" "How to keep young skin? How to extend a woman's beauty?

How to keep young skin? How to extend a woman's beauty?

how to keep skin young

Beauty and time. What a pity that these two concepts are seldom friendly to each other. But in the strong hands of our women all the impossible becomes real. We are able to tame the relentless time and the fragile beauty! It is quite feasible.

Did you pay attention to one oddity? Middle-aged woman looks like a girl of twenty, not a wrinkle on her face young smile and glowing eyes. And the other, and like a young lady, but let all forty of its extinct look and dull mind. So, the time may be subject to beauty? Or there are special secrets of how to keep youth?

Let's talk about how to not let go of youth, but it is natural, without the participation of experienced plastic surgeons and beauticians. Artificially be young only superficially and for a short while.

shake your body

Our body has the ability to be lazy. Imagine that the human body - is a complex mechanism. If some little cog suddenly rust - will damage the entire system. It is from this and start with health problems and a variety of ailments - from any fallen asleep suddenly Circuits.

We need to rest, this one does not argue. But the rest can be active. In the gym or taking up gymnastics. Especially good and fully act on the body yoga. Only need to learn this ancient science of rejuvenation under the watchful guidance of an experienced coach.

Make it a rule every week to visitpool. And start your day with a contrast shower to wake up your whole body. If you do not want to give a morning jog, turn fiery music and dance to the soul. Activities throughout the day you provided.

Body and Soul

You've probably heard that a man twoage: biological and passport. And almost always between the ages there is a difference. We must strive to youthful biological and passport shall be for the paper recording. How to keep youth? If the soul is young, and the body tends to youth.

You must learn to be distracted from the problemsvital that their anxiety is constantly eating away the forces of our body. At least half an hour a day, completely relax, lying on a couch and listening to relaxing music (the sound of water and birdsong).

How to maintain a youthful body and soul? The main secret - do not hesitate about his age, abstracted from it. Age offended and he abandons you. And it will bother others more doubtful women who believe their every morning wrinkles.

Find a hobby. Remember, what you wanted to do as a child, what are you dreaming? Can dance or take pictures, and can collect butterflies. If you want to become and to be always young, our childhood dreams must be near.

Clean your inner world, if you are a lovershout and swear, to sort things out - radically change this attitude to life. Evil men, envious and scandalous will never look young and beautiful, even at a young age. Anger and envy - is unnecessary wrinkles and general decrepitude of the body.

Improving the quality of food

We ate somehow, now in vogue eateryfast food. This eatery - ran, a snack and ran on. Moreover, what we eat should be treated selectively. Food at all should not become a cult, it must be our helper, not an idol.

Slender people always look younger. The absence of excess weight is a very good indicator of proper operation of the whole organism. Do not aim for immediate results, especially if you have more than one extra kilogram. Diet - conscious and emphatic no!

We do not need the extra stress and upheaval forthe body that is required to be present, if we give up favorite foods. Eat wisely, more fruit, less flour. But do not completely abandon need from chocolate cakes. You did not hurt your favorite cake, if you will eat it up to 12 hours of the day.

In general, any meal eaten before noon, evenvery nutritious, it is not going to extra kilos on your waist. This is the tried and tested. But in the evening it is useful to give preference to products - milk and natural. These simple rules will guarantee the normalization of weight and good mood at any time of the day.

Purity of all

This applies not only to our house, in purityapartment - is sacred. It is necessary to make clear our body, to rid it of toxins and to work actively to spur metabolism. Already after the first course of cleansing the body, you will feel for yourself what is the joy of life. There comes the improvement immediately, and not only within the body.

Perfectly face and shiny hair willrapidly disappearing extra weight, and all the forces that the body previously sent for recycling slag, and now it will go to improve the functioning of all organs. If your skin is poor - go to a consultation with a dermatologist, sometimes the body is so intoxicated that need the help of experts.

Unfortunately, we live in a stubborn ecology thateveryone does not want to improve. Vitamins of the complex will allow us to improve the environment inside our body. Especially in a dull and rainy off-season. By the way a daily glass of natural dry red wine is very good for the heart and blood condition.

Love your body

Take care of the skin. It is not necessary to become a regular customer of the beauty salons. Better money set aside to visit spas, spend on wardrobe update. In fashion naturalness, and in the means of hair care products and skin and body too.

No ultra-modern cream does not replace the usefolk medicinal recipes. What a wonderful hair and complexion were at our grandmothers! Heavy chic braids to his waist and a natural glow to cheeks. Pharmacies can be purchased quite cheaply various useful herbs and oils. How to keep the youth of the skin and the body? Resort to the help of nature.

All masks, compresses, and various creams can beto do himself, and only from natural resources. Even hair color can resort to old recipes. Henna, Basma, broth onion peel and chamomile flowers. A wonderful, natural colors and long, plus and a significant improvement in the hair structure.

Our nature gives many answers to your question: how to stay young and keep the female beauty. The world around us is created in harmony and beauty. If we become closer to him, and we get closer to unlocking eternal youth.

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