" "Teenage fashion. Educational program for parents

Teenage fashion. Educational program for parents

teen fashion


  • Self-expression through clothing
  • The most fashionable styles of clothing for teenagers

Yesterday your child was charming and crumbsits appearance is completely determined by you - the parents. You, you and you alone decide what shirt son will go to a Christmas party and a daughter wear a dress for my birthday. , So it will always seem. But it was not there!!! Hiking clothes shopping turns into a real battle - instead bluzochki cute daughter requires an unimaginable topic, and those sneakers that have chosen the son of nothing but shiver, you have no objections.

Teenage fashion is able to plunge adultspeople in slight confusion. The first thing parents need to do - it is calm. Calm down and think themselves in adolescence - you probably also want to wear those things that you like, not your parents, right?

Secondly, it is very important to understand what isTeenage fashion and general "how to treat it." After all, baby clothes need not only to protect themselves from the cold and to cover the shame, but also to use it to express themselves. And if you force your child has their own tastes and preferences, to no good it will not - only the number of scandals will increase significantly. So it is better to attend to this issue now, and not when the problem becomes urgent.

teen fashion

Self-expression through clothing

In adolescence, a child comessoul-and he is trying to "find" themselves in society. Naturally, especially in adolescence. Today, there are a lot of different youth movements, each of which implies a certain style of dress. And often the child chooses any of these trends and, of course, prefer the appropriate clothing.

And what is most interesting - about any constancy inadolescence and can be no question. The child may change their hobbies are much faster than you'll get used to its previous appearance. Now he - gloomy emo and tomorrow doted hippie: in advance to predict what will come to mind your daze, it is simply impossible.

Some teens and did seekstand out from the crowd - their image can sometimes be just shocking. Especially as the original modern fashion for teens gives a child a huge scope for creativity.

Fashion for Teens

The most fashionable styles of clothing for teenagers

First and foremost, youth clothing styles associatedwith the image of a teenager's life, his views and beliefs. Such styles are many, but let's look at the most fashionable of them to date. If the parents will know them for sure fashion for teens will not cause violent protest wave.

  • Style trash

Style trash - a complete lack of restrictions andstandards, the irony in relation to society and the desire to stand out. Teenager dressed so to look vulgar and shocking at the same time. As a rule, it is perfectly possible - these are the young people cause anger of parents, teachers and indignation whispering grandmothers at the door.

Parents need some restraint andthe patience to wait until the baby will take place during this period. And most wise mother does not scold their children, and help him find the right things, slightly correcting the image as a whole.

  • hipster style

Hipsters - a subculture consisting ofteens who love to have fun, wear bright things, take pictures and spend time aimlessly. The essence of the style is to replicate the street fashion of European cities. This stylish jeans or leggings, bright shoes, big glasses, all kinds of T-shirts with the image of musical groups and a plaid shirt.

  • Style Kawai

It is an art to remain a child as much as possiblelonger. He no longer inherent in girls and is expressed in the way of originality, a special splendor and charming. In order to comply with this style, you must have exclusive things sewn on his own sketch or supplemented with original accessories.

The clothes must be present: pair sneakers (preferably a different color), short skirt with petticoats lush; multicolored sweater decorated with unusual accessories and badges, lace gloves, pants and other items. You can even make up your nails, each finger a different color, and bring along a small bag stuffed in the form of little animals. As a rule, it is this teen fashion causes tenderness and smiles surrounding adults. But parents should be prepared to tangible spending - now such things are not so cheap.

Now uschestvuet a huge number of youthstyles such as: school, sports, military, rock style, Nip hop, Androgin, Lolita, Fruits and many others - fashion for teenagers is very diverse.

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