact lenses

Many women believe that they can wearcontact lenses for far longer than specified on the package. However, this is not the case - as the use of contact lenses to their surface occurs inevitably deposits accumulating on their surfaces. A large number of these deposits leads to the emergence of various inflammatory processes of the eye.

  • Time of continuous wear contact lenses

Sometimes women, for whatever reason, do not removecolored contact lenses at night, in the mistaken belief that nothing bad because it will not. However, studies of doctors - ophthalmologists say otherwise. The man's eyes, just like any other organ in need of sufficient oxygen. During sleep, the flow of oxygen to the eyeballs and so reduces from behind closed eyelids. And if contact lenses are not removed, the amount of oxygen supplied to the eyeballs, even less.

  • Carnival contact lenses

In addition to a colored contact lenses,intended to change the color of the iris of the eye, there are the so-called carnival colored lenses. They change not only the color of the eyes, but also its structure - on the iris of the various drawings. Eyes can be converted, for example, in the cat. And many women, trying to shocking, these lenses are almost all the time. However, to do so in any case it is impossible, since such lenses is much thicker than normal, and hence the oxygen is passed much worse. And the vision of such lenses is much worse, as they reduce the sharpness and contrast perception.

  • Colored contact lenses for brown eyes

Many women believe that for brown eye lens does not exist. However, in reality this is not true - they are sold on a par with all the others.

The problems associated with wearing colored contact lenses

In that case, if you decide thatColored contact lenses are yet to be, remember that you may encounter a number of problems. For example, inflammation of organs and allergic reactions. As a result, they may experience frequent conjunctivitis and corneal edema. To reduce the risk of such complications must be carefully and properly care for contact lenses.

Wrong selection of contact lenses may alsolead to quite serious consequences: loss of vision and even almost total blindness. In no case do not risk your eyesight and do not choose contact lenses without the help of a doctor - ophthalmologist.

If you are in the room, which is veryhigh levels of dust, smoke concentration, or other chemicals, it is necessary to refuse from wearing colored contact lenses during work hours. The explanation of this fact is simple: the material from which made contact lenses, has the ability to quickly absorb any impurities. As a result of inflammation and allergic reactions are practically inevitable.

Of course, sometimes the use of colorcontact lenses possible. However, to ensure that they did not cause any harm to the body, do not forget that the first contact lenses, colored or ordinary, are medical devices. And they are wrong, uncontrolled use is unacceptable under any circumstances.

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