" "Fashion for teen girls: the hits of the season

Fashion for teen girls: the hits of the season

Fashion for teen girls


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Adolescence in girls - is verydifficult time in their lives. After all, the young of the fair sex has already feel older, so they often show those around their own independence. However, it is now more than ever they are vulnerable, for their important approval among peers, and any criticism is very hard. Young fashionista particularly selective in clothes and often harassing the parents problem of choosing this or that thing.

Teenage fashion is more complexity andbecause every girl wants to correspond exactly to a particular direction of subcultures. This desire dictates a certain style of clothing, footwear and accessories. But at the same time characterized by a tendency for teens to be special, bright and individual. And very often they do not know how to choose the right toilet articles, so as not to turn your closet into a set of the same clothes, like most, and at the same time do not look at the background of their peers white crow.

Teenage fashion for girls

Winter fashion

But the stylists and designers, seems perfectlyknowledgeable in the issue of what should be a teen fashion, to every young female representative was able to pick out something special in accordance with their tastes and desires. After all the girls closely follow the fashion and making a lot of effort to look into the company of friends stylish and beautiful. That is why now the choice of clothing for teenage girls is very wide and is represented by several trends and directions.

So, in winter 2013 to remain atthe height of fashion jackets and elongated sweaters, scarves and socks with Scandinavian designs, drawings of deer and snowflakes. These motifs are already familiar to many from the past season, so if there is such a thing, let no hurry to part with them in the wardrobe of your daughter. Still relevant sweaters, made in the technique of so-called "grandmother's" patterns.

No less popular will and other hits 2012year, such as all the favorite asymmetrical dresses and tunics. Fashionable and relevant to adolescent girls are also things in the style of "military" of brown, green and crimson colors. Jeans, warm jackets, cardigans - all these clothing items must be in every wardrobe, because they are convenient and comfortable to wear in winter.

Teenage fashion in respect of outerwearspecial modifications, compared to last season, has not undergone. The most popular are jackets, down jackets, coats stylish youth with the effect of the wrong side and black leather jackets. However, due to new products it is worth noting coats and raincoats in the form of a trapezoid and wide cropped sleeves - the so-called option three quarters. This model should attract the attention of teenage girls and become indispensable for the warmer days. Outerwear square silhouette of leather or high quality synthetic materials, in combination with dresses, skinny pants or jeans, designed to accentuate the fragility of the figures.

modern teen fashion for girls

Summer clothing and footwear

Teenage fashion summer 2013It promises to surprise and please these bright teenagers hits. It is necessary to note the presence in the designer collections of clothing with an extraordinary amount of a variety of patterns. This is a favorite among teens strip and cage, and the theme of flora and fauna, and cartoon prints. Little girls will be happy opportunity to flaunt in short dresses, lush skirts and lacy tops. In this case, special importance as the right combination of bright dresses. It is better to focus on one color of thing advantageous to emphasize the more monotonous clothing.

The colors are all particularly relevantred shades, as well as gold, silver and copper. As for fabrics, then in the summer should give preference silk, flax and cotton. Such materials are selected and well-known designers, designing fashion collections for modern teenage girls.

Fan of the male dress code canrelax, because it is still in trend. To meet the latest fashion trends, blazers, shirts, pants and shorts should be selected more strictly style. Especially stylish element will be the white collar: he is not only perfect for school clothes, but also wonderfully refresh any plain dress or blouse.

Sports style is also relevant. Here it is worth paying attention to the shirts and tops free cut, because street fashion may well be somewhat casual, but do not go overboard and dress sloppy. It is considered bad taste, because the comfort and relaxation of dress must be stylish. Relevant are the images of young girls buntarok because it is fashionable and in the spirit of modern trends.

A pair of comfortable shoes - a mandatory componentwardrobe of all teenage girls, especially as loafers and oxfords are still popular. But do not be afraid to try something new, such as choosing high-heeled shoes, especially since the designers insist on such a variant. Fashionable boots will, and pumps, and boots with effect sewn sock. For summer, choose comfortable shoes from natural materials.

Teenage fashion accessories for girls


Teenage fashion this year offersfor girls the opportunity to experiment with bright accessories. For example, it is worth paying attention to scarves in a large pea, and stripes, shoes with an interesting print. Small clutch bags in the form of envelopes and stuffed animals to which teenagers got used last season, retain the championship now. The fashion bags are also included in the form of musical instruments such as guitar and synthesizer. In order not to drown in the sea of ​​options and look stylish, do not belong to the range of accessories too seriously - it is better to show a sense of humor.

Jewelry summer season also gives fullfreedom of choice of young women of fashion. It will be spectacular decoration "under the gold" in the form of different chains, pendants, rings and bracelets. Recently in vogue bright and original products in hand made style. They can be knitted or woven, embroidered or made of beads. Such extraordinary gizmos to help make a fashionable image of a young representative of female perfection and originality.

Functionality and democracy remained forMost designers of the main objectives in creating fashion for teenage girls winter-summer season 2013. It is for this reason that teenage style is presented so multifaceted. One can not but agree that teenage girls are in this sense a great advantage over adults because they have because of their age are allowed to combine completely different things, the main thing is that the selected image brought joy and caused the recognition of their peers.

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