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a new generation of Contraceptives

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Protection against unwanted pregnancy - isOne of the most pressing issues of concern to all women. Everyone understands that abortion brings great harm to the female body. However, gynecologists was seriously concerned about the situation in spite of the fact that now there is a new generation of contraceptives, the number of unplanned pregnancies end in abortion, is growing every year.

What causes women to give upeffective use of a new generation of contraceptives, thoughtless risk, and, in the end, to go to an abortion? The financial side of the issue? It is unlikely that it can be called obёktivnoy cause - the methods and means of contraception are very diverse. If desired, a woman with absolutely any income can choose the appropriate means of protection against unwanted pregnancy. In fact, most of the methods of contraception and do not bring much damage to the budget of women. Abortion will entail much more damage to a woman, both financial and moral.

If the reason for the refusal of women from the mediaprotection from unwanted pregnancy is not the material side, then what? What causes women to risk their health and ignore contraceptive methods? As the results of long-term observation of doctors and gynecologists, as well as statistics polls, often guilty of giving up the use of contraceptive methods are banal reasons:

  • Ordinary laziness. Women do not want to search for suitable methods to prevent unwanted pregnancies. However, hope for a "maybe" will sooner or later lead a woman to unwanted pregnancies. If you do not want a long time to choose the methods of contraception - the spiral is exactly what you need. In order to use this method of contraception, like a spiral, you will have a time to spend a few hours on a trip to the doctor gynecologist, then you are a few years can forget about the problem of contraception. This is the best method of contraception for women who do not want to keep track of your menstrual cycle or reception of tablets.
  • The ignorance of the principle of most methodsprevent unwanted pregnancies. Unfortunately, harmful contraceptives in the minds of many women greatly exaggerated. Often around the means of protection against pregnancy entire legend added, transmitted from one woman to another, each time acquiring all lots of horrific details about the dangers of contraceptives. If the woman fears for their health, it is necessary to address to the gynecologist doctor, who will help her choose the most secure method of contraception, given its features is the health and needs.
  • Hope for the rhythm method of contraception. Many women use is the rhythm method of contraception. However, they do not take into account the fact that the successful use of the calendar method of contraception menstrual cycles a woman has to be very, very stable. Such a method - not the most secure method of contraception.
  • Fear of women used contraceptive methods atbreastfeeding. Many mothers believe that it can bring serious harm to your baby's health. However, in reality, it is not. The use of contraceptives while breastfeeding is safe and can not in any way harm the health of the crumbs. If the woman still - still very afraid, she can always choose a non-hormonal contraceptives. About what they are, it will be discussed a little later.

On the dangers of abortion that women havedo because of the neglect of modern contraceptive methods, says a lot. Therefore, this article on this issue will not accentuate attention. It is told that there are some modern methods of contraception, as well as the classification of methods of contraception.

Natural methods of contraception

The physiological method of contraception is one of the favorite for many women, despite its imperfections. There are two types of physiological method of contraception:

  • Temperature method of contraception.
  • The calendar method of contraception.

Female body is designed in such a way thata woman can get pregnant, not every day, but strictly on certain days of your menstrual cycle. Pregnancy is possible only during ovulation. Ovulation is called the exit process from the ovaries mature egg.

Any biological contraception method is basedit is at this particular woman's body. And that is why, for the protection of biological methods of contraception, it is important that the woman had a stable menstrual cycle.

Natural contraception method, calledcalendar, to determine the time of ovulation by counting and scheduling favorable for conception days. In order to do so, a woman must know some of the features of the process of conception.

The fertilized egg can only beWithin one day from the date of release from the ovary. Sperm also retains the ability to fertilize an egg for three days after vaginal penetration. This natural based features and methods of contraception, including calendar.

To begin with the woman is necessary to determinethe duration of her menstrual cycle. For it is necessary to take the first day of menstruation the first day of the cycle. From the resulting duration subtract 18 days - you will receive the first favorable day for conception. Then subtract from the first day of the menstrual cycle 11 - you will get the last "unsafe" day. Remember that the reliability of such a biological method of contraception is only possible in the case of a stable cycle for at least a year.

Temperature method of contraception - more thanreliable contraceptive device as it is based on accurate measurement of a constant level of basal body temperature. Basal places where the temperature is measured, it is the mouth, vagina, rectum.

In the evening, prepare a notebook, a pen and a thermometer. Preferably use an ordinary mercury, as his readings are more accurate, and accuracy is very important for an effective method of contraception. Immediately after waking up, do not put in the bed, measure the temperature in the rectum, for 10 minutes. Try to measure the temperature in one and the same time. After that, immediately write down the readings in a notebook, do not rely on your memory.

The temperature should be measured at leastwithin a month. After that, the woman must be a timetable, noting the vertical calendar dates, and across - the basal temperature. Then connect the dots between them. As a result, you get a graph of your menstrual cycle.

Immediately after there was a processovulation, basal temperature rises sharply, accounting for about 37, 3 degrees Celsius. The most favorable for conception days - this time for 4 days before and after the temperature rise.

This method is difficult to attribute to the bestmethod of contraception, because it is not reliable enough, but his followers say about some of its advantages over traditional methods of contraception. For objectivity's sake, these advantages are listed below:

  • No need to introduce foreign substances into the body, such as, for example, using barrier methods of contraception.
  • Unlike pills to prevent unwanted pregnancy, these methods belong to the category of safe contraception.
  • Also, these methods prefer to use the believing women, since it is the only church permitted ways to prevent unwanted pregnancy.
  • Such methods are non-hormonal methods of contraception.

Minus these methods only one, but very significant - they are even and safe contraceptives, but it is very unreliable.

Birth control pills

contraceptive methods

Methods of contraception for women in our time are wide enough. Including contraceptives - tablets. Tablets - fairly reliable contraceptives protect against pregnancy in about 98% of cases. This high degree of protection is achieved within the composition through pills artificially synthesized sex hormones.

Oral contraceptives inhibitovulation processes, as well as alter the normal structure of the endometrium, thereby eliminating the possibility of implantation of the embryo, even if fertilization has occurred yet. Thus, tablets for the prevention of unwanted pregnancies provide multi-level protection. That is why the pills are considered to be the most reliable method of contraception.

Some women worry about the factwhether it is possible pregnancy after contraceptive, special hormones. Such fears are totally groundless, everything changes in a woman's body, completely reversible and disappear after women stop taking oral contraceptives. In addition, these contraceptives like pills, have a very "nice" side effect - almost all women report significant improvement in skin condition, hair and nails.

In some cases, hormonalcontraceptives for women gynecologists prescribed for therapeutic purposes, for the correction of hormonal disorders. Remember that the independent choice of hormonal contraceptives for women is unacceptable. Assign hormonal contraceptives for women should only gynecologist. For pick up of the effective methods of contraception can only be given all the individual characteristics of the female body.

Doctors have identified a number of advantages of hormonal contraceptives for women:

  • The stabilization of the menstrual cycle in women, in whom it was irregular.
  • Also, hormonal methods of female contraception practically eliminate premenstrual syndrome and physical discomfort during menstruation.
  • Hormonal methods of contraception for women to protect women from such common diseases as iron deficiency anemia.
  • Women who use hormonal methods of female contraception, 60% reduced risk of all kinds of inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system.
  • In addition, significantly reduces the risk ofall kinds of tumor diseases. Moreover, there is a pronounced therapeutic effect. For example, women who used hormonal contraceptives during fibroids, doctors have noted a significant improvement, and even a complete cure.
  • The risk of osteoporosis in women whowomen used hormonal contraceptives, it is reduced at times, which is also important. Unfortunately, osteoporosis is facing a good half of all women. For it is also worth paying attention to when choosing contraception after 35 years.
  • Remarkable prevention of occurrence of future severe complications such as ectopic pregnancy.
  • Using the female hormonal contraceptives significantly improves the condition of the skin and treats a large number of skin diseases associated with hormonal disorders.

However, listing the many virtues, it should be said also about the negative side, which has the most effective method of contraception:

  • Women who preferred thisa method of preventing an unwanted pregnancy, there may be a periodic increase in blood pressure. However, such side effects is very rare, no more than 5% and usually in women who suffer from essential hypertension.
  • Modern contraceptives to hormone-based attacks can cause gallstones in women who suffer from it.
  • Choosing pill - the most effectivecontraception - it is necessary to take into account that in the first few months they can cause menstrual irregularities. These disorders can manifest themselves in the form of spotting, or, on the contrary, the complete absence of menstrual bleeding. This phenomenon should not be afraid, because it is temporary and disappears on its own, after two - three months after the beginning of taking the drug. In the same case, if it does not, which is rare, women should consult a doctor who will help you choose another, more optimal, the drug. After all, the effectiveness of contraceptive methods is provided by individual selection.
  • The main argument against hormonedrugs, which push women who prefer a non-hormonal methods of contraception, is a set of excess body weight. In fact, the concentration of hormones in the modern contraceptives so small that it can in no way affect the body weight. But weight gain is due to improperly balanced diet and insufficient physical activity.
  • Some drugs can cause enoughdiscomfort in the breast-like sensation in pregnancy: breast can be poured and even ache. Typically, these feelings disappear after a few months after starting taking the drug.
  • In very rare cases, you may experiencesevere headache, wearing paroxysmal in nature. In that case, if the headache occurs more than twice a week, the woman should immediately stop taking the drug and consult a doctor.
  • Women using hormonalcontraceptives after 40 years, often complain about the periodic emergence of feelings of nausea, almost never turning into vomiting. Doctors attribute this age hormonal changes in the body of the woman.
  • Some women complain that after the beginning of reception of tablets have been emotional instability. However, doctors have denied connection with contraception.
  • Quite often in the first few months of a womanIt may mark a change of sexual attraction. In some women it rises, partly it contributes to this the fact that a woman ceases to be afraid of unwanted pregnancies. And other women, by contrast, complain about the decrease in sexual desire. However, this is also a temporary phenomenon, and worry about this woman is not worth it.
  • In rare cases when taking hormonaldrugs may cause age spots, especially in those areas of the skin that are exposed to direct sunlight. In the event of such complications, women should notify their physician. Usually, after a couple of months, the problem goes away by itself.

Barrier contraception

New methods of contraception give womenwide choose. If a woman does not want to, for some - any reason to drink the pill, she can choose contraceptives topical. The principle on which there are vaginal contraceptives, is very simple: use chemicals that are introduced into the woman's vagina. After contact with the sperm of these chemicals, bearing the name of spermicides, instantly destroying them. In addition, spermicides provide a thin protective film on the vaginal mucosa, as occurs thickening cervical secretions. Thus, there is an additional barrier to sperm.

Provided two chemicals usedin vaginal contraceptives: benzalkonium chloride and nonoxynol. It is based on them created many women's favorite contraceptive local application, called "Pharmatex". Another very important plus, which possess such contraceptives while breastfeeding, it is a complete security for the baby, as the active substances do not penetrate into breast milk. The following describes the main types of contraception in this group.

Kontratseptin refers to "chemical groupcontraception ", disinfects, has an antibacterial effect and kills sperm. This is the best contraceptive for women who have a sexual life is irregular. This tool does not require systematic use enough once, immediately before sexual intercourse, vaginal suppositories to enter the vagina.

Nonoksilol also refers to "chemical groupmeans of protection against pregnancy. " He also has a pronounced spermicidal effect, leads to immobilization and death of sperm. In addition, this drug has a pronounced antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effect, thus ensuring a sufficiently high level of protection against many sexually transmitted infection. Similarly, the same effect has Patenteks oval. The form in which these are available contraceptives - candles.

Pasta gramitsidinovaya continues to listcontraceptives. Active ingredient in the chemical birth control is an antibiotic gramicidin. He has a powerful bactericidal and contraception. In addition, very often its use is recommended for women who suffer from inflammatory diseases of the cervix or vagina.

Chemical methods of contraception are also offeringsuch effective means as tratseptin. This is a very powerful tool, having a contraceptive effect. Available in the form of tablets to be administered directly into the vagina before sexual intercourse itself. However, this chemical method of contraception can cause side effects such as strong burning sensation in the vagina. If you encounter this problem, you should pay your attention to other local contraceptives.

The newest methods of contraception offers womensuch means as Pharmatex. It is a contraceptive drug that reliably protects against unintended pregnancy. According to its efficiency it can be put on a par with such contraceptives as candles, spiral and tablets. The risk of pregnancy is not more than 1%. In addition, this chemical means of birth control have a high potential to protect women from many sexually transmitted infection. It has a depressing effect on the pathogenic flora such as candida, chlamydia, herpes, chlamydia and gonococci.

This tool is one of the bestcontraceptive methods while breastfeeding, and for those women who are contraindicated IUD - spiral. Pharmatex does not have any contraindications and side effects, can be safely used even as a means of birth control after 40 years.

Pharmatex comes in several forms:

  • Vaginal balls. They are entered in 3 minutes prior to sexual intercourse, deep into the vagina.
  • The second form - this is the cream. The cream is also necessary to introduce immediately before intercourse deep into the vagina.
  • Tampons. Inserted into the vagina before intercourse, the protective effect lasts for 24 hours, while a similar contraceptives single. And before each new sexual act is necessary to introduce a new dose of the drug.

If candles are used methods of contraception, be sure that they were on hand at the right time, so you do not start frantically rush in search of a treasured box.

Some women prefer prettyexotic contraceptive patch, for example. The patch is stuck on the skin of women for a certain period, during which takes place protection against unintended pregnancy. On what is based the operation of such a contraceptive, as a patch? Under its influence in the female body changes hormone levels, which, strictly speaking, and has a contraceptive effect. It should be borne in mind that this method is quite young, so the effectiveness of this method of contraception is reliably known.

Enumerating barrier contraceptivesring is also impossible to ignore. In fact, the notion that the ring - a non-hormonal contraceptive incorrectly. Its operating principle is the same as that of the tablets. However, its advantage lies in the fact that a woman is no need to constantly monitor the timely use. Such a contraceptive, as a ring, once is enough to put in the vagina - and for three weeks, you can forget about the protection issue. Hormones contained in the vaginal ring, enter the bloodstream and provides protection against pregnancy.

Due to the action of hormones is changedlining of the uterus - it thickens and loses its ability to implantation of the ovum. This means reliable protection against unwanted pregnancy in 97% of cases, but do not forget that it does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. That is why its use is justified only if there is a permanent sexual partner.


Very often, a woman in response to your question about howsome contraceptives better hear about the Navy. Navy - is the intrauterine device. And whether or not it is the most reliable method of contraception? To figure it out, you need to know on what basis is derived from the occurrence of unwanted pregnancy protection.

IUD isspecial flexible device intended for introduction into the uterus for a long time, and provides protection against unintended pregnancy. There are two kinds of IUDs:

  • Nemedekamentoznaya spiral.
  • Medication. Such a helix can contain substances such as copper, silver, gold, progesterone and other preparations.

Form IUD can also bevery diverse: in the form of a ring, and in a spiral in the other modifications. As most plastic materials used to make this intrauterine devices. Helix combines the advantages possessed by the barrier methods of contraception and hormone.

Protection against pregnancy is due to the fact that the spiral:

  • Causes of cervical mucus thickening of the uterine canal.
  • Significantly reduces the speed of the egg in the uterine cavity.
  • It reduces the ability of sperm to penetrate the uterine cavity.
  • It causes changes in the lining of the uterus structure.

IUD is currentlythe most effective method of contraception, it gives 99% guarantee of protection against unwanted pregnancy. In addition, when compared to control means for lactating women, the comparison is in favor of a spiral. It is completely safe for the baby, as the drug even when using spiral into breast milk is not a single drop will penetrate the drug.

Put Navy woman may, at any time convenient forher time, regardless of the day of the menstrual cycle, which allows a woman to choose the most convenient day for her campaign to the doctor. In addition, if you choose contraception after delivery, the spiral - the best option for you, because it can enter immediately after birth, as well as after uncomplicated abortion.

The intrauterine device is the bestContraceptive for women who want to achieve long-term and effective protection against pregnancy. However, when choosing contraceptives for girls, it is necessary to know that the use of a spiral in nulliparous women is not recommended.

It is not recommended to leave a spiral in the cavityThe uterus is longer than indicated in the annotation. Also, in no case is it possible to extract the spiral independently. Summing up, I would like to once again pay attention to some facts:

  • Such a contraceptive, like a spiral, can be used as a method of contraception after childbirth. In advance, take care of acquiring a spiral and inform the doctor about your desire.
  • The intrauterine device is an absolutely safe contraceptive for lactating women, since the spiral does not cause any harm to the baby.
  • Those women who are contraindicated in the use of hormonal contraceptives after 35 years can use the spiral without fear of deterioration of their health.
  • I would like to draw the attention of women to the fact thatThe intrauterine device does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. That's why the use of a spiral is justified only if the woman has a permanent sexual partner.

Contraceptive means for men


Very often girls are interested in what kind ofThere are contraceptives for men, and are they anyway? Despite the fact that their choice is small, contraceptive methods for men still exist. The following are all the male contraceptives available at the moment.

Interrupted intercourse is one of the mostFavorite methods of contraception for men. The essence of this method is as follows: the penis is extracted from the vagina of a woman before the onset of ejaculation. However, the reliability of this method of male contraception is very small.

Very often at the very beginning of sexual intercourseA small, but sufficient for the fertilization of the egg, is allocated, the number of spermatozoa. As the statistics show, every third sexual intercourse, using its interruption as a male contraceptive, leads to the onset of an unwanted pregnancy. Also, with the continued use of interrupted intercourse, a significant reduction in male potency is possible.

Telling about what are the male methodsContraception condom also can not be ignored. As everyone knows, a condom is a latex elastic cover, put on an excited penis. The method of contraception using a condom has several distinct advantages over other male agents.

The condom prevents sperm from enteringVagina, thereby completely eliminating the risk of an unwanted pregnancy. Also, direct contact of the penis and vagina is excluded, so there is no risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, the condom is a single-use contraceptive, ideal for those men and women whose sexual life is irregular. In addition, they can use those couples to whom other methods of contraception after childbirth for some reason do not fit.

The use of condoms has noContraindications, does not require large financial costs. However, it also has a negative - condom can tear. In this case, the woman will be forced to pay attention to the methods of emergency contraception.

There are also less common methodsMale contraception, such as sterilization and hormonal drugs. Since the contraceptive pills for men are still in the testing phase, they will not be discussed in this article, but here's what sterilization is - read on.

Male sterilization is called "vasectomy". Its principle lies in the intersection of the vas deferens. An operation is under local anesthesia and lasts about 10 minutes. About a month after the procedure, a man completely loses the ability to have children. However, this process is completely reversible, in the event that a man in the future wants to have children.

This procedure does not have any negative impact on the health of men: it does not change the normal hormonal background, sexual desire and potency do not decrease.

To date - this is a complete list of known contraceptive means for men.

Methods of emergency contraception

Unfortunately, life periodically occursUnforeseen situations and unprotected sex acts. In order to prevent the onset of unwanted pregnancy, there are methods of emergency contraception. I would also like to remind women if they need emergency contraception, folk methods will not help them.

There are certain contraceptivesFunds after sexual intercourse, which prevent the onset of pregnancy, even if the sexual act was unprotected. Contraceptive means after sex are released in the form of tablets containing a large number of hormones.

Contraceptive means after the act on the principle of its action and chemical composition are divided into two types:

  • Contraceptive means after sex, the mainActive substance in which is levonorgestrel. The most known methods of emergency contraception, belonging to this group, are such drugs as "Escapel" and "Postinor." They belong to the group of hormonal drugs, they can be purchased in a pharmacy without a prescription.
  • Contraceptive means after intercourse,Related to non-hormonal drugs, based on an active substance such as mifepristone. The most known contraceptive after the act, belonging to this group - "Postinor". Non-hormonal drugs can be used as emergency contraceptives for adolescents.

The principle by which the method of urgentContraception, is that there is a process of blocking ovulation, which excludes the possibility of fertilization. In the same case, if fertilization occurred earlier than the drug was taken, the preparation excludes the possibility of implantation of the fetal egg in the uterine cavity.

Despite the fact that such funds canTo help prevent the onset of unwanted pregnancies, a woman should remember that this is a one-time contraceptive, which must not be abused. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that this type of contraceptive does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Teenage contraception

No matter how indignant the older peopleMoral debauchery of modern society and obscene, in their opinion, the behavior of adolescents, adolescent sex was, is, and will be. And it is extremely unreasonable for adults to try to hide their heads in the sand - from the denial of the existence of the problem, it will not go anywhere. It is much more sensible to help children and tell them about contraceptive methods for adolescents. This will help to avoid problems associated with sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancy.

The newest methods of contraception allow you to chooseThe most optimal means that will not have a negative impact on the growing body. In order to understand how to choose contraceptives, it is necessary to take into account some characteristics characteristic of teenage sexual contacts.

  • In most cases, sexual intercourse in adolescents is not regular, therefore it is absolutely inadvisable to use new planned methods of contraception.
  • Unfortunately, in adolescence very oftenThere are casual sexual relations, which significantly increases the chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, before contraception for adolescents is not only the task to exclude unwanted pregnancy, but also to protect against genital infections.
  • Contraceptive methods for girls should be very reliable, since an abortion made at such a young age can lead to severe consequences.

Taking into account all the above-mentioned features of the sexualLife of adolescents, we can draw the following conclusion about how to choose contraceptives and what should be paid attention in the event that the adolescent categorically refuses to go to the doctor:

  • The method of contraception for girls should be reliable in terms of preventing sexually transmitted diseases. And also protect from the onset of unwanted pregnancy.
  • Contraceptive means for girls should not harm their health.
  • In addition, the method of contraception for adolescents should be affordable.

The most ideal for all the above requirementsCondoms, or non-hormonal birth control pills. But their use is possible only if the girl has one constant and reliable sexual partner

Traditional contraceptive means

So, you learned about what contraceptives are. However, before summarizing, I would like to mention the people's contraceptives.

Unfortunately, even in our time, manyWomen hope for traditional methods of contraception. And absolutely ignore the effective traditional methods of contraception. There are various contraceptives at home:

  • Douching of the vagina with a powerful pressure of water immediately after sexual intercourse.
  • Douching of the vagina after sexual intercourse with water, in which a certain amount of citric acid is predissolved.
  • Introduction before the sexual intercourse in the vagina a piece of lemon.
  • Introduction before the sexual intercourse in the vagina of a piece of laundry soap.

Supporters of folk methods of contraceptionArgue that a sharp change in the alkaline balance in the vagina leads to the death of spermatozoa and excludes the possibility of pregnancy. In fact, such popular contraceptives will lead to the appearance of such a disease as erosion of the cervix. But the prevention of pregnancy by popular means is impossible.

This article describes all methods and methodsContraception. Any woman, responsibly approaching the issue of family planning, can give preference to the most effective contraceptives, suitable for her. However, before making a final choice, it is still better to consult your doctor with a gynecologist who knows about all your diseases and individual characteristics of the body. We sincerely want your test to become "striped" only when you really want it!

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