" "The first kiss with a guy, what you need to know?

The first kiss with a guy, what you need to know?

first kiss with a guy


  • How to prepare for the first kiss morally
  • What should I do before a kiss
  • What you should not do the first time
  • How to kiss for the first time
  • Fears at the first kiss
  • How to choose the moment for a kiss

His first kiss with a guy every girlremembers forever. His warm and soft lips, the touch of the hands, shortness of breath ... And inside butterflies and something tickles the abdomen. Time seemed to stop around all the stops, and the couple becomes one.

But how to achieve heavenly bliss of those girls,who even do not have representation on how to kiss? Tomatoes in the study, as did our mothers and grandmothers. Of course, there is no clear instructions on how to prepare for such a delicate situation. But it is better to be aware in advance about all the subtleties and nuances, so you do not get trapped.

How to prepare for the first kiss morally

Firstly, we should not hope for a miracle, tooinflate their expectations. Many young beauties, posing as their favorite kisses guy paint rosy pictures. Well, if the young man experienced in this matter. It will help the girl to relax and forgive when she does something wrong. But what will be disappointed young members of the fairer sex, if instead of a gentle touch of the lips and flirts is something resembling a kiss with a camel.

Secondly, the fight against complexes and fears. If you know that your date will end the kiss, do not need to be afraid of. If you tremble, to move away, look away, no good it will not end. Your young man thinks that he is indifferent to you or, even worse, disgusting. Smile and make eye contact. And do not think that you popped a pimple on the nose too cold hands or chapped lips. Hardly the guy at this point is to think about such things.

What should I do before a kiss

  • Get rid of unpleasant odors

Before you go on a date, be sure tobrush your teeth. Fresh breath - the key to success. When you are together, try not to smoke, not to eat food with a specific smell of onions and garlic. Believe me, even chewing gum does not help to get rid of such aggressive flavor. A kiss a girl who smells bad, to put it mildly, not very nice.

If you do go into the cafe to theresnack, use the following salads or coffee chewing gum or a special spray. But picking his teeth with a toothpick is not necessary. It looks ugly. As a result, the guy just does not want to kiss a girl uncultured.

  • Take advantage of hygienic lipstick

If you have a rough or chapped lips, beforeleave home, apply a small amount of chapstick. The main thing - do not overdo it with the amount that your face is not greasy. By the way, today there are similar cosmetics with different exotic flavors and aromas.

As for the lip glosses and lipsticks usual, therecaution should be exercised. You do not want to come home with smeared makeup. Plus, the guys do not really like kissing Painted Woman, because they are afraid smeared. At such a young age the future men are taking it too seriously.

  • Remove the gum out of his mouth

If your mouth is chewing gum,candy, etc., try to quietly get rid of it. Not very pleasant when in a kiss in the mouth come these things. In the best case it will confuse Man, at worst - will cause disgust. Therefore it is not necessary to test his stamina.

the first time to kiss a Man

What you should not do the first time

Kissing is necessary only that person who youreally like. Do not do it with the first comer. This action must be deliberate rather than impulsive. Since at such a young age is difficult to understand whether it is love, your decision may be wrong. The first night is better to walk on the handle, cute poulybatsya and say goodbye with a kiss on the cheek. And next time it will be possible to do it in French.

The first step for a kiss should choose a secludeda place. Not very aesthetically pleasing look of a couple who are engaged in it at all. Small children and the elderly do not need to look at these things. Some people will even unpleasant. Of course, not necessarily go to the entrance or to hide in the bushes. But you can find a courtyard where there is nobody.

Secondly, do not go for a Man,trying to swallow it. Everything has to be slow, as if in a movie. First - a touch of the lips. Then, if the young man answered, you can gently hold his tongue over his teeth. If you just go to the French kiss, all the charm disappears.

And the most important thing: You do not need to move to more serious action. Jumps from the first kiss to sex - incorrectly. And let you feel dizzy and trembling knees, my heart skips a beat, but that is no reason to decide on such a desperate step. Everything has its time. Plus, then you can greatly regret this.

Also, do not bring the guy to the pointexcitement when it would be difficult to restrain yourself. Unfortunately, young people in similar situations can be aggressive, not while controlling their actions. Therefore it is necessary to stop in time. For the first kiss is enough for thirty seconds. On average, it should leave no more than a minute. And watch out for, so that the second half did not dismiss his hands. The more you allow the bolder men would behave.

How to kiss for the first time

Today, there are many techniqueskiss, starting with gentle and affectionate touches, finishing with a passionate and exciting manner. But remember that everything has its time and place. Do not try to exercise excessive enthusiasm on the first date and embarrassed to play the damsel in tenth.

  • Tender kiss

You come close to the partner, gently hughis neck and look into his eyes. Approaching the boy, slowly lower eyelids, slightly tilt your head and touch her lips to his mouth. Once touch, then move over a little bit like playing with him. You can lightly touch it with his tongue. Doing all without pressure or aggression.

  • exciting kiss

This type of kiss symbolizes passion,ardor feelings. They better jump on the second or third time. So hugged partner, forced against his chest. During a kiss to make circular movements of the tongue, gently sucking lips partner. fantasy manifestation welcome. Just do not make a tornado or a mill. Guys do not like excessive pressure and restlessness.

  • A passionate kiss

Learn how to combine the two previous kiss. First, flirt a little with his lips, then go to the counter-attack. Surrender to the will of feelings, act boldly and decisively. Only, do not dig into the young man like a vampire. Otherwise, the skin will bruise or a bruise.

  • stinging kiss

At first, the girl gently sucking sweet mouthMan, then quickly holds the tip of his tongue at him like a bee sting his throws. Then he reverts to the affectionate kiss. Please note: all the poking tongue to reach the glands, it is not necessary.

  • Soft kiss

Soft kiss is different from others in thatduring the process of uchuvstvuyut partners and teeth. But be careful not to hit the second half and did not knock his jaw. So, kissing, gently stroking the language of his teeth, occasionally touching her.

  • Romantic kiss

Commit light touch his tongue to the sky Man, moving gently from side to side, up and down. But do not press too hard, as this may cause discomfort.

kiss for the first time

Fears at the first kiss

And boys and girls are afraid of the first kiss asfire. At their head is spinning a lot of extraneous thoughts, they are afraid to take the first step. And if one of the partners does not persevere, even tenth meeting may end up in the usual "While" good-bye.

The most common fear is related to the fact thatshe just does not know how to kiss. But none of our grandmothers and mothers did not teach it. And the older girls, who have long met with the guys, too, had once been young and inexperienced in this matter. And, as the saying goes, learning is never too early and never too late. This is the first time to sit on the bike. Yes, it is terrible, but do not know how to control the steering wheel and pedal. But quite a bit of practice and you will become a master of it.

The second is directly proportional to the fear associated withfirst. The girl is afraid that the man would understand and begin to laugh at the fact that she does not know how to kiss. But let's get in this situation. Adequate young man react normally, or prompt the movement will go in the right direction. Plus, it will even be proud of that is your teacher. After all, the feeling of possessiveness has not been canceled.

If the guy would react violently, willirony and jokes to release, why you need it? The second half should be a support, someone you can rely on in any situation. By the way, becoming more adult, this person realizes his mistake. But it will be too late, because you will be more worthy partner.

Girls also are afraid of being rejected. What could be worse if you kiss a guy, but he did not reciprocate. Everything is simple. See how he behaves with you. When holding the handle, looking into his eyes, does not communicate with other individuals of the male sex, then - he likes you. Perhaps he is afraid to take the first step, he does not want to rush things, or does not know how to kiss.

Still not convinced? And what you lose if you decide on that? Come close to him, look into his eyes and kiss. Gently, without tongue and biting. Then step back a bit and smile to him. Allow twenty to thirty seconds. This time the guy will need to ensure that he could come to his senses.

The young of the fair sex are worriedabout the fact that they may not like the kiss. If this procedure does not have to taste, nobody forces continue. Of course, it is not necessary to declare the second half that the reason for that - bad breath or your disgust. Just try to switch his attention to another topic.

By the way, there is a category of people who justunpleasant kissing. Did you just get in their numbers. So strongly do not worry, think with you that something is wrong. Perhaps you no longer like hugging partner, hold hands, and similar kinds of caresses.

How to choose the moment for a kiss

That meeting comes to an end, he says goodbye to cutewith you and going away. And you want to be the guy hugged and kissed her. That will not do, it's time to act! The main thing - do not miss the moment. So, make sure that no one is near. A curious neighbor or mother can flush out of your fan. And if you feel the mutual sympathy, boldly make the first move.

We can say nice compliments: "You have such soft lips, I want to touch them ..." This is the very moment you have been waiting for. Another rather interesting technique - taking away from the shoulders of the partner invisible speck of dust, at the same time adjusting his shirt or sweater.

Now you know all about how the first timekiss a guy that you like. The main thing - do not be afraid, you're not first, you're not the last. And after a couple of minutes after that you even with humor will remember about their fears and experiences.

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