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Vaginismus. On this issue, do not say out loud. Moreover, this problem rarely go to the doctor - it is so delicate. Meanwhile, if a woman has vaginismus, treatment is necessary to begin immediately. For treatment to be initiated in a timely manner, the woman should be clearly understood that it is happening and do not miss the early warning signs that indicate that there are some problems.

What is vaginismus? Doctors give the following definition: vaginismus - is an involuntary spasmodic contraction of the muscles of the pelvic floor and the muscles of the vestibule and the lower third. These reductions occur when attempts to introduce into the vagina penis. From the point of view of psychology, this process is nothing else than the reflex of the invasion of a foreign body protection. And look for the causes of vaginismus is necessary, as a rule, in a woman's mind. That is why, when deciding how to treat vaginismus, women simply need to contact a sex therapist.

If a woman has vaginismus, symptoms will be as follows:

  • During attempts to introduce vagina with the penis is a sharp spasm, and the woman feels a strong sharp pain.
  • When you try on a gynecological examination chair with the help of mirrors going on the same situation.
  • The woman has difficulty when using tampons. When you try to introduce the tampon into the vagina as a woman feels the muscle spasms and pain, though less strong.

Experts say if a woman has vaginismus, causesshould look deeply into the subconscious. The most common cause of vaginismus is the first sexual intercourse. In that case, if a woman is very afraid of the pain associated with the process of defloration, she subconsciously trying to avoid it. This is what explains the vaginal spasms. In this case, advice on how to get rid of vaginismus, is only one: the man must show tolerance and understanding. Only in this case it is possible to overcome the fears of women before sexual intimacy.

However, if a man showed excessiveperseverance, was rude, and deflowering process still took place, and even if it is very painful, the situation is much worse. And in such a situation, this problem is getting rid of vaginismus, it becomes almost impossible on their own, without the intervention of a gynecologist and sexologist.

The psychologist will conduct with a woman the necessary work,find out whether it is true vaginismus and its causes. In some cases, the problem has its roots in adolescence or even childhood. After all, the psychological trauma can be caused by anything:

  • Accidentally seen in childhood sexual actparents. It can cause serious psychological trauma for children's fragile psyche, because the child does not understand what is happening and why cries beloved mother.
  • Puritan upbringing of girls. If mom and inspires the girl child, that all men are not worthy, but in adolescence suggests that the sex - it's unpleasant duty and dirt, like education certainly will turn in the future for girls serious psychological problems.
  • Gaining knowledge about the sexual aspect of life from their peers, from pornographic literature and films.

Furthermore, according to psychologists, mostvaginismus often observed symptoms in women with a weak type of mentality and presence of obsessive phobia of water, heights, darkness and other things. As a rule, these women are in need of psychological treatment of their consciousness.

Vaginismus how to treat depends on the extent to which it is expressed. There are three degrees of vaginismus:

  1. Light degree. In this form of vaginismus penis penetrates the vagina for no apparent effort, but a woman experiences during intercourse only unpleasant, slightly painful.
  2. The average severity. With this degree of vaginismus penis can also penetrate into the vagina, but even in the most gentle and smooth movement of women feel severe pain in the pelvic area.
  3. Severe form of vaginismus. The woman experiences a panic fear at the thought of sexual intercourse. vaginal spasms are so powerful that you can not enter the vagina not only the penis, but even a fingertip.

Whatever the degree of vaginismus, womanIt refers to sex as a duty, and is experiencing a frank fear of him. When mild vaginismus woman and a man can not even guess at the existence of the problem, just on a subconscious level, she will seek by all possible means to avoid sexual intimacy. However, in such cases, a woman, at first glance, live a full life, and even give birth to children.

It should be noted that vaginismus after childbirth passesindependently. During the birth process is a relaxation of the cervix, vagina and the muscles are stretched. Of course, after a few months they will return to its previous state, but this time is usually enough to make a woman ceased to feel fear before intercourse. In addition, another important reason for the disappearance of vaginismus after childbirth is a self-assessment, which increased after the birth of a child in any woman.

However, it is often confused with vaginismuspsevdovaginizmom. Very often, there is such a thing as bacterial vaginismus. In this case, the pain is caused by inflammation of the vaginal mucosa. This, as well as adhesions, malformations of the reproductive system and cause psevdovaginizm. In this case, if a woman has symptoms of bacterial vaginismus, treatment should be carried out not a psychologist, a gynecologist.

Also, before deciding how tocure vaginismus, the physician should be differentiated from the so-called fear of sexual intercourse without reducing the vaginal muscles. To do this, a woman should see a doctor gynecologist.

Some doctors advise women whovaginismus occurs, exercises to develop the muscles of the vagina. However, vaginismus such exercises can aggravate an existing problem, as the trained muscle spasms will be even stronger.

Much more reasonable is not tormented with the question ofhow to cure the vaginismus, and when the first symptoms of the problem to address for the qualified help. If a woman says you can not use tampons or during intercourse, she should immediately consult a doctor sexologist, and in his absence to a gynecologist.

Unfortunately, some gynecologists are notnotice the obvious problems and deny the existence of such phenomena as vaginismus. In this case, should not lose heart, and should turn to another doctor, who knows what vaginismus, and how to treat this unpleasant disease.

As a rule, the treatment of vaginismus is always prettysuccessful, though it may take quite a long time - from one to three months. Gradually sexual function in women will be fully restored. First, most of all, there is sexual arousal, when it is joined by the vaginal moisture. However, to successfully get rid of the problem at a very important support and understanding of the sexual partner. Man, in order to prevent recurrence of the disease, in any case, must not rush things.

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